Incredible Ways Body Issues Impact The Mind

You might think that if there’s an issue with your body, it’s just physical. But there is a weird and mysterious connection between the body and the mind. Issues that impact the body often cause the mind to react in a certain way. On the other side of the board, mental health issues do tend to affect our physical well being. Let’s look at some of the examples where this is true and why this is important.

Low Confidence

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One of the main impacts a physical issue can have on the mind is on our confidence levels. People who are overweight, unfit or do not match the traits of social beauty tend to have lower levels of confidence. Due to this, they may not interact as much with other people in society. They may also attempt to shy away from the world and avoid contact with other people. Many people with low levels of confidence will find that their careers and their personal achievements are affected. They do not have right mindset anymore to get where they want to be in life.


Confidence can be diminished for a wide number of reasons. You might hate your smile. If you hate your smile because there’s a problem with your teeth, you will smile less. Unhappy people are deemed to be less attractive and this will lead people to avoid them more. That’s why if you do have an issue like this, you should get it fixed by a professional dentist. They can help you ensure that you always have the confidence to smile

In the case of body issues, something like fat shaming should never be accepted. But unfortunately, it does happen. You just have to remember that everyone is beautiful and only work to improve things about yourself that bother you.


High Levels Of Stress

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Stress and the body is a relationship that runs in the opposite direction. People who are under high levels of stress may see an impact on their body. People who are stressed can get bloated, lose their hair or even develop pasty skin. It has even caused intense migraines and heart failures. This should show you just how serious the issue of stress can be for your physical health.


To avoid this, you need to keep your levels of stress under control. Make sure that you are practising calming exercises such as regulatory breathing. To regulate your breathing, breathe in, count to ten and breathe out. This will increase the levels of oxygen to your brain and help you think more clearly.


Phantom Pain

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Finally, Phantom pain is a unique case but one that demonstrates the weird connection between the mind and body brilliantly. Phantom pain occurs after a limb has been removed. The patient may feel pain as though the limb is still there and that’s not even the interesting part. It can be cured typically with a mirror box, allowing the patient to see the phantom limb. Once they can seel it, they are able to release it, and the pain disappears. There is no physical cause, but the pain can be diminished by a physical act.

How Shared Meals Are Impacting How People Enjoy Food

Sharing meals is something people have enjoyed for generations. Neighbors, colleagues, and classmates are just some examples of groups that gather around freshly prepared food to enjoy it together. However, now the meal-sharing concept has gone to a new level and it’s impacting the way local people and visitors alike get together over good food and enjoy unique bonding experiences.

A Way to Help Travelers Eat Healthily

When people are away from home, they often feel excited about trying the local cuisine. However, doing so can often be overwhelming and costly, especially if they don’t have an easy-going resident willing to offer suggestions about dishes to try.

Fortunately, meal-sharing apps fill the gap between visitors and locals by connecting them for the purpose of enjoying food together. Feastly and EatWith are two such apps, and they allow people the privilege of eating home-cooked meals with host families, either alone, or with other travelers.

It’s easy to see why these unconventional dining options help people eat well when they’re in foreign places. There’s often a lot of trial and error that occurs if people try the local cuisine without help. Some of them may feel so burdened by the task that they ultimately get meals from the nearest fast food chain, especially if things are even more challenging because the menu’s in a different language.

Meal Sharing Apps Make It Easy to Eat Well

There are many cases where people would love to dine with locals when they’re traveling, but feel the logistics involved in doing so are too tricky. Perhaps that was the case in the past, but the apps like those mentioned above have become so popular, they remove all the guesswork and doubt. If interested, all you have to do is choose the kind of cuisine you want, then get ready to enjoy a delicious meal.

Enjoy a Memorable Experience

Although specifics vary depending on the type of meal experience you choose, the dining generally occurs in the home of the person who cooked your food. You might enjoy great views, lively conversations, or even company from your host’s pet while devouring the meal. All these characteristics combine to result in an experience that you almost certainly wouldn’t get elsewhere, even by choosing the most exclusive restaurant in the city.

