Blogging for Fitness

Washboard abs, a toned tummy, firm thighs… these are the images which usually come to mind when we hear the word “fitness”. Fitness is not limited to the physical, though. There is also such a thing as mental and emotional fitness. Blogging helps keep me mentally and emotionally fit.

I started to blog only 3 weeks ago, and I must say, it has so far done me a great deal of good. It has become my soothing balm for the aches and pains of the daily grind…the icy lemonade which refreshes me after a long walk under the sun. It has been a welcome respite from a tedious day in the office. Blogging is my “un-sweaty” alternative to going on a treadmill at the gym. I get just the same kind of high without having to put up with that cheeky gym assistant.

Blogging has enhanced my emotional fitness in the sense that it has boosted my confidence in my ability to write. This renewed confidence has permeated into other aspects of my life as well. I feel I am better able to cope with the challenges of motherhood, and I am more headstrong in overcoming problems at work. Mentally, it gets my mind working, so I feel I’m a good 50 years away from getting rusty. It’s workout for my dendrites.

In the beginning, I felt like I was a fish out of water. I felt uncomfortable and intimidated by the enormous wealth of knowledge that had to be amassed in blogosphere. Terms such as meme tracking and link exchange were all Greek to me. Now, I live and breathe these words like they were particles of oxygen passing through my lungs.

My ultimate goal is to make a living out of blogging. I’d be living out everyone’s dream of earning money while doing what one is passionate about. In order to achieve this goal, of course, I’ll have to keep learning and honing my craft. I should not be content with what I already know, and what I can already do. Specifically for 2011, I hope to continue building my site, attracting (read: luring within the bounds of decency) readers in the process. Baby steps will get me there.

Now, if I could just keep this laptop steady on my belly as I do reverse ab crunches…

This is my entry to the ExtraBLOGanza contest


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