How to Make Your Tummy Look Smaller – Fast!

If you’re a fan of mystery stories, you’ve probably noticed that there is one mystery never written about- the mystery of your vanishing waistline! Countless Big Macs and plates of yummy pasta are possibly to blame for that atrocious crime to your belly.

Unforgivable as it may seem, there are some tricks to help quickly fix your tummy problem, and make you fit nicely in a Knix thong- just in time for that date at the end of the day!

Skip the sugar

Sugary treats are notorious at causing you to bloat. So instead of indulging in a donut, try having some pineapple. Bromelain, which is an enzyme in pineapples, helps in digestion as it breaks down protein in the stomach.

Forego the fizz

Tempting as it is to grab a soda to quench your thirst, do realize that fizzy drinks trap air in your body and cause bloating. Drinking water is a much healthier alternative.

Stick to shapewear

Conceal that big belly by wearing shapewear in your size. The miracle material in shapewear helps compress and tuck in those unsightly bulges. Look for a high performance level as indicated on the item tag. You can also check for the nylon content on the label. The higher the better.

Go low on salt

Try to steer clear of processed food, as these have high sodium content. Too much salt makes you bloat. Check food labels to make sure that you don’t take in more than 6 grams of sodium per day.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Seeing results from hours at the gym and disciplined dieting will take a while, so if you find yourself frantically figuring out ways to fake a flat tummy in a day, take consolation in the fact that the tricks listed above can help you tremendously.

Shades of Sophistication: 3 Best Rolex Watches from the Colourful Dial Collection

With contemporary fashion following the lead of mix and match culture, experimentation is becoming more and more common. Everyone wants to stand out with their style choices, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to play with colours. This rule can very well be applied to watches as well, and if you thought that luxury watches stick to convention of sophistication and simplicity, then you are in for a surprise.

Rolex watches are well known to amp up their oomph factor by going for brilliant and unusual dial colour choices in some of the watches from their collection. From emerald green to divine purple, you can pick and choose the perfect Rolex watches for men or women which sport a fancy colourful dial. Not only will they add class to your personality but also be great conversation starters and compliment winners. Such exclusively coloured Rolex watches are available only with genuine luxury watch dealers such as Ethos Watch Boutique. So, if you are in the mood to add a coloured dial Rolex watch to your collection, just walk right in at your nearest dealer.

Here, we bring you three sumptuous Rolex timepieces that feature stunning colourful dials. Care to take a pick?

Submariner Date 40



The Rolex Submariner collection is one for the purists who cherish the fine art of precision timekeeping, the design aesthetic of timepieces, and the grandeur of a luxury watch. The distinct luminous hour markers, the clean and industrial design, and the graduated Cerachrom rotatable bezel make the Submariner one of the most iconic Rolex watches. The model featured here is the gorgeous Submariner Date 40 which has its iconic dial in a very eye-catching shade of green. The geometric 18 ct gold markers are luminescent and go well with the dial colour. Overall, the combination of steel with green makes this watch seem like a treasure. The Oystersteel bracelet is corrosion resistant and maintains a distinctive sheen throughout its life. The famed precision of a Rolex in this watch comes from its 3135 perpetual movement, while the unidirectional bezel with engraved 60-minute graduations allow sea divers to perform calculations with supreme ease!

Day Date 36



The first wristwatch to feature a full-window Day and Date display, the Rolex Day Date is an image of perfection. Sticking to the principles of simplicity, this 18 ct gold Day Date 36 model will instantly leave onlookers stunned thanks to its gorgeous cherry dial and Bordeaux leather bracelet. The fluted bezel gives away the impression of guarding the precious dial that boasts of a highly luscious colour. The Day-Date display on this watch is available not just in English but other languages as well – so that gives you an additional option of personalisation. As is standard, this is another high precision Rolex watch with a 3155 movement and a power reserve of 48 hours.

