Baby Gift Ideas for Your Baby Shower Hamper

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If you have just been invited to your best friend’s baby shower, and have no idea what to take for her new-born, a hamper for the little one should be your best bet. Gift hampers cover a few must-have items that every new mum needs. With so many items in one package, the hamper might look a little expensive to buy. However, with the right products and packages, you can arrange a hamper that is cost-effective and useful.

There are a few essential things that every new mum needs, and should be included in the baby hampers if possible. A whole list has been put together by, but the following five items top the essentials list.

  1. A Nightlight

Many mums do not think about this when making their registry list. Chances are that the new mum has already set up a nursery room for her little one. With the right choice of nightlight, parents can create a beautiful ambience in the room, and help the baby distinguish between night and day.

  1. Teething Toys

Newborns love teething toys especially when their tiny teeth begin to show. The growing teeth can cause them discomfort, and by gnawing on teething toys, the little ones can soothe themselves. Teething toys are long-lasting, and will be used by the kid until the age of 2 at least.

  1. Blankets, towels and Diapers

Mums can never have enough of these three products. Diapers and nappies become a daily need. Blankets – the softer, the better. Newborn babies ruin a lot of clothes, towels and blankets with their drool and spilling food everywhere. The more of these products, the easier it is for new mum to manage her little one.

  1. Baby clothes and Booties

 Since babies are always growing, baby clothes and booties are not the best hamper option. However, they are counted as essentials because mums can never have enough clothes for the little ones. You should only include one set of clothes or boots though, keeping in mind that the little one will grow out in a month, and will require new clothes.

  1. Cuddle Toy

Babies love their cuddle toys. Often they find a favourite toy that they do not let go of, for years. These cuddle toys can either be a plush teddy bear or a soft puppy. Regardless, the toy can give the baby company at night while he sleeps. Many a times, these cuddle toys also become a good way to soothe a crying baby, as the little one finds a friend in his favourite plush companion.

Readymade Baby Hampers

If you are still confused about your options, you should look for readymade packages such as hampers at Baby Boxes. With a variety of budget, styles and packages to choose from, there must be something or another to your liking.

Baby showers are occasions where soon-to-be mums look for support from their loved ones. Often, mums prepare the registry themselves, and you can create a hamper out of their wish list. However, in times when there is no registry involved, seek out the essential items mentioned above – you will not go wrong.

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