Always in Your Eyeline: Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on a City Break

City breaks can be incredibly exciting for the entire family, but all the hustle and bustle can present a worrying problem for parents – how to keep your kids safe and prevent them from getting lost.

Losing your child or them going missing in a strange place is every parents’ nightmare, but there are a few simple steps you can take that make all the difference:

Keeping Your Kids in Sight

Firstly, try not to let your kids run off into the distance and keep them close by at all times. You can do this by holding hands or getting them to wear a harness. That way, you’ll always have hold of them even if the crowds are particularly busy and people are rushing by.

Equally, if you’re visiting theme parks or children’s areas while you’re in the city and you want your children to be able to go off and play, dress them in bright, distinguished clothing so they’re easy to spot in a crowd.

Creating a Plan

Even though you don’t want to think about worst-case scenarios, it’s crucial you have a plan in place in case your children get lost. For children who are old enough, get them to remember the information of where you’re staying and/or your cell phone numbers. For those who aren’t old enough to remember, you can write the contact details on a piece of paper and place it in their pocket, telling them it’s important to show this information if they lose Mom and Dad.

For example, you’d write the hotel name down, e.g. Princeton Marriott at Forrestal, the address, and telephone number, while also including your contact details, too. And if you’re staying in a foreign country, it’s a good idea to translate these messages into the local language.

Additionally, when you’re heading out for the day to a tourist attraction or city, it’s well worth creating a meeting point that you can all head to if one of you gets lost.

Promoting “Stranger Danger”

It’s important not to terrify your kids about going out in public places or talking to people, but it’s equally as important to teach them about “stranger danger.” Keep things simple and try to explain that not everyone is friendly. Older kids who understand different uniforms can be taught to seek the help of local policeman etc. if they get lost, while younger toddlers can be taught to look for other moms and dads with kids that they can ask for help.

Finding the Local Emergency Contacts

Finally, to prepare yourself for all eventualities, jot down the address and phone number of the local emergency services, including the police and hospital. If needed, you’ll have this available at all times, being able to ping the address into your smartphone to guide yourself there. Find out if there’s a generic emergency telephone number in the country you’re visiting (e.g. 911) and keep this handy, teaching your kids it too if they’re old enough.

Taking the kids on a trip of a lifetime need not be stressful or worrying. All it takes is a few simple steps to make sure you’re all traveling safely and know what to do if anything does happen.


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