Mommy, the Lion-Tamer

We moms have all seen it before: our little one…adamant about what she wants… Before we can even say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, she starts to throw a tantrum that would make any superhero cringe in shame. Shrieks go off the decibel scale, and the living room floor suddenly gets a good polishing from the little one’s rolling on the floor.

Such episodes really test a parent’s patience and ability to count to ten without feeling his or her face muscles twitch in anger. It’s all about how we handle it….how to let our kid know that she cannot use those tactics to wield power over us.

I, for one, have been witness to my daughter’s uncontrollable tantrums in the past. I have to admit, there were times when I couldn’t help but scream into a pillow, just to let off steam, and to redirect my anger. Consequently, she’d laugh whenever I did that, and then we both would end up forgetting why she threw a tantrum in the first place. The entire issue is then forgotten.

Now that my daughter’s five, the tantrums have subsided. She still gets angry, though, but things are more manageable now. When she’s fuming over something, or whenever she does something wrong, I look her squarely in the eye and talk to her in a stern voice. I tell her that although I love her, I am not happy about what she did. Before long, her eyes start to well up, and tears start streaming down her face. And then, she gives me a tight hug and says she’s sorry. I’m proud of her during such instances, because it’s an indication of maturity on her part, and on mine as well.

To each his own, I guess. I believe there is no cookie-cutter formula for disciplining our children. Not all methods work on everyone. I know some parents use the “time-out” system to discipline their kids. Some give them a light spanking on the hand. We just must learn to exercise our authority over our kid without inflicting any sort of trauma on her, whether physical, emotional or psychological.

How do I blog thee? Let me count the ways…

If Shakespeare were alive in this day and age, he’d probably be tapping away on his laptop in the wee hours of the morning, coughing up these words for his love sonnet, and then later on posting it on his Facebook wall.

Men are known to be beings who tend to hold back their emotions. Just look at the number of male drivers who would NEVER stop to ask for directions, even if they find themselves desperately lost in Amazon-like surroundings. So, it’s such a big deal when we women receive love letters, whether through text, email or on paper. Ask any warm-blooded female how she’d feel if she gets a love letter from a man, and she’s sure to say tbat her knees would turn to Jell-o. It hardly matters whether it’s merely a 36-character love text, or a 200-word love blog. It simply signifies how important we are to our loved one.

Has good old-fashioned letter-writing totally lost its appeal? Yes, e-mailing, chatting, and tweeting are the wave of the future, but sometimes it still feels good to run your fingers over a slightly ink-stained, handwritten letter from your significant other, as you succinctly get a whiff of that scented stationery.

There’s just this undeniable sense of sentimentality attached to a letter. Not to mention, the effort put into trying to legibly put your emotions down on paper. Besides, if in print, it’s much more convenient to carry around and read whenever and wherever, without the worry of batteries running out on your I-pad or other electronic device.

The medium of expression is not as important as the feelings expressed. So, use whatever you have handy: the back of a worn-out receipt from a fast-food store, or your fancy laptop. Just go and let the words flow…don’t think, just feel and write away.

Now, if only Shakespeare weren’t gay…

Singular Strength

Nothing worries me more, as a mom, than to see my slightly feverish 5-yr old daughter coughing endlessly in the middle of the night.  Witnessing my precious jewel having difficulty breathing as she struggles to get some shut-eye just breaks my heart.  Times like these, I wish it was I suffering instead of her.  No sane mother would want to see her child go through anything which is even just a tad bit difficult and painful.    And yet, we moms have to suffer as well, witnessing them cry and writhe in pain as they go through such an ordeal.

How do we cope in a situation like this?  First, it helps that we get at least emotional support from our husband or partner.  It would be good if our hubby took turns with us in pacifying our little one, thus decreasing the imminent possibility of us getting heavier eye bags and darker under-eye circles.  Not to mention, the probability of severe crankiness as we go about our workday the next morning.

Well, in my case, I am a single mom, so I have to do it all on my own.  I just draw strength from the very person who needs me the most- my daughter.  I call on the powers that be to give me supernatural strength and the willpower to surpass obstacles like these.  Because if I give up, my kid could turn into a lost cause.  Seeing her picture on a cereal box is the last thing on my mind.

Being a single mom does entail tremendous emotional and, not to mention, physical strength.  We have to inevitably take on the job of two parents in rearing a child.  Children don’t come with a set of instructions, so for the most part, we learn as we go along.

At the end of the day, hearing your kid say “I love you, mama!” as she hugs you like there’s no tomorrow makes it all worth it.