5 Entry Points For Rodents In Your Home

Rats getting into your home? You need to find out how. Once you do, you can seal the areas shut and put an end to rat infestations. It’s important to fully inspect your property – every single inch of it – to find every rodent entry hole there is.

But, how do you find the areas? You do a very careful inspection. You look at every tiny nook and cranny. And you read up on rat signs, like brown grease marks at entry points and droppings. Often, entry holes aren’t where you may expect them, and you might have to crawl into some tight spots or get digging.

Check the Attic

Look for signs of rat damage in your attic, like droppings, trails in the insulation, burrows, chewed wires, tunnels, chewed wood, brown grease, nests, and chewed insulation on your pipes. This will give you a clue as to how many rats there may be and where they’re moving around. If you can figure that out, you can use electronic rat repellent from Pest Free Australia to get rid of the rats.

Check Crawlspace Vents

Rats can easily squeeze through crawlspace vents to gain access to your home. These are the vents that you can find on the outside of your house, close to the bottom of the siding. While not all properties have these vents, if yours does, you should check for damage to the screens and other parts of the vents. Remember that rats, as well as mice, can squeeze into the tiniest of holes.

Consider Rat Ladders

Take a careful look around the outside of your property for anything a rat can use as a ladder to gain access, such as large trees, trellises, vines or shrubs touching your house. Home inspectors refer to these things as rat ladders since rats can easily climb up them into an opening in your roof.

Don’t Forget the Bird Blocking Vents

Bird blocking vents are the small openings you’ll find around the roof that allow air into your attic system but are supposed to prevent pests like rodents and birds getting into your home. There’s usually a small mesh screen over the holes to prevent any unwanted access. If a screen becomes damaged, it can be easy entry for rats.

Check the Furnace Ducts in Your Garage

The duct work around furnaces isn’t always sealed properly. This is a warm, cosy areas for rodents. Check the sides and rear of the furnace for any gaps, as well as for gaps around plumbing holes that go through the wall and into your garage.

If you do find signs of rodent activity in your home, it’s time to call in the experts. If you have a cat, sure, it might kill a rodent or two, but it’s not going to help seal off crawl spaces, patch holes, or cut back foliage touching your house.

Trained professionals know how to find the holes and seal them to prevent rodents entering your house, clean our any damaged materials and also sanitise the area.

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