Sharing Meals for Worthy Causes

There’s also another reason people eat meals in communal settings, and that’s to support good causes. You can find charity dinners in almost every major city throughout the United States. If you’re someone who has a generous heart by nature and are a self-confessed foodie, these events are a great way to combine two of your most cherished characteristics.

Besides allowing you to enjoy delicious meals that are cooked for a good cause, they also make it easy to support causes that have personal significance. For example, maybe your mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year and you want to go to a charity dinner where the proceeds support ongoing research for that disease.

These dinners also tend to provide excellent networking opportunities. You’ll usually get the chance to meet like-minded people and possibly make connections that benefit you for the rest of your life.
Personally Contributing to the Meal Sharing Trend

Although charity dinners are certainly not a new type of event, the type of meal sharing discussed earlier is representative of a fresh way for people to dig into carefully prepared meals. If you’d like to participate by making meals to share with individuals who may become some of your closest friends, it’s a good idea to create a menu that includes some of your tried-and-true favorites, plus items you’ve begun cooking more recently.

If you need inspiration for some new things to cook, look no further than the HamptonCreek Facebook page. Browse through the tasty, easy-to-make recipes and feel ready to invite your next guests’ to dinner.

Although people have enjoyed meals together throughout the ages, we’ve just looked in detail at some of the ways people can feast on food to treat themselves to wholly new experiences while they travel (or even just get better acquainted with local things to eat in their towns), or dine well for charitable causes. Consider doing one or both of these things to delight your taste buds.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy

All parents want to support their children’s health, but you can easily overlook the little routines that lead to healthy minds and bodies. If you find that your days seem to spin away in a chaotic whirl of homework, carpools, and cartoons, you might be missing out on some of the following five easy ways that you can keep your kids healthy.

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Engaging in active outdoor play offers several benefits compared to sitting at home with a tablet or television. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least one hour of physical activity every day for children and adolescents.

While spending time outside, children will soak up beneficial vitamin D, stretch their muscles, and enjoy the fresh air. Get your kids involved in the garden, and your outdoor time can foster a healthy interest in fresh produce and teach them about nature. Playing sports also encourages teamwork and dedication.

Take a Soak

Make bath time extra beneficial by tossing a handful of Epsom salts into the water. This addition can help address magnesium deficiencies, soothe skin conditions, and improve allergies or asthma. Soaking in warm water with Epsom salts added will soothe sore muscles, reduce the effects of adrenaline, calm anxiety, and help promote a good night’s sleep.

Clean Up Your Indoor Air Quality

Although you’re probably mindful about cleaning up dust from flat surfaces and dirt from your carpets, you may not be as diligent about keeping these same hazards out of the air.

While dirty air is more difficult to see, you can easily feel dirty air. If you have poor indoor air quality in your home, you may experience headaches, fatigue, and respiratory problems. You can keep your family healthier by addressing your home’s indoor air quality. Change the filter in your HVAC system once a month, schedule annual HVAC system maintenance visits, and install a whole-house air purifier to keep your indoor air fresh and breathable.

Incorporate a Smart Sleep Schedule

Sleep is crucial for young bodies. Tired kids are listless and moody. Incorporate a regular bedtime routine to help everyone wind down so that they’re ready for sleep at the appointed hour. This routine may include a bath, story, or back rub. Shut off electronics at least one hour before bed to create a less stimulating environment.

Dine as a Family

Family dinners will improve your child’s health physically, socially, and emotionally. Research has shown that children have lower rates of obesity when they regularly enjoy family dinners. Eating together gives you the chance to expose your children to new foods and encourage good eating habits. People tend to eat less when they’re engaged in a family meal around the table than when they’re munching mindlessly in front of the television. You’ll also enjoy a great chance to bond with your kids when you eat together.

The smart strategies above are easy ones to bring into your household. You don’t need to invest in new gadgets or download the latest app to improve your family’s health. Make these quick fixes for improved wellness now.

