Fun Family Idea: Kids’ Easter Crafts

For the past few days, I have been trying to perfect my impression of a bunny blurting out “What’s up, Doc?” in perfect pitch, when suddenly my daughter says, “Mama, that’s Bugs Bunny you’re doing!  You should do the Easter Bunny because Easter Sunday is coming soon!”  Okay, so my attempts at impersonating a Looney Tunes character have been foiled.  I will then direct my energies towards coming up with worthwhile activities to do with my kid for Easter.

Easter crafts are always a good idea to do with kids.  It enhances creativity- both theirs and yours- and helps add joy to the occasion.  More than that, you get to bond with them without having to spend so much.

The basic materials to use will have to be a couple of paintbrushes, a few bottles of poster paint in primary colors, colored paper, scissors, and virtually anything around the kitchen or house which you can reuse instead of throw away.

If you plan on having an Easter egg hunt, you can first paint the eggs (preferably hardboiled, of course).  Tell your kid to paint whatever he or she fancies.  There are absolutely no rules when it comes to your child expressing himself through art.

Even those empty egg cartons can be transformed into works of art.  Turn it upside down, paint it over, stick on some buttons as wheels, and you have a tiny Easter car.

Get some pieces of cardboard, and make an Easter card with your kid.  She can decorate it however she likes, even put some bunny ears sticking out of the corners of the card, and give it to her favorite aunt or playmate next door.

If you can’t seem to get your creative juices flowing though, you can always get ideas on Easter crafts for kids off the internet.  There are also free printables which your kid to color in, or paint, if she wishes.


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  1. Very nice post. Easter Holidays are great time to catch up with your family and some fun stuff together. In my country we don’t have Easter Bunny, but we are decorating eggs and play with them. It is very entertaining, especially for kids. Also we have Easter pie, which we call “Kozunak” here, which we eat with “Kiselo mliako”. Very delicius combination :).

  2. I’m always looking for an excuse to do crafts with the kids, and especially to get the older kids involved as well! My boys actually asked me the other week if they could do crafts instead of their games/TV! Yay!

  3. writer jeff says

    This is nice. Adding some twist to the annual Easter egg hunt with some work of art is cool. Kids would definitely love that.

  4. Saon islam says

    I like your easter idea. Children always follow us, so have to do some creative but funny works with them. Next, they will be also creative. If you paint front of him they will try to do same thing.

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