Advantages of Building a Bike Shed and Why It’s Better To Just Buy One

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Building a bike shed can mean a lot of work. If you have never built anything before of this magnitude in your life, it’s good to examine what you can get out of it. But, if you prefer a much convenient method, it is best to just purchase a bike shed.

The reality is, there are pros and cons about this. Let your bike shed become the hub for all the important outdoor stuff you need to store. You will be so thankful even years down the line as you see the practicality and usefulness of it.

Here are some of the main advantages you get when building a bike shed. We’ve also discussed why it’s better to purchase a bike shed rather than building one.

  • You save money

Something that stands out immediately is that you save a great deal of money when building your own storage shed. If you are on a tight budget then this is definitely the way forward. As you are sourcing materials, you will see just how affordable various items can be. For example, opt with steel material if you want to save money compared to building a wooden shed.  Even though timber is highly durable, if you go with metal you can cut costs even further and still keep the longevity of your shed. In fact, metal is one of the most popular materials for shed building due to their quality and price tag.

But, if you have no skill in building something, it is best to purchase a premade bike shed. It is much affordable than the costs of having to redo the bike shed over and over again. If you can’t figure out what to do, just purchase a bike shed instead.

  • Easily portable

Depending on the design you go for, you have the flexibility to move your shed around until you are happy or as when things change. Choosing a plastic bike shed gives you the space, movability and keeps you within budget. You don’t necessarily have to go for plastic to move your shed around however. It’s worth checking out your local hardware store for lightweight materials that offer flexibility when using your shed.

You can also find bike sheds that are portable. Just ask the seller about your requirements so they can provide you with something that matches your needs.

  • Lasts longer

Your bike shed, especially if you go with steel, will be durable and tough. Standing the test of time and holding up through harsh weather conditions, you can rely on your DIY shed to deliver on several fronts if built correctly. Even plastic sheds feature metal elements to help reinforce the structure and keep it upright in winds. So never worry that your own shed won’t hold up as if you do it right, doing it yourself can prove highly effective.

If you’re planning to purchase, you can also find more durable sheds. Just make sure to check the product reviews so you can see if people were satisfied with the quality of the shed that you’re planning to buy.

  • Requires little upkeep

Apart from the occasional maintenance, your shed will need little attention throughout the year. As long as there is some kind of layer to protect your shed from the elements and rusting, you will be able to preserve it for as long as possible.

  • They look good

If you choose the right material such as wood, your shed will also look the part when in the right place. Wood also offers you the flexibility to play around with colours and various types of wood or effects to create the look you want.

  • Can be easily changed

If you want to modify your shed at all, the power is in your hands. You can just drill holes, add reinforcements, get an extra few shelves whenever you feel like it! Take note that you can also do it with premade sheds so there’s nothing to worry about if you’d like to customise the shed according to your preferences. 

Now you know some of the main advantages, you can commence the building phase and start seeing the benefits for yourself! But, take note that if you lack the skills in building, opt for buying premade sheds instead. Buying one saves you your time and effort.

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