Cosmograph Daytona


Planning to buy Rolex Daytona? Then its Cosmograph edition is what you need to have on your wish-list – especially one that features the bespoke ice blue dial such as the model which is featured here. The brown-rimmed sub-dials and the bezel create a stunning contrast with the ice blue colour, and make it a highly unique watch to own. A standard accessory of professional racing drivers, this Rolex wristwatch with a 950 platinum Oyster bracelet and the high performance start-drive-stop chronograph is the perfect accessory for those who want to come off as suave and urbane. It also features a 4130 high calibre movement and a chestnut brown Cerachrom bezel with graduations that corroborate its painstaking craftsmanship.

These were our picks for you for the ideal coloured dial watches from Rolex. If you need more options, then there are other colours available in various Rolex watch collections, such as chocolate, rose gold, purple, etc. It’s time to add a coloured feature watch that goes by the name of Rolex to your ultimate wristwatch collection!


An Essential Checklist to Help Ease Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding can be such a challenge considering that, for most of us, this event only happens once in a lifetime. Hence, the need to ensure that everything is planned for and that everything flawlessly goes as intended. And yet no matter how incredibly we plan for the big day, some things can be overlooked.

So, to minimize the possibilities of missing any of the important stuff, we’ve come up with the following checklist of essentials for your wedding:

1. Schedules

Creating a schedule has always proven helpful in keeping people organized. When you plot schedules, you are able to see not just what happens at that time or who is present but also what needs to be prepared. When the bridal party plots the schedules, having these schedules written down will make it easier to spot which ones are missing details or need improvements. For example, if you plan to have pictures with the sun setting in the background, you need to let your photographers know and this should be plotted on your schedules.

Plus, having these schedules printed out and distributed to all who are involved in helping keep the wedding as smooth-sailing and as impeccable as possible will definitely be a good idea.

2. Contingency Plans

Do you know what will happen in case the weather condition doesn’t turn out well on the day of your wedding? If you have an outdoor venue, then it is a must to have a wedding contingency plan for possible inclement weather, or when it rains, or gets too hot and sunny. To set realistic expectations for your big day and in order to make appropriate arrangements for the venue and the program activities, brides and grooms have to find out the weather and temperature for the scheduled event.

3. Insurance

Not everyone gets wedding insurance but every engaged couple should get one if they want to make sure that their ideal wedding goes through according to plan. The wedding insurance covers problems with the venue, the photographer, the caterer, or whatever aspect of the big day that may encounter some glitches. This means that in case something unwanted happens, you at least get financial coverage for these occasions.

In addition to the wedding insurance, make sure that you also get ring insurance. Your engagement ring and wedding rings will be among the priciest items you will most likely buy in this lifetime, so it’s logical to have these jewellery pieces insured. Even though you do your best to keep the stunning wedding rings from Sydney CBD or from your favourite jeweller safe, noting how easy it is to lose these rings, either by accident or unfortunately through theft, purchasing ring insurance as soon as they are procured is highly recommended.

4. Suppliers

One of the most important things to do that brides and grooms forget is to re-confirm with their suppliers at least a week before their wedding. If you booked them six months or a year ago, then you definitely need to remind them about their commitments. It would also be a good idea to confirm every detail of your supplier contract, from deliverables to balances.

You also need to update these suppliers of additional wedding information that may not have been available when you first contracted them, including time and venue of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. In case you need them to render overtime or add additional chairs to accommodate more guests, you have to let your suppliers know. Your suppliers should also be included in the count that you give your caterer for people that need to be served.

Carefully plan the things discussed above so that you will have a worry-free wedding.

Coupons for Good: 3 Places to Shop That Give Back

Corporations have considerable weight and pull when it comes to their influence in their communities. They draw people into their stores, online or off, and generate large profits for their shareholders. What is sometimes less known is the fact that corporations also donate to charities. Donating is more than just a vehicle to reduce tax liability; it’s a way to create public good will and give a face to an otherwise faceless entity. Following are large corporations that give to charities while also offering coupons to help customers save money on the products they sell. They are not mutually exclusive, as corporations still give even when customers use coupons.