Benefits of using Sunblock Everyday

Author’s Biography

Pam De Guzman, a.k.a the kid from the North, is a frustrated writer, event organizer, business owner and an aspiring director and writer of a personal/fashion/movie/book/travel blog. She’ll be writing about pretty much anything under the sun.

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It’s hot in the Philippines. Solar panel prices have gone down because everybody wants to be able to make better use of that heat and light. However, just because the people here are used to this kind of heat every day, doesn’t mean they don’t need sunblock. Sunblock isn’t just for trips to the beach; they’re supposed to be on your face every single day.

Why should you use sunblock?

The sun’s rays are a good source of Vitamin D, but too much is harmful to the skin. Some of the bad effects of too much sun exposure are sunburn, premature skin aging, skin damage and cancer. Sunblock protects your skin from being damaged by the harmful rays of the sun.

What does the sun do to the skin?

When you’re in the sun, there are chemicals in your skin that act as the first line of defense against the UV rays. They’re called melanin. This melanin is what absorbs the sunlight. The absorption of sunlight is what gives the skin a tan. When you’re overexposed to the sun and your melanin can’t protect you anymore, you get a sunburn. If you’re prone to repeated and extended exposure to the sun can cause fine lines and wrinkles, discolorations of the skin such as freckles and spots that can possibly be start of cancer, and dry, rough skin. Other damaging effects are cataracts which can lead to blindness.

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Reasons for using sunblock
1. You’ve probably heard of the hole in the ozone layer and that it’s going to take a long time for the earth to repair that. It’s going to take it even longer and maybe even get worse if we don’t help it. The ozone helps filter ultraviolet rays from the sun and that hole is letting in unfiltered solar radiation into the earth. You need sunblock to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays now more than before.
2. Using sunblock helps lower the risk of cancer and that’s been proven.
3. Sunblock also prevents your skin from developing any discolorations. These discolorations which are often brown spots or red patches can be the beginnings of cancer.
4. It also can help prevent premature aging of the skin. When your skin is exposed for long periods of time repeatedly, your skin will get fine lines that will become worse wrinkles. Wrinkles will make you look older than you are and sunblock can prevent that.
5. When you’re at the beach, sometimes the goal is to get a tan so that you can brag about having been to the beach, but some don’t want a tan. Sunblock can help prevent tanning. Though sunblock might not completely prevent it and you’ll still have a little bit of a tan when you’re done with your time at the beach, but it’ll help lessen the harmful rays of the sun from extensively damaging your skin.
So grab the nearest bottle of sunblock the next time you visit the drugstore. You’ll need it!

Interesting and Helpful Facts about Addition Recovery

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The road to recovery from addition is never a smooth and easy-going one. If you are close to someone struggling with an addiction or in the process of recovering from one, it’s important to see things from their perspective. Putting yourself in their shoes will help you to empathise with their situation and understand the stages of recovery.


There are plenty of places world-wide that provide a range of programs to help people gain control over their addictions. If you know someone currently travelling or living in South East Asia or who would like to embark on a journey to start their rehab in a different country, Addiction Rehab Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand can help.


Even though it’s different for everyone, there are some general stages that most recovering addicts go though. Reading up and understanding what they are can help you help the person you care about who is currently struggling.


With a 12 step drug rehab program, the center follows a program originating from the 1930’s. Ever since the 12 stage program was designed, it has helped more people stay off alcohol then any modern equivalent. If you think this could be the one for you, Addiction Rehab Center is well worth checking out.

Things you need to know about recovery:


  • Just going to the rehab center won’t fight underlying problems. When attending the rehab clinic, it’s important to note that just attending won’t be enough to break engrained habits. Going somewhere that encourages a holistic way of treating addiction and working on those deeper issues is essential to long term recovery.


  • Pain doesn’t go immediately: rehab is effective but it’s not a quick fix solution. Addiction and recovery can both be painful places and consequences to their health, relationships and other facets will need to be faced. It’s important to give the person space to recover fully instead of looking for quick fix solutions.


