4 Gifts For a Home Decorator


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Anyone who loves to decorate can be a difficult person to shop for. He or she may have a particular style or taste; he or she may have a specific set of opinions about a decorating theme. Below is a list of fun and exciting gifts for anyone in your life that loves to decorate, create, or DIY their way to an exquisite home.

Gardening Gifts

Curb appeal is an important part of any beautifully decorated home. Consider the unique purchase of a mosaic birdbath, a metal gate leading to the backyard, or a trough for herb planting. Other interesting gifts could be a fruit tree, a fragrant flowering plant, or a new set of gardening tools. Remember a gift should be personal, so choose something special for the receiver.

Appliance Gifts

Think beyond just a new oven or refrigerator for a homemaker. Sure they may use that type of appliance a lot, but it may not be a great gift. Think about upgrading an appliance or tool not usually thought about for the ultimate surprise. For example, a plumber in Frisco could easily install a new kitchen faucet (maybe a one-touch) or a showerhead (consider a luxurious rain shower head for an at-home spa treatment.)

Wall Decoration Gifts

Art is a very personal gift, so it may be hard to purchase a print or a painting for anyone. However, you could go a different route for a wall decoration that goes beyond a piece of art. Consider a hanging succulent plant, a woven tapestry, or a blanket ladder. If the receiver has a favorite photograph, maybe from their wedding, for example, you could have that enlarged and framed for him or her.  Another idea is a framed gift of a well-loved quote, a wedding reading, or a piece of sheet music done in calligraphy.

Seasonal Gifts

A lot of homemakers enjoy changing out their home decorations as the seasons go by. Instead of the more typical holiday decorations, you could purchase decorations that pertain to the season. A bloom covered wreath would add a touch of springtime to any front door; a vertical wooden sign celebrating autumn is a welcoming touch, and many of the signs done in that style are reversible for double use.

A home decorator, either professional or amateur, doesn’t have to be a difficult person to shop for. Discover their needs and wants, and find something personal for them. You may just get some fun ideas for your home too.

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