Lift Your Spirits In Seconds: Confidence-Boosting Hacks That Will Make Your Day

We all have those days when we don’t feel that great about ourselves. Perhaps you’ve looked in the mirror and not been thrilled at what you’ve seen. Or maybe you’re sick of doing a dead-end job. Whatever the reason for your crisis of confidence, there are solutions out there. Here are some confidence-boosting hacks that will save your day in a matter of seconds.


Put your phone down

The last thing you want to see when you’re lamenting last night’s chocolate-fest, or you’re feeling insecure about your skin is airbrushed models frolicking in exotic ocean waves. Sites like Instagram are great for giving us ideas about fashion or interior design and enabling us to keep in touch with friends. But they can also be a major confidence drain, especially if you tend to be overly critical when it comes to your appearance. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, and seeing perfect-looking people can make you feel even worse. Take a break from your phone, and focus on what the day ahead holds. If you know that you react badly to seeing images on social media or in magazines, try and spend less time checking your news feed. It can become very obsessive.



When you smile, you don’t just open your mouth and show off your pearly whites to the world. Smiling actually triggers a reaction in your body, which makes you feel better. Smile at yourself in the mirror, or flash a stranger a smile. Think about how much better you feel when somebody walks past you with a smile rather than a frown on their face. You can spread a little joy, as well as making yourself feel happier.


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Do a good deed every day

If you’re in the business of making resolutions, there’s no better pledge to try and uphold than doing a good deed every day. Embrace the practice of tzedakah, and try and help people in need. Buy a homeless person a coffee and a sandwich or sign up to help out at your local food bank. Offer an old lady a hand down from the bus or donate clothes you don’t wear to a thrift store. Even the small things can make a big difference.


Give yourself a compliment

Many of us are really uncomfortable when it comes to receiving compliments. But if you’re giving yourself one, you may not feel so awkward. We tend to be hard on ourselves, and really nice to the people around us. Think about how complimentary you are when you’re out with friends, or you’re getting ready with your sisters or your mom. You probably tell them they look gorgeous or ask them where their lovely dress is from. When was the last time you said anything kind to yourself? You don’t have to go all-out and tell yourself you’re the best-looking person in the world. But it’s good to love yourself.


Confidence has such a profound impact on the way we live our lives. It’s normal to have days when you lack confidence, and you don’t quite feel yourself. Hopefully, if you’re having one of those days, these simple tips will help to lift your spirits in seconds.

Accident & Injury Affecting Your Finances? Here’s What You Need to Know!




Accidents happen all the time. Nobody plans for them, but when they occur they can have a damaging impact on your life and that of your family. There is more pressure on everything from your relationships to your finances, and in certain circumstances, you can end up losing a lot of money. To prevent serious problems arising, your best bet is to prepare yourself for the worst – with a little luck you will never need to use these ideas, but at least you are covering yourself with the basics. Let’s get started with everything you need to know.


Your work situation


First of all, any injury or accident could see you needing to take time out to recover – and that could spell trouble with regards to your employment. It’s vital to keep on top of your rights at work and check whether you will be eligible for any sick pay. The chances are you will get some, but it will be significantly reduced in comparison to your regular wage. It’s also critical to understand that your life may be very different in the future – perhaps even meaning you will need to quit work. An inability to work can have a massive impact on your household earning potential. For this reason, it is highly advisable that you take out insurance to cover you for any accident you might have in the future. It could be the difference between struggle and a reasonably comfortable lifestyle.




Your personal life


Don’t underestimate the impact a long-term injury can have on your personal life. You might have to question everything you know about yourself. When you can’t earn money for your family, or meet their needs, or feel like your situation is getting in the way of their life goals, it can be pretty devastating. Those feelings you are having could quickly turn to anxiety or stress, which in turn could lead to severe mental health issues, and even physical conditions such as stroke or high blood pressure. In short, many people that experience personal injury can often end up in a tough position.


Your claim


With all this going on, it’s no surprise that you should pursue any claim for compensation you are eligible for with aggression. The simple truth is that without compensation, your life could end up in tatters, and it will be a struggle to survive. It’s important to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, while the accident is fresh in your mind. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the process and pursue the right level of compensation that you deserve. In an ideal world, everyone would get the compensation due to them, which would over them for medical fees, lost wages, necessary lifestyle changes, and all the other expenses and lost incomes an accident can bring. However, the reality is that without a lawyer fighting your corner; you could end up with a small payout – far from what you deserve. Don’t forget, any claim you make will be vigorously defended by the other side, and their aim will be to reduce your compensation as much as possible.