Saks Fifth Avenue

commercial photography locations
Image via Flickr by Nicholas Eckhart

Saks Fifth Avenue donates to hundreds of charities on an annual basis and through various means. Its primary way of donating to charities is through its store credit card. Cardholders are given the option to pick a charity from a list provided in their charge statement. From there, Saks gives 5 percent of the purchases from a given month to the selected charity.

Another way Saks helps charities is by selling items that directly benefit charities through their sale. The corporation stocks merchandise that’s associated with a charity. When the item sells, the vendor donates a set amount from the sale to the stated charity.

Saks itself works with one charity a year in order to focus its efforts. Currently the corporation is working with the Water charity. Water provides clean drinking water to communities without access to safe and clean drinking water. One-hundred percent of all donations from Saks go directly to the charity.

Ann Taylor

This famous women’s clothing line donates money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). In 2015, Ann Taylor raised $4.65 million for BCRF, and has donated over $26 million since 2005. The donated money goes directly to scientists who are actively engaged in research to fight breast cancer.

Ann Taylor raises money for the charity during annual donation drives through its Ann Taylor and LOVELOFT cards. The card costs $25 and gives the user 25 percent off their purchases for two months at Ann Taylor and LOFT stores. In turn, the corporation donates 90 percent of the purchase price to BCRF.


Williams-Sonoma is much more than a high-end cookware store. It gives back to the community through various charities that include St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, AIDS Walks in San Francisco, helping communities rebuild after a natural disaster, and through partnerships with its employees. Employees of Williams-Sonoma are encouraged to work with local charities. In turn, the corporation donates money to the local charities, directly affecting the community in a way that an overarching donation can’t. Williams-Sonoma feels strongly about corporate responsibility, and charity is just one of the ways it seeks to reach out to people from all walks of life.

These corporations focus on improving quality of life for individuals and communities around the world. They prove that they are more than just a profit center for shareholders by working on ways to help those who may have never heard of their brand.

Why Do Hairstylists Choose Tape-In Hair Extensions?

If you are new to hair extensions and trying to select the best type, doesn’t it make sense to go with the method preferred by a majority of hair stylists? There are a number of reasons why tape-in type hair extensions are the method chosen time and time again by professional hairstylists. Here are just a few of those reasons.


  • The application is easy. Tape-in hair extensions are easy to install. There are no tools required, except perhaps one-sided tape (more about this later). The tape-in hair extensions come in different sizes and lengths for a perfect application. Narrower pieces can be used to fill in around the hairline where the natural hair is finer and thinner; these smaller pieces can also be added to the crown for invisible addition of volume and fullness. The application is painless and takes less time than many other hair extension methods.
  • The cost is lower than other methods. When purchasing hair extensions, cost is always a factor. With tape-in extensions you get more for your money. Why? The tape-in extensions have the unique characteristic of flexibility in the application. They can be applied by using two of the pieces per section of natural hair for a bulkier look and feel; they can also be used in single pieces per section of natural hair, and sealed off with one-sided tape. This effectively doubles the use of the hair that you buy, leaving you with extra for future applications. It also allows you to spread the hair out more evenly over the head for a very natural look and feel. When you have them installed professionally, it doesn’t take your stylist as long to put them in, which also saves you money.
  • They are the least damaging method. Tape-in hair extensions, when taken care of properly, cause virtually no damage to the natural hair. Normal shedding continues to occur during wear of any hair extension, so don’t panic when they are removed and you see all the hair that was shed that couldn’t get out because of the extensions. You will see that your own natural hair is still very much intact. The way to make sure to get the least damage out of this or any hair extension method is to maintain them properly during wear. We will cover those points at the end of this article.
  • Tape-in hair extensions are long lasting. Because the tape-in hair extensions sit very flat to the head, they present as a much easier way to style the hair, and they look exceptionally natural. If you are gentle in your handling of them, they will last you longer than other methods. As with any other hair extension application, care should be taken when using hot tools and in detangling them.
  • Tape-in extensions are more comfortable. The tape-in method of hair extensions is very comfortable to wear. You hardly feel like you have them on! The tape itself is very fine, it is color matched at the top so it goes completely undetected, and there are no bumps and bulges to annoy you. They are comfortable to sleep in, and no one needs to know you’re wearing them if you don’t want them to! They are especially suited for fine and/or thin hair, as they are well hidden.
  • There are many color options to choose from. Tape-in hair extensions are quite versatile in the colors you can choose. You can add lighter pieces for a highlighted look; you can choose Ombre options in any color you like; you can add fun colors for a special event; there are many ways to customize color with the tape-in method. As a result, you will save time, money and damage to your natural hair by using the extensions to explore your color desires! Gone are the days of having to color your hair, only to damage it further when you want to change colors. With the tape-ins you’ll never get bored with your color.


