Beauty Essentials: Can’t Live Without Them




Here is a list of all the beauty essentials that every girl needs.



Getting the right cleanser can change your life drastically! They don’t just clean your face and remove dirt from your pores; they also prevent you from having spots in the future!


Exfoliators are great for really getting into those stubborn areas. They remove dead skin which is very good for keeping your skin looking fresh and soft.


A good moisture should be applied every day, morning and night. It softens the skin, and there are many out there for all different skin types so there is no excuse not to use it!

Eye Cream

Eye cream is another form of moisturiser, but it focuses solely on the eye area. They can reduce redness, dark under eyes and replenish any damaged skin you may have.

Makeup Bag

Every girl should have a beauty supply case, (if they don’t already!) You are going to need somewhere to keep all your supplies safely together. Not only does this keep everything neatly together in one place, but it also protects your products from the outside world (like dust!)


There are all sorts of foundations out there made for different skin colours and skin types. To find the right colour, you have to test them out on your face and neck. Don’t be embarrassed to do this in the middle of a shop – that’s what testers are there for.


Concealer is used to cover up any dark, under eye circles. They usually come in a light, medium or dark shade.


Powders are used to set the face, so any foundation and concealer that you have put on – the (translucent) powder will go over that to hold it in place and keep it there all day.


Blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks to add that warmth to your face. They mostly come in powder form, but now there are also some cream blushes on the market.


Eyeshadows come in all sorts of colours nowadays; there isn’t a colour that doesn’t exist! They can either be in matte (which has no shine to it at all) or shimmer (that has glitter in), and there are also different textures too.


This is used to line the top and bottom of the lash line. You can change the angle which will give the illusion that your eyes are a different shape. (Like cats eyes.)


Mascara is put onto the lashes to make them darker, bolder, thicker and longer. (Depending on what kind of mascara you chose to buy.)

Brow Pencil

These are to fill and shape your brows however you want them. They come in a few different shades so choose one that best matches your natural eyebrow colour.


Lipstick comes in every colour you can think of – even blue! If you want a subtle look, go for a nice nude colour, and if you’re feeling daring, choose a bright red.


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