  • Drug or alcohol addiction also has effects on family and friends: it’s always important to keep learning new ways to help the recover process. Going to support groups meant for families and the bigger circle of loved ones can help everyone involved.


  • Always be aware of the things that can trigger relapse: no matter how big or small a trigger is, it’s important to help prepare that person for what they are. The recovery phases is a volatile and vulnerable one so keeping these triggers at bay or knowing how to handle them when they arise can help.


  • Recovery lasts for a lifetime: it isn’t as short term as people like to think. The longer you make a conscious effort to recover the less the risk of relapsing. It’s important to work on personal development every day to truly thrive.


  • Forgiveness: learning to forgive and let go is huge in the recovery phase. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself and to continue to carry regret with you will only make the chances of relapse higher.


Knowing how you can do everything possible to give yourself, your friend or your family member the best chance of recovery then putting the above into practice helps.

The Top Secret of Kids Who Do Not Get Sick

When my normally inquisitive and enthusiastic tween suddenly became silent as a lamb one day, I knew something was amiss. True enough, she was feeling down because her best friend from school has been absent for days because of the flu. It’s that time of year when nasty bugs go around, infecting kids of all ages.

And then, by happenstance, I caught the latest Ceelin Plus commercial on TV. It showed kids armed with their “milk and biscuit” shields, caught in a battlefield while fighting various sicknesses. It meant to show how powerful sicknesses seem to be nowadays, that we need to give our kids more protection from these.  You may view the video here:

  1. Ceelin’s FB Page:
  2. Ceelin YouTube Page:

I did some research on Ceelin Plus, and found out that the Vitamin C and Zinc in 1 measly teaspoon of it is equivalent to 10 glasses of milk. Now, that’s amazing! This combination of Vit. C and Zinc gives a whole lot of protection from disease, and when one is sick, it lessens the duration of the sickness.

This is probably what accounts for my daughter’s strong immune system. I have always given her Ceelin Plus as a supplement to healthy eating, so despite her classmates falling sick left and right, she still is pretty much up and about.

Times are really different now, and we as parents must take that extra step towards shielding our children from sickness.

Health Benefits of Different Kinds of Rice

In the list of drugstores in the Philippines, you won’t find one that sells rice- unless it’s way out in the province, probably.

Did you know? Rice is actually a seed! It’s a cereal grain and is the staple food of most people in Asia. It provides one fifth of the caloric intake of humans around world.

Rice was introduced to Southeast and South Asia from East Asia, to Europe from Western Asia, and to the Americas by the Europe. It is a tropical plant that can live up to two years.

In many cultures, rice represents prosperity, beauty, nourishment, and even fertility. This is why we toss rice during weddings.

There are thousands upon thousands of types of rice around the world, but here’s a look at the several types of rice which are most popular.


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Brown rice

Some varieties of rice that still have their bran layers- such as Jason- provide many nutrients important to the body. Among these nutrients are B vitamins, magnesium, and bone-building phosphorus. It also provides a good amount of fiber that can slow digestion, which helps avoid binges of junk food. Plus it has a great nutty flavor.


Sprouted rice

Sprouted rice is rice that has already been germinated, which means that the rice is already growing into a plant. The germination increases the nutrients that the rice provides. Studies have shown that the germinated rice has higher levels of a compound called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) that improves the mood and the heart’s health. This kind of rice is also easier to digest and cook, since the germination has softened the hard outer shell.


Wild rice

Wild rice isn’t actually rice. It’s the seed of aquatic grass. Indigenous people harvest wild rice by canoe, but much of the wild rice sold at supermarkets have been cultivated paddies made by man. Wild rice has many nutrients such as zinc, which boosts immunity and testosterone, phosphorus, B vitamins, and phosphate, and even folate. It has a nutty, smoky flavor, which makes it great together with salads and soups.