Use this handy checklist to make your tape-in hair extension experience the best it can be:


  1. Talk with your stylist about tape-in extensions and their advantages
  2. Consult on the color option that works best for you, have fun with it!
  3. Determine what length of hair extensions will suit you best, consider purchasing a bit longer than you want, to allow for trimming the hair
  4. Consider going with the single-sided tape application, as this will automatically double the amount of hair you buy, and will give you better coverage of hair on your head
  5. Have your natural hair colored first if you want to match the extensions to it. It’s not advisable nor necessary to color the hair extensions, as there are many colors available. If the color doesn’t work out right, you’ve lost your money; hair extensions cannot be returned if colored.
  6. Take care when brushing or combing the extensions, don’t pull or rip at them. Hold hair at the top and work downward.
  7. Use the proper shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist. While conditioner is on in the shower, comb through the hair thoroughly before rinsing.
  8. Never sleep in wet hair unless it is pulled into a firm pony tail or braid. Doing otherwise can knot the hair and make it painful and/or impossible to get out.
  9. Take care with hot tools, especially at the top where the tape is applied. Too much heat can dry out and damage the tape area, causing the extensions to release/slip. Use protective products to guard against heat damage from irons and other hot tools.
  • Don’t wait too long to get back to your stylist for a re-application. Letting extensions go too long in between visits is a no-no. Not only do they start to look bad, they can do unnecessary damage to your natural hair by tangling and/or matting. Consult with your stylist on the expected time frame for re-application. Much of this depends on how fast your hair grows and how well you maintain the extensions in between salon visits.


If you do your homework and get the tape-in extensions that are right for you in color, length and density, you will be most pleased with this type of extension. Cheers to your new look!!

Hair Extension Methods, Which One Is Right for You?

Hair extensions are perfect for transforming and enhancing a woman’s beauty to that of a goddess. As a hair stylist, I’ve tried different types of extensions, and it can be quite confusing choosing a system that is suitable for you. There are so many factors to take into consideration, and it is best to know the different methods because not all hair extensions work for everyone; the results are determined on the type of extensions and the methods used to apply them. But with lots of options out there, how do you figure out what method is right for you?

Below are the hair extension methods, advantages and disadvantages from someone who has tried them all.



Sewn-in hair extensions are perfect for those with thick, coarse or curly hair that’s able to handle them.  They are cost-effective, easy to maintain and also stress-free to remove. Your hair is plaited tightly into braids to build a foundation for the hair extensions to be sewn and attached using a thread and needle. Not all hair types can withstand the stress from the braiding, so this method is not for everybody; most often there is a need to have the hair retightened which requires serious upkeep and salon visits throughout the four months of its durability.


· Most appropriate for thick hair.

· You can use silicone-based or oil  hair products

· There is no need to use glue or heat when applying.


· This method can take some hours to fix up.

· Unless regularly washed, the extensions can get dirty causing health problems.

· Due to the tight nature of the application, the extensions can be painful afterwards.