Debts and ongoing financial problems


Your compensation claim should include covering you for any debts or lost earnings that are due to the accident – assuming someone else is at fault, of course. Debt is especially relevant, as your loss of earnings will mean that you can’t keep up to date with all your current payments for credit cards, mortgages, or car loans. Bear in mind that the lender may not be all that sympathetic to your situation, although you should find most will give you some leeway. However, the simple facts are that they will want their money back – or you could end up in more debt – and things can quickly get out of control. If these events occur, it’s vital to move fast. While your compensation might cover you – eventually – there are no guarantees, and you should get in touch with a nonprofit debt organization to assist you while you are waiting.


Adjust your spending


While waiting for your compensation claim to go through, it’s vital to have a good think about your current spending levels. Are there any areas where you could make cutbacks? Don’t forget; it can take a long time for a personal injury case to be heard – sometimes over a year, depending on its complexity. So you will need to start thinking about your spending and make some adjustments.


An accident and injury can have a severe impact on your current lifestyle. Ensure that you have insurance cover and seek out the best lawyer you can find if the worst happens to you. All the best!


Prevention 101: Simple Steps To An Injury-Free Life

Ask any doctor, and they’ll tell you that prevention is better than cure. Of course, it’s not always possible to prevent injuries, but if you take these steps, you’ll maximize your chances of enjoying an injury-free life.


Reducing the risk of sports injuries

Sports injuries are among the most common types of injury. When you play sport, you often put yourself at risk, but there are protective measures you can try. If you’re doing exercise of any kind, always ensure that you warm up and cool down. If you fly straight into a hardcore session, you’re likely to pull muscles. If you stop suddenly, your blood pressure will drop, and you may feel faint and dizzy. You’re also likely to wake up feeling very achy. If you’re playing contact sports or taking part in anything dangerous, such as martial arts, make sure you use the relevant equipment. Honing your technique can also help to prevent injuries.


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Steering clear of slips and trips

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common type of workplace and public place accident. When you fall, there is a risk of all kinds of injuries. You may emerge with cuts and grazes, or the outcome may be much more severe. Sometimes, it’s impossible to prevent tumbles, but looking where you’re going and wearing suitable footwear can help. These days, we tend to try and text or listen to music while we’re walking, and this can be a distraction. In some instances, other people may be at fault for your injuries. If the floor is wet in a bar, for example, and there’s no warning sign in place, the owner may be culpable. If you’re thinking of making a compensation claim, visit first.


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Driving safety

The majority of car accidents are caused by driver error. If you are driving on the roads, take care to protect yourself and those around you. Always wear your safety belt, and pay attention to the speed limit. Take extra care if you’re driving in adverse weather conditions, such as fog, heavy rain, or snow. If you get stuck in a torrential downpour, or visibility is incredibly poor, pull over in a safe place until conditions improve. Never drink and drive. Even if you feel fine, there’s every chance that the alcohol in your system will affect your ability drive safely. Give drivers in front of you plenty of space, and always check your mirrors and your blind spot before turning, switching lane, or slowing down. It’s also important to avoid driving when you’re tired. If you’re sleepy, your reaction time will increase, and your judgment may be affected. Take a nap, and then drive. For more driving safety tips, is a useful resource.


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Injuries are part and parcel of life. Most of us will end up nursing minor injuries at some point. Sometimes, accidents are inevitable, but you can often decrease your chances of sports injuries, crashes, and slips and trips. Hopefully, these simple steps will protect you from injuries and ensure you’re fighting fit in the year ahead.

Simple Tips For Moms To Ensure Their Kid’s Bedroom Is A Healthy Sleeping Space

As moms, we always try to ensure our kids stay in good health. And while we can’t always protect them when they are out and about, we can make sure they remain healthy while they are at home. And one good place to start would be their bedroom. After all, they spend so much time in this room. Therefore, it needs to be a clean environment to ensure they stay healthy. Here are some simple tips for moms to ensure their kid’s bedroom is a healthy sleeping space.



Paint it in a calming color  

A lot of moms don’t really think about the color of the room when they paint their child’s bedroom. But it could have an effect on their health if you don’t choose wisely. After all, colors like red could cause a significant impact on their mental health. In fact, you might have an angrier child who misbehaves. And lively yellow could stop them from getting enough sleep at night which could jeopardize their health. Therefore, go for a nice calming color such as a blue or a green which will help them sleep at night. And as we said before, feng shui believes bedroom colors should be neutral and natural to ensure your child has a good night’s rest. Therefore, go for these colors for the sake of your little one’s health.