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Black rice

Don’t confuse black rice with sticky black rice or wild rice, since this kind of rice isn’t sticky. This rice turns purple when cooked, which makes your meal eye catching because of the pop of color. It used to be called the Forbidden Rice in China, since only emperors were allowed to eat prized grains in ancient China.


Wehani rice

This is another kind of rice that is slow to digest. This can fuel you for a long time, since burned carbohydrates provide most of the energy we need to do day-to-day activities. This whole grain rice is a good choice to eat to fuel you for a long day ahead.


And lastly, white rice. It’s the most popular kind of rice, but it is the least nutritious. This is because it has been bleached and its bran has been removed. It is mostly quick-digesting carbohydrates.


It’s still up to you which kind of rice you want to make up most of your diet, as long as you eat it in moderation.


Author’s Biography

Pam De Guzman, a.k.a the kid from the North, is a frustrated writer, event organizer, business owner and an aspiring director and writer of a personal/fashion/movie/book/travel blog. She’ll be writing about pretty much anything under the sun.

When Should You Hire Home Care?

As your loved ones grow older, you might notice that changes start to occur. All of a sudden, your aging parents are having difficulties performing their hobbies or doing simple tasks around their home. Good thing there are caregiver services available in Illinois and all over the US! Home care will allow your elderly loved ones to obtain the assistance and care that they need without moving in to a medical facility. Instead, in the comfort of their own home, they can receive medical or non-medical home care services.

Despite its obvious advantage, some people are hesitant to hire home care for their loved ones. This tentativeness sometimes stem from the fact that they do not know if their elderly relatives are eligible to receive home care services. See if the situations below are somehow similar with your aging parents’ current situation. Only then will you know if home care is needed.


One of Your Loved Ones Underwent Surgery

If one of your aging parents recently underwent a surgery, he or she might have difficulties in achieving his or her daily activities. Housekeeping and performing basic tasks such as grocery shopping or paying the bills might become a struggle. To top it all off, he or she might find it hard to take care of his or her personal hygiene.

In cases like this, hiring home care services is important. A caregiver can assist your aging parents with duties in and out of the house while one of them is currently recovering from surgery. The assistance of a health professional will not only benefit your parent who underwent surgery but his or her spouse as well. Both of them will reap the benefits of having an extra set of hands helping them with their day-to-day routine, making the recovery as painless, hassle-free, and comfortable as possible.


Your Aging Parents Need Help With Daily Activities

Everyone needs help every now and then; however, if your loved ones need constant assistance, then it’s time to consider hiring a caregiver. Housekeeping, cooking, shopping, and bathing are some of the things that most adults accomplish on their own. If your aging parents often struggle with any of these tasks, offer them the assistance and support that they need through home care services.

It is important to understand that hiring a health professional is not necessarily a bad thing; in reality, it actually helps your aging parents continue to live independently, with the help of trained and skilled professionals. Needing help to perform basic tasks is a good and acceptable reason to hire home care services. Actually, when you think about it, with the assistance of a caregiver, your loved ones will not have to struggle in doing simple errands, helping them live happily and more comfortably!


There Are No Skilled Family Caregivers Available

Most of the time, when loved ones are sick or having difficulties, your first instinct is to help them yourself. This is noble but what will happen if you or one of your relatives are not around? If your aging parents need round the clock care but you or your family members are not available, hire home care services. A caregiver can provide your elderly loved ones with medical or non-medical support, depending on what your parents need assistance with.

What if there is a family caregiver available? Being a family caregiver is gallant but it is not always the best option. As mentioned above, health professionals undergo trainings and certifications to help them fulfill the role of caregivers. Even if your intentions are good, most family caregivers are neither skilled nor trained to deal with the various situations that health professionals often face in their line of work. It is likely that instead of helping, a family caregiver might end up worsening the situation.

If your aging parents’ situation is in line with any of the circumstances mentioned above, then you should hire caregiver services. Home care will definitely provide your loved ones with the assistance that they need in order to live a comfortable and happy life.



Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for My Angels Homecare.