· This method has limited options to style hair



Clip-ins are hair wefts that are attached to a clip. They come in many different sizes so they can be placed around the head and are ideal to use when you need an instant hair fix and can easily be removed. This method takes a short amount of time to fix and can add length and volume. Clip-ins can be washed and styled just like your hair.

Clip-in extensions are ideal if you use don’t use hair extensions every day.


· With clip-ins, you can fix and remove them as you like.

· You can quickly change your style or hair color often.

· You can easily fix it yourself, no need going to a professional stylist.


· This method of hair extensions are not ideal for fine hair because the clips might be too heavy to wear.

· Clip-in extensions must be detached before bedtime as they cannot be fixed to your hair for long periods of time.

· Only with proper maintenance and care can clip-in hair extensions last long

Micro link


Micro links also known as micro locks or beads are gentle to fix and easy to remove. This is a process where your hair strands are pulled through microbeads or locks with a strand of extension and fastened shut with hair extension pliers.

This method doesn’t use heat or glue when applying. However, you should avoid using conditioner near the bead to prevent slipping of the hair extension.  This method lasts about four to six months so you will have to come in every couple of months to retighten your hair extensions. If you want to dye your hair extensions and use heat styling applications, this is probably the best option.


· No glue or heat is used to fix the hair, and this method of hair extension is durable and can be used for six months.

· It is reusable

· Hair extensions that have fallen off can easily be reattached in some minutes to an hour by a professional stylist.


· This method does not work well with thin hair because the beads and locks might be visible.

· It takes within 2-5 hours to fix which is time-consuming.

· Microlinks can be noticeable or slip off if they are not appropriately placed

· There’s a tendency to experience itchy scalp or discomfort after application.

· This method can cause hair damage and breakage if done wrongly with someone other than a qualified hair technician.



Tape-in is the most popular method of hair extensions that if correctly applied and cared produces incredible results with the added advantage of reusing it many times over.

Tape-ins takes a short amount of time to install the extensions and can add more volume and thickness. The hair extensions are applied with a heated appliance that heats up a thin strip of glue that is on the hair weft, and your hair is put between two wefts and fastened to create a seal. This hair extension method although costly can be used for up to 6 months without any serious maintenance work although you can choose to have them removed and reinstalled every six to eight weeks.

You also have to be careful using oils or heavy conditioners because that can cause your hair extensions to slip off.


· This method of hair extension is suitable for Suitable for thin, fine hair as they are practically flat and unnoticeable.

· Tape-in is the easiest and fastest as it takes from 30-60 minutes depending on the length and volume of application.

·  A very safe method of extension that doesn’t cause breakage or hair damage.

· You can reuse your hair extensions using this method provided the extensions are taken care of properly.


· You have to wait 48 hours before washing your hair as the weft needs some time to stick properly to your hair.

· Avoid oil or silicon-based products as they can easily cause the extensions to slip off if applied on the adhesive.



Fusion extensions are one of the more costly extensions and are ideal for people looking to add more volume and length while they have hair extensions. This is done using keratin bonds and a heating appliance.  The hair stylist uses the heating tool to melt the keratin glue, and then your hair is placed and fastened between the melted keratin. To allow the natural movement of your hair, the bonds are fixed close to the root of your hair.

It takes about two to three hours to have a complete head of extensions and these can last about four months.


· This method of hair extensions is suitable for coarse, thick hair.

· They are very natural looking

· Durable and can last up to 6 months with proper care and maintenance


· Fusion takes longer time for applications, with an average time between 2-5 hours.

· Requires heat to install the hair extensions which can be risky for both your hair and the stylist’s hands

· Not reusable.

· Can cause itchy scalp or discomfort a few weeks after fixing an extension.

· Must be done by a professional hair technician to avoid hair breakage or damage.

Above are some of the most popular methods of hair extension available, which hair extension method have you tried? Which one is most suitable for your hair?

Fall Fitness Fashion Ideas

The arrival of the fall season ushers in cooler weather, cozy evenings indoors, the luscious scent of pumpkin spice, and more. As the days begin to grow shorter, and evenings become cooler, you may find yourself less motivated to want to leave the comfort of home to work out. However, simple active wear style tips will help keep you comfy and warm, allowing you to power through your workout despite colder temperatures.