Wash the bedding regularly

It can be hard to keep up-to-date with your washing when you are a busy mom. But if you want to keep your child in good health, you need to ensure all their bedding is washed regularly. That way, any dirt and dust can be removed sooner rather than later. And it can ensure that any bed bugs are killed off before they become a nuisance. If you do suspect there might be bed bugs in your kid’s room, you could always get an inspection carried out. And if you are wondering what can you expect from bed bug inspection, you can easily find out information online. That way, your child’s bedroom can stay a pest-free zone!


Keep it at a good temperature

You would be surprised how much of an effect the temperature in the room can have on your child’s health. If it’s too hot in the night, they could end up with a fever the next morning. And if it’s too cold, your child will shiver and could potentially pick up the flu! Therefore, to ensure your little one stays healthy, you need to make sure you keep the room at a good temperature. It might be that you opt for a fan to keep the room cooler at night. Or if it’s too cold in the room, you should get them a warmer duvet to ensure bugs stay away. You can also get a room thermometer which will allow you to keep an eye on the temperature. That way, you can make adjustments as necessary.

And remember to clean their room from top to bottom regularly. That way, you can ensure it remains a healthy and clean area for your kids.


5 Great Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

We live in an exceedingly competitive world. Sometimes the pressure to be the best, to do everything and please everyone, has a negative impact on self-esteem. In a world where everything is shared on social media, it’s easy to compare yourself with others, want what they have, or think you are not good enough. This makes looking after yourself, and boosting your self-esteem more important than ever. Here are some easy ways to make yourself feel great.

Don’t Compare

Now this one can be much easier said than done. It’s so tempting to look at what other people have got. But, try not to compare your life to theirs. All that will happen is you will feel bad. Instead try to remind yourself that you probably have a lot that other people would love. This might be a happy family, or a full head of hair, there is always something. Love yourself for who you are.


Exercise is a great way to make yourself feel good. It releases serotonin, which gives you a natural happy buzz, and will also give your self confidence a huge boost. If there is something you love doing, such as cycling or running, go for it. If you are new to exercise, try a couch to 5k program, which is a great way to get started. Swimming is a brilliant exercise if you are unfit or suffer from injuries as it gives you a full body work out without putting pressure on your joints. If none of this sounds appealing, or you don’t have time, even a brisk walk can do you good. The fresh air won’t hurt either. If you work from home, or study online, exercise is a great way to get an important change of scenery.


Learning something new, or furthering your education is an incredibly good way to make yourself feel positive. You’ll feel like you are bettering yourself, and working towards an improved future, as well as keeping your mind active and alert. You might want to take a course to learn a new hobby or craft, or do a degree to help you secure a career change, such as criminology. Studying online can be a cheaper alternative, and online criminology degree tuition offers many payment options. Online degree in criminology admissions are always looking for new students and could offer you a really bright future.

Remove Negativity

If there are people in your life that are always negative, that only comment on bad things, that never boost you up, or make you feel good, don’t spend time with them. Instead, listen to the compliments of others. Laugh and have fun with people who make you feel good about yourself and your life.

Treat Yourself

Even small treats can give you a big boost. Often, in our busy lives we forget to take some time out for ourselves. But it is exceptionally important. Whether it’s a shopping trip, or going to a sporting event with friends, it can be anything you enjoy to take your mind of life’s stresses.

Remember it’s never too late to make changes. If there is something in your life getting you down, whether that’s your career, home life, or something about yourself, change it.

Wondering Why You’re Unwell? Maybe It’s Because Of This…



You might try to be the healthiest of people and you’ll still get sick. Sometimes, it’s just inevitable. Even if you have the strongest immune system, you’re super clean and you take good care of yourself, you’re bound to get the winter flu or some form of sickness at some point throughout the year. But that’s not the worry. As long as you can fight it off and remain in good health most of the year, you’re doing well. It’s when you can’t shake it that the problems can start.

If you find yourself getting sick a lot, you might get frustrating, wondering what it is that you’re doing or not doing right. There can be a wide range of reasons for why you get sick in the first place, and then a lot more for why you’re not getting better. If your illness is lingering, you might need to look into some of these ideas and see if any could apply to you.

