Caring for Our Breasts is Best

It was just another one of those busy mornings as I was tailgating a particularly slow-moving SUV in front of me.  My impatience was about to get the better of me, when I noticed a sticker on that vehicle’s rear- a pink ribbon.  It was unmistakably that of the breast cancer logo.

The morning rush suddenly took a different turn.  I was then overcome by a sense of remorse, contemplation, and longing for someone close to me, someone who made quite an impact on my past.  I was transported back in time to 2005, when a co-worker died of breast cancer.

She was more than someone I regularly convened with to gossip by the water cooler.  She was a mentor, a confidante.  She made office life cheery and bright.  It almost felt like working in Sesame Street.

Her death wasn’t in vain, I’d like to think.  Because of her plight, I have become more conscious of taking care of my breasts.  As much as I can, I do a regular self-examination of my breasts.  I have also made it a habit to look at them in the mirror, trying to detect any changes in shape or size.

Breast cancer continues to take women’s lives.  Let us do what we can to keep ourselves healthy.  Early detection is still the best cure.  We owe it not only to ourselves, but to our loved ones as well.

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  1. sigrid @lovingmama says

    waaaaa am scared to get a mammo!

  2. Thanks so much for the reminder.

  3. Great reminder! So sorry for you loss :(

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. This is such an important message and we really do need to take the time to care for our breasts.

  5. Sorry for your loss. But yes, educating and having knowledge about the said cancer is one of the best way to stop/cure it at its early stages.

  6. I hear you! I’m so lax in taking care of this and having regular check-ups. I’m glad you sent out the reminder. The old saying, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ could not be more relevant here. I know that…and it really is time to get a check-up. Sending you a shout out for the motivational push.

  7. This is a good reminder. As moms we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. It’s a quick and easy process to do our own monthly breast exam. This is one of those things you don’t’ think will happen to you especially if it doesn’t run in your family. But too often I hear stories of people close to me developing breast cancer without heredity being a factor. We need to be more vigilant and proactive!

  8. Val @ Bonbon Break says

    What a great reminder. It seems I remember to check in October, when everything is pink and then I get caught up in my kid-filled days and it slips my mind. The more we can remind one another of this great preventative measure, the better! Thank you!

  9. Although the reminder comes with some sadness, it is still a reminder and an important one. Sometimes the whispers are the words we hear the loudest. Thanks for sharing your whisper.

  10. I’ve lost some pretty amazing people to breast cancer too. One is my beloved Aunt. Seeing her go through her battle with cancer….has stayed with me all these years. I was 23 when she passed…and that’s when I started doing a regular self breast exam. I pray I never get it…Cancer scares me!

    • Sorry to hear about your aunt’s passing. It wasn’t in vain though, as it has prompted you to do regular breast exams.

  11. Good timing on this. I keep putting off my mammogram, and you just can’t do that!

  12. Sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to take care of ourselves.

  13. This is so true. I’m ashamed to say I am in my thirties and still have not had a mammogram. I know I need to get one! Thanks for the reminder.


  14. This is one of those illness I’m really scared of. That’s why I dont skip on my annual exams. I’m planning to have mammogram maybe this year or next year. I’m still in my 20s but I think it would still help.

  15. I hear you. So so important. A beautifully-expressed message x

  16. Although it keeps me employed, Cancer sucks! It is very important not only to get mammograms, but to stay in tune with your entire body. Get pap smears, visit your primary yearly, etc. Get a mammograms is not nearly as scary as the outcome. Early detection of any cancer is the key to overcoming this horrible disease.

  17. I lost both my grandmas because of Cancer. It’s really better to live healthy and be aware of this kind of sickness.

    Missed you in BC Bloggers CommEx. :-)

    • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. If it runs in the family, I think we should take extra care.

  18. Thanks for the reminder!!

  19. so sorry to hear about your friend but glad that it has made you self-aware.

  20. Thanks for reminding us of this important matter. I pray we all take it to heart. Have a great week Sis!

  21. Cancer is so ugly – it has claimed the lives of many of my loved ones. My hubby is a survivor of prostate cancer and it is now thought that early onset prostate cancer in the father may indicate early onset breast cancer in his female offspring. We are being extra vigilant with our daughters as they come of age. Thanks for the reminder!

  22. Thank you for the reminder…I’m one to admit I’m not good at checking at all!

  23. Anytime is a good time to be reminded of our health and what we can do to prevent or abate diseases. Sometimes, it just takes keen observation and being aware of what our body tells us. With all the diseases lurking around, it’s easy to be paranoid…we will eventually succumb to something but at least, we give ourselves a good fight by choosing a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit.

  24. This is a good reminder for all women! I am sorry for your loss also, but glad you are taking better care of yourself. I didn’t have my first mammogram until I was 41, two years ago now. Since then I have had 3 mammograms and 2 ultrasounds. Luckily the lumps were not cancer. My grandmother had breast cancer years ago and she survived and is still with us. There is a long history of breast cancer in our family and that is a little scary.

    • Wow, your grandmother is a survivor… I think in a few years, I’ll also have to get a mammogram. It’s not so bad, is it? :). It’s good that your lumps weren’t cancerous.

      • No the mammogram is not so bad, although it is uncomfortable. You have to be really still while the technician is moving you around to get different angles of your breast. It doesn’t take to long and I am always glad when it’s over. The good thing of course is when you get the results and everything looks good!

  25. That’s sad. The fact that it occur with no causes. :( Checking our breast often or make it regularly helps us to detect it as early as it appears. Thanks for this post for reminding every woman. :)

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