From the fitness studio to the streets


Athleisure is a simple, versatile and relaxed approach to fall fashion. The ever-popular yoga-inspired looks of leggings and comfy pullovers are multipurpose enough to take any look from the gym to the streets with the addition of simple accessories. A stylish scarf can easily dress up any simple pullover or sweatshirt. Not the mention, adding a shawl or pashmina to your athleisure outfit will provide extra warmth on those cool fall days. A cute pair of shades or a set of bangle bracelets will also help pull off an effortless athleisure look.


Layer up


As the summer transitions into autumn, so too should your wardrobe. Just because your cute sun dresses and tank tops are hibernating in the back of your closet doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your style. Athleisure allows you to create a layered look which is easy to change up and tweak depending on your style preferences. For example, you could wear a colorful mesh workout tank underneath a flowy yoga shrug pullover. Layering various athleisure items allows you to mix and match different pieces to create a signature fitness look.


Keep it simple


Minimalism in fashion is very much on trend. Monochromatic looks either in a black, white, or various shade of grey give off an uncomplicated, easy vibe. Pulling off a monochromatic look is simple when including various fabrics and textures. Black mesh-insert leggings show off a bit of skin while keeping your legs warm. Pair a chunky cable knit sweater along with sporty sneakers in a similar black shade to pull off a harmonious unicolor look.


Experiment and expand your style


As athleisure has become a staple in the fashion world, many clothing brands now design and manufacture athletic-inspired clothing items in various sizes, fabrics, colors, and designs that appeal to everyone. These days, you will be sure to find everything from yoga pants, sports bras, sweatshirts, and sneakers that will appeal to your style and preference. As athleisure articles are fairly easy to come by, feel free to experiment with new colors, cuts, and designs. For instance, if you find yourself always gravitating towards black leggings, take a fun fashion risk and try out leggings in a fall-appropriate hue such as burgundy or deep navy. Chances are, you will be thoroughly delighted with a little extra (pumpkin) spice to your autumn athleisure wardrobe.

Office Outfits You Need To Help Fight The Heat This Summer

It’s summer, and it is hot. Unfortunately for many, the heat that comes with the summer months doesn’t mean lounging around the pool or the beach in swimwear, lapping up the sun. Instead, the majority of people are still holed up in the office working those long hours that should only be enforced in the winter months. Unfortunately, having to work means that most people have to dress up in their professional attire, causing the heat to affect you further. However, there are some amazing summer work outfits out there that can make you feel as though you are lying in the sun rather than typing away at the computer. Have a look at some of these cute summer outfits that will help you withstand heat.

Mid Length Skirt

A loose skirt on a summer’s day allows for the maximum airflow needed, while the mid length allows you to avoid sweaty thighs sticking the seat you have been stuck on for what feels like forever. High waisted skirts allow for you to keep that professional look in the office, whilst ensuring you look glam when you leave. For the perfect style to match your flair, You can find a range of professional summer skirts to match to your desire and style. Match your new skirt with a plain black or white tee, and you will have the perfect summer office look.


Capri Pants

Most people think of their parents when Capri pants are mentioned, but really, this style can be perfect for the office. The wide leg prevents the stickiness that comes with skin tight clothing, while the length, once again, offers maximum airflow when it is too hot (it is all about airflow in summer!). Capri pants may be considered casual wear in some circles, but brands such as Alfred Dunner and American Apparel provide the perfect combination of comfort and professionalism when looking to purchase a pair of capri’s for the office. Matching these pants with a nice blouse and a pair of heels can dress the outfit up further and ensure you are the envy of the office.


Floral Dress

It’s not summer if you don’t don that floral dress. For the perfect office attire where you still look chic, a floral dress is all you need. Match this with a pair of ballet flats, or even a pair of heels and you will have the perfect outfit for your summer day at work. For style inspiration and for the perfect dress and ways to wear florals there are so many options sure to fit your budget. The floral print will help you forget you are working away, whilst always ensuring you look wonderful for any after work drinks that may take place.