Reasons to Choose Porcelain Dental Crowns


Try as we might, sometimes we need some dental work done to our teeth, no matter how we try and look after them. Even with an excellent oral hygiene routine, accidents can happen which may lead to teeth being damaged, or even knocked out. So if you are in need of a crown, although there are other options available, you may wish to consider choosing a porcelain crown, and here are a few reasons why.


Porcelain Crowns are Durable


If you are looking for porcelain dental crowns in Sydney, or any other part of Australia, a quick search of the internet will show many dental clinics offering porcelain crowns. The thick porcelain can last for quite some time, even up to 15 years or so, if you look after your teeth and have a good hygiene routine.


They Look and Feel Great!


One thing that you will notice with this type of crown is that they resemble a real tooth. When you have a metal or alloy dental implant, they are very noticeable as the shiny metal instantly attracts the eye. Take a look online for Sydney dental implants, and compare the porcelain crowns that you see, to the ones that use gold, or other metals. With a high-quality crown, you can have an implant and a lot of people would not even be able to tell!


Of course, keeping your set of gnashers shiny and white also makes a much more beautiful smile, so there are also aesthetic reasons for choosing porcelain crowns over metals ones. It is true that porcelain crowns cost more than the other types that are available, but they have a much more natural look to them, which some people prefer to go down the Bling route and having a mouth full of shiny metal.


Taking Care of it is Easy


When it comes to oral hygiene, it is important to make sure that you look after your teeth properly; after all when you are an adult it is the only set you have! Ideally, you will want to brush your teeth after every meal, but this is not always possible; so at the very least you should brush a minimum of one or two times a day, before bed, and getting up in the morning. Floss your teeth daily; and if eating food and unable to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth out with water, which will help to reduce the build-up of acid in your mouth, which can attack the enamel of your teeth. You will want to have a check-up with your dentist at least twice a year, as well as visit the hygienist for a scrape and polish as and when it is required.


As well as having a good routine for looking after our teeth, it is also important that we make sure that we eat a varied and healthy diet. Being careful with what we eat, and reducing the amount of sugar we eat and drink, will go a long way to protecting your teeth for many years to come. Look after your porcelain crowns in the same way that you take care of your teeth, and you can have a shining white smile for a long time to come!



End Disease And Embrace Health With These Helpful Hints

In this contemporary era, many people are seeking health solutions that will bring an end to debilitating diseases, energy deficits, weight management challenges, and other issues that compromise wellness and cause deep frustration. If you’re trying to become a healthier person, know that these three simple strategies can help you end disease and embrace health:

1. Determine The Disease.

One of the keys to obtaining optimal health is determining which disease is precluding you from doing so. The professionals of Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. are pleased to assist you with this process by providing you with a wide range of testing kits. Some of them include:

• Serology kits
• Anemia kits
• Allergy kits
• HIV kits
Drug tests

2. Drink A Green Juice Daily.

Although many Americans are accustomed to waking up with a hot cup of coffee, this isn’t necessarily the habit to embrace. In fact, while many people believe that coffee is a healthy choice that will provide them with energy, your morning cup of java can actually detract from your level of wellness in the long run. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that coffee can cause adrenal fatigue. It can also lead to deficiencies in iron and calcium stores. For this reason, it’s a good idea to find a healthier source of energy. One of the best alternatives out there is green juice. These juices are typically chock full of vitamins and nutrients as a result of the high volume of dark green leafy vegetables they contain.

3. Get Outside.

While technological advances have radically improved our lives in many ways, they have also made life sedentary for many people. As a result, it’s very important that you go outside and get your body moving for at least thirty minute a day. Doing so functions as a great weight management resource and also ensures that you’re getting in some much needed fresh air after being cooped up in the office or sitting in front of the television for hours on end.

Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle Now

If you’re serious about leading a healthy lifestyle, there’s no time like now to get started. While there are numerous wellness tips you can implement to get on the right track, the ones outlined above can be particularly useful. By determining which diseases you have, drinking a green juice daily, and getting outside on a regular basis, you’ll likely find that you start to look good and feel great!