You Don’t Sleep Enough

One of the biggest culprits for people getting sick repetitively is a lack of sleep. When you sleep, your body rests and repairs. It works on building you up and making you better. So, if you’re not sleeping well, you’re body isn’t going to be at it’s best and you’re more susceptible to getting common viruses. Then, when you’re still not sleeping properly, you’ll find it even harder to shake off your sickness and get back to good health. So, you’re going to want to start sleeping more.

Your Immune System Is Poor

A lot of the time, your immune system is what stops you from getting sick. When your immune system is down, or it’s never been very good, you’ll be more likely to pick up illnesses on a regular basis. You’ll also find them harder to get over. If that sounds like you, you’re going to want to work on boosting your immune system. If your diet isn’t that rich in fruits and vegetables, you’re going to want to get a good multivitamin that you can take daily to improve your poor system.



You Don’t Eat Well

When you do struggle to eat fruits and vegetables, you might find that your diet is quite poor. When you eat a lot of fatty, sugary foods, your body won’t be in its best shape. And when you’re not in good shape, you’re more susceptible to getting ill. You need your body to be at its strongest in order to stop you from getting ill. Meaning it’s time to start eating a balanced diet.

Everything’s Too Much

Sometimes, your diet is right, your health seems on point and yet you still get sick. If that’s the case then you need to look outside of your usual health checkpoints. Instead, you’re going to need to look at your life choices. Are you studying too much, working too hard or under too much pressure? When you’re concentrating on work all of the time, you’re tiring your body out and that will always make you ill.

You’re Not Active Enough

Even though we know it, we don’t always exercise as much as we should. A lot of the time, people go one of two ways – they’re an exercise buff or a couch potato. If you’re in the couch potato group and you’re wondering why you’re ill, you need to get up and step up. Being fit and active is not only crucial to our health, but to keeping us healthy too. So it’s time you got started. You’ll probably find that spin bikes make a good workout and will be a good way to kickstart your health.



Your Lifestyle’s All Off

Then, there’s the problem with your lifestyle choices. Not everything you choose to do, see, or eat will be bad for you, but some of it will be. You might be partial to a bit of junk food, or smoke. Either way, it could be the reason that you’re not feeling your best. If you think there’s a connection, it might be time to kick your bad habit for good.

The House Is The Problem

Although a lot of the time your sickness might be down to health issues, sometimes it could be down to allergies. You could be allergic to a pet or a type of material used in your home furnishings. You could even be allergic to your house itself, especially if you have any mold or mildew. Alternatively, you could be lactose intolerant or have coeliacs disease, and that might be the reason you’re always feeling ill.

There’s Not Enough Time For You

Not all of us are great at prioritising our well being. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in everyday life, to take care of your family, and be a loving, supportive spouse, but your selfless nature could also be the reason that you’re always getting sick. You need to learn to take care of yourself first before you try to care for others. Then, you’ll be able to be a better carer yourself.



You Need A Break

Sometimes, you’re sick because you’re tired and you just need a break. If you’re busy and always on the go, your body is probably screaming out for some rest. When was the last time you took a day off? If you jump from place to place, project to project, job to job and don’t give yourself a breather in between, you’ll probably never stop being sick. It will always follow you.

You Lost Your Mental Clarity

And finally, maybe it’s a mental thing. You might be the picture of health on the outside, but a mess on the inside. But, you don’t have to let that affect you physically or suffer at all. If you’re overworked, stressed or in a bad place emotionally, why not turn to mindfulness? You’d be surprised by its power to not only keep you calm, but transform your life in every single area. When you’re lost mentally and emotionally, you’ll struggle to get well physically.


How to Look After Your Mental Health While Studying Online

Studying to become a certified nurse midwife at the University of Cincinnati can take a toll on both your physical and mental health. For many students, looking after their mental health and well-being is more important than the attention that they pay to their physical health at college, as being mentally well is often essential to getting good grades and graduating with the results that you wanted when you first enrolled. But, with many students now opting to study online, mental health issues in education have spiked, with more students suffering from issues such as stress, anxiety or depression than ever before. Here’s how you can look after your mental health as an online student.

Get Enough Sleep

Many online degree programs will require students to not only undertake academic and theoretical work, but there will also be some practical work involved, for example to become a certified nurse midwife, students will also need to gain first-hand experience on labor wards, fertility clinics and similar in order to go on to pursue their chosen career. Because of this, study, whether done online or on campus, can be very tiring. Make sure that you get enough sleep every night as an online student, as without your sleep, you’ll find it difficult to focus, learn and take things in.

Watch Your Diet

Although you may be focusing on your mental rather than your physical health, eating the right foods is just as important for your mind as it is for your body. When you eat foods that have very little nutritional value, it’s not just your figure and your energy levels that suffer – your brain can also be affected. When it comes to improving your diet for your mental health, simple changes such as ensuing to eat all five recommended portions of fruit and vegetables per day or simply swapping your soda or coffee for water and herbal teas can make a massive difference to not only your mental health, but your overall health and appearance too.

Get Moving

Exercise releases ‘feel good’ hormones and increases the amount of serotonin that you produce in your brain naturally. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that regulates your mood, and a drop in it can lead to depression and many other mental health problems. Even if you don’t quite feel like getting out for a walk, jog, bicycle ride, swim or a workout in the gym, moving as much as you can will not only help to clear your mind and make you mentally stronger, you’ll be able to reap the physical benefits as well, which will also boost your self-esteem.

Be Kind to Yourself

Last but not least, as an online student you have a huge responsibility to be in charge of your own education at this level. First and foremost, the main thing to do in order to prevent mental health issues is be kind to yourself. Looking after yourself and putting yourself first is so important at this pivotal time in your life.

Share your top mental health tips for students with us below!

What You Should Do For Well Being In Every Area of Your Life

There’s nothing quite like having a feeling of well-being, whatever you may be doing and wherever you may be in life. But how do you achieve that? Of course, it’s unrealistic to think that you can walk around feeling happy go-lucky all the time if you’re not naturally that way inclined already. However, you can take the steps to feel better, and eventually, you might be able to only see the positive in the world! Here’s what you can do for well being in every area of your life:


Find Meaning And Purpose

Most people expect their ‘purpose’ to come along and smack them in the face. Until then, they decide to do things that they don’t really enjoy, and just hope that whatever it is comes along. Here’s a secret: you get to give your life meaning and purpose. You get to decide! The universe doesn’t decide for you. There’s no higher power out there just waiting for the right moment to give you purpose. Think of all of your talents, skills, and things you enjoy. It’s likely something to do with them. Simply follow your hunches, have fun and you’ll realise what it is soon enough.


Get Plenty Of Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be functioning optimally throughout the day. You might even find that your hormones are messed up, and you want to eat less/more. Make sure you’re getting all the sleep you need to feel good. That being said, there’s such a thing as too much sleep too. The ideal range is usually between 7-9 hours, and you need less as you get older.



Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is so important for your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. It impacts all of them. Of course you can have treats, but you should make sure that you’re not tipping the balance too much, or you won’t feel too good.


Focus On Stress Management

Knowing how to manage stress is important. Sometimes you might not even realise that you’re stressed. However, if you have unexplained tummy pains, you’re more/less hungry, or you just feel all over the place, you could very well be stressed. Do what you can to eliminate stress and make your life more enjoyable.


Stay Active

Staying active is important. Humans weren’t meant to sit around doing nothing! Walk as much as you can, and try to fit more exercise into your everyday life. Try to fit a couple of workouts that you really enjoy in each week too. It’ll make all the difference to the way you feel, and even the way you look.


Connect Face To Face With People

Call someone right now and arrange a catch up with them. It’s all too easy to spend time alone and convince yourself that you’re too busy to catch up with the people you love. But you shouldn’t take them for granted. Make sure you still make an effort, even if it’s just a 15 minute coffee catch up.


Deal With Your Emotions

Some people don’t like dealing with their emotions and decide to do things to shut them up instead, such as eating, drinking, and taking drugs. Instead, process and deal with your emotions appropriately. There’s a difference between dealing with them and dwelling on them. Sometimes, a good cry can be good for your health and put you in a better mood afterwards. If you struggle to deal with your emotions, it could be time to speak to somebody who knows about this kind of thing. You might want to do a test, like a bipolar test, and chat with a professional about your concerns.


Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Aim to step outside of your comfort zone as often as possible, even if it’s just a little bit each day. Life starts outside of your comfort zone. Nothing good ever happens inside of it. Once you’re comfortable, you stop growing. We should all aim to continue growing, however old we are!


Work On Living In The Moment

Some people worry about the past. Others stress about the future. Don’t be one of those people. You can’t change the past, and the future hasn’t even happened yet. All we have, all any of us have, is this very moment. Be more present in the moment and you’ll live a happier, less stressful life. This can take practice, but sometimes all you need to do is breathe deeply and focus on where you are. Notice your environment, and use all of your senses.


Laugh Often

Do things that make you laugh, and spend time with people that make you laugh. Watch a funny film. Have fun with life. Don’t take yourself or life too seriously. You’ll only regret it later on if you do!