There are so many options on ways to spruce up your summer work attire, while still looking glam, chic and being the envy of the office. These are just a few tips to give you inspiration, but there are so many other ideas out there to help you accessorise your summer outfit perfectly. Just have a play around with your favourite styles and accessories to see what suits you best.  

How to Save Money Shopping for Diamonds Online

How to Save Money Shopping for Diamonds Online


Most people think buying diamonds online may be too risky as they are not able to actually see it themselves. There are a lot of reputable diamond stores online offering the best prices as opposed to land based jewelry shops. Reputable jewelers provide images and or sometimes videos of their diamonds with a precise descriptions and certifications.


One thing that makes online diamonds advantageous is the availability of a wide selection. People looking for a specific variant or those who would like to acquire a certain carat and size can easily search for what they like. It is also easy to compare credible merchants and the quality of diamonds they offer that fit within your budget.


How You Can Save Money on Your Diamond Purchase Online

As with any purchase you do online, it is best to go for respectable merchants and those who have good reviews. These are often the most credible sources of authentic diamonds and something that will give value for your money.


Before committing to any transaction, here are some pointers you should consider to save money on your online diamond purchase:


  1. Know the vendor before any purchase. This has to be the most important advice you can get before committing yourself to any transaction. Learn how long the company has been in the business and check reviews about the company. Also understand how the merchant provides secure transactions to avoid any possible issues in the future. Check how the diamonds are shipped and what policies do they have in case of returns.
  2. Learn to distinguish between carat and size. This is one common misconception of people who want to buy a diamond. Most people assume that carat correlates to the size of the stone. Diamonds can have a thick girdle or a broad pavilion with the table and crown being small. A diamond’s cut influences its weight and it can be better if you understand all these aspects before getting your hands on a deal.
  3. Wait for markdown prices. Most jewelry merchants have sales events to attract customers. When you are shopping for diamonds online, it is best to check for sales discounts during holidays and special public events such as Mother’s Day, Valentines, and even Christmas. These are the common times when jewelers lower their prices to get people to visit their sites and generate more revenue.
  4. Understand that carat affects the price. Carat price always adds up to the overall price of your diamond. Most people a diamond with a point something value is better than those with a little difference. The problem is that with that little carat increase also adds to the overall value of the diamond. So, choosing a .97 instead of a 1.00 carat would save you more. It is something that only an appraiser can tell the difference.
  5. Go for online stores which offer multi-item discounts. There are online stores that offer this advantage for people who buy several items. Getting your diamond ring along with other jewelries can lessen the total amount of your entire purchase. Buying more than one item usually is better as there are extra discounts.

Hair Makeover Hack: Hair Extensions

When a woman does something pretty drastic to her hair, people are quick to assume that she has just recently gone through a terrible, life-changing event. Sure, you take it out on your tresses when Mr. Right all of a sudden turns into Mr. Scum, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you simply want to shake things up by changing the way you look. And how easier can it be to do that, than by doing something different to your hair?
Gone are the days when your only options for a hairstyle change were chopping your virgin hair off, coloring it all red, or getting a frizzy perm- or doing all of the above all at the same time!
Now you can turn to human hair extensions for help. They’re made of natural human hair, so they’re as close to the real thing as possible.  They come in different colors, lengths, and textures- straight or wavy. You can finally make changes to your hair, and not be stuck with a bad hairstyle for what seems like eternity.
There are a lot of clip in hair extensions to choose from, whether you’re going out on a fancy date, or simply having casual brunch with a few friends. This one looks really sexy yet classy:
Tape in hair extensions should do the trick when you want to change your look in an instant.  This one in light golden brown is simply stunning.
So the next time somebody breaks your heart and leaves you wanting to shave your head, think again. Get a hair extension instead, and look like the goddess you were meant to be.