Are You Having a Bad (Online) Face Day?

It takes nearly a lifetime to build your reputation online, but it takes only minutes for someone to destroy all of that.  Scary but true.  With the advent of social networking sites, blogs, and other online forums, it has become almost effortless to ruin someone else’s reputation.  With a few clicks of the mouse, you can make lives miserable.

This is where online reputation management comes in.  Sounds like something out of a boring Business 101 class, I know, but it is quite essential in the online world.  In a nutshell, it means controlling or monitoring search engine result pages, and tracking how a client is mentioned in social networking sites and the like.

It’s pretty amazing how sophisticated this is.  Both online and offline techniques work at promoting positive content while pushing down certain links which pertain to the negative.

How does this relate to us mom bloggers, then?  Well, for some of you who may have online businesses such as digiscrapping shops, your reputation is highly important.  How can you sell anything online if people read nasty things about you?  That story about a dark relationship you had way back in high school can prove to be detrimental to how people perceive you online.

Just for kicks, try googling your name or your blog title.  Hopefully there’s nobody out there trying to slander your name all over the place.

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  1. Exactly the reason why I don’t readily accept friend requests (on FB) specially from people I am not that comfortable with. If we can choose the friends we have seen face to face, how much more the ones we just met online, right?

    Have done your suggestion at the last paragraph few months back…just out of curiosity. Have not found something that would raise my eyebrows so far :-)

    • I have also become more cautious with accepting friend requests. Who knows if it’s a stalker out to get us, right?

  2. You’re right, unfortunately there is quite a bit of nit-picky backbiting happening on the WWW.

  3. Hmm, all that I learned is my blog name is apparently a Rolling Stones song, and a movie! Hahah.

  4. Good advice. When I write, I like to share personal experiences/stories, but I refrain from getting too personal on my blog. It really isn’t necessary, anyways. People can too easily misconstrue your “online confessions” so I leave the really personal stuff for my journal. And the only thing that comes up from my website is my website.. so, so far so good!

  5. Mrs. Pancakes says

    Great advice!! Will have to do that for sure!

  6. Sadly, this is something important to keep mindful of. I once had someone ‘thumbs down’ a video of my daughter and her friends playing with ZhuZhu pets – all I could think of was why a person would take time out of their day to do that. Anyway, it’s a good idea to pay attention to false accusations to keep up a legit good reputation.

  7. If someone is saying anything about me, good or bad, I can’t find it… but then that means no one else would be able to find it either, right?

  8. Optimistic Mom says

    You are so right with this post! The internet is great but can play a negative impact on a person’s life. Just do the best you can to maintain a professional profile.

  9. as soon as I finish this comment I will do this…thanks!!
    now I am so interested!!

  10. Thanks for an interesting post. I did Google my name and happy to see there’s nothing I should be worried about :) Just found a LinkedIn profile and that’s about it. But I’m sure people who have blog personal visibility out there are more exposed to bad reputation online.

    • The internet is a big ocean of possibility and torment. We should really be careful out there. Thanks for the visit :)

  11. Internet’s a big world and should always be treated with caution
    Thank you

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