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Practice Gratitude

The most successful people in the world know that practicing gratitude is crucial for a happy, fulfilled life. Think of at least 3 new things you’re grateful for in the morning, and do it before bed too, if you can. These things can be absolutely anything, from your favorite perfume to the fact you have a roof over your head. You have so many things that others don’t. Make sure you appreciate them!


Spend Time With Positive People

Studies show that we become like the people we spend the most time with. Would you be happy with that at the moment? If not, it could be time to reassess what you’re doing with your life. The more time you spend with positive, focused, happy people, the more you’ll feel the same way. If there’s a toxic person in your life, consider cutting them out for your own well-being.


Replace Negative Thoughts

Practice with replacing intrusive, negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It’s important to know that you are not your thoughts. You don’t have to respond to every thought you have. If you have a thought about a scenario you’d hate to happen, simply say to yourself ‘cancel’ and think of something else. Or, you could reach for a thought that gives you relief on the subject. There’s absolutely no point in worrying about these thoughts. Ask yourself, how many of your dreaded predictions have come true? It’s likely that not many have.


Start doing these things and you should feel a much better sense of well being!

How You Can Keep Your Hearing Healthy

Sometimes people take their ability to hear their loved ones, their favourite TV shows and the wonders of nature for granted. The ability to hear is one of the most important senses, but for some reason we don’t properly look after our hearing like we do our eyesight or other aspects of our health. Here we explore ways in which you can promote ear health with yourself and your family.


Turn The Music Down


Anything over 85 decibels is dangerous, if you’re listening to music through headphones or earbuds and someone else can hear the music, then it is too loud. Listening to music often, and at loud volume, can permanently damage your hearing. It can evel lead to hearing loss and damage nerve endings in your brain. Don’t turn it up too high, you don’t need to. Try mixing it between using headphones and listening to music out loud. Try to moderate how much you listen to and always be weary of how high the volume is.




Know When You Need Help


When your hearing deteriorates it can be frustrating and even upsetting. But there are people who can help, hearing aid technology is quite advanced now and can be the difference between hearing and not hearing at all. You can also undergo various operations that can assist your hearing for the better. Many people suffer from tinnitus, but this can be alleviated by visiting healthcare professionals, you can read about Ear Science Institute and see for yourself the many forms of hearing help you can get for you or your loved ones.


Keep Them Dry


If you’re in and out of the pool a lot or live next to the ocean then you need to keep your ears dry after getting out. If you don’t it can lead to nasty infections and damage to your internal ear. Take time to gently dry them and let the water run out, it will if you give it time to do so.


Get Rid Of Wax Build Up


Everybody gets wax in their ears, but sometimes it can cluster together and build up deep in your ear where it can impact upon your ability to hear and even your general hearing health. If this occurs you can self medicate by using sodium bicarbonate ear drops which will soften and even break up wax deposits in your ear. Olive oil often works too, but if it starts to hurt or the medication isn’t working you should try visiting your doctors who can potentially syringe it, emptying your ear of all the build up wax can be a strange yet satisfying experience.


Watch Your Flying


If you suffer pain during takeoff or landing it can be perfectly normal. The pressure outside and inside the aircraft are different and it takes your body sometime to properly acclimatise to the change. If you keep suffering it’s likely your eardrum has been burst or perforated. It will heal in a few days but can be more susceptible to further infections. You should limit your flying if this occurs regularly. If it is part of your work life then speak to your employer to see if you can reach a compromise, after all, your health should always come first.


The Modern Pain In The Eye: What High-Tech Does To You

I spy with my little eye something beginning with S. Don’t look any further, it’s a screen, and you are looking right at it. Screens are great, especially as they are part of your everyday social exchange and work, whether it’s on a smartphone, a tablet or your work laptop and computer. Unfortunately screens have also a dangerous impact on your health, and chances are, you may not even have noticed it.


What Does A Screen Do To You

You have all heard that sitting too close to a screen can hurt your eyes. It is a little more complicated that this. Sitting in front of a screen all day is a cause of eye fatigue because you are naturally forced to blink less. Consequently, your eyes get dry and therefore they will start to become a nuisance by causing blurred vision, giving a burning impression, or transforming you into an albino rabbit with bright red eyes all day long. While the damages are not permanent, it goes without saying that if you can’t rest your eyes, every day will be the same to you. Additionally, you could be suffering in the long term from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which lead to discomfort in your eyes, and headaches.

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How Do You Know If You Are Affected

The continuity of discomfort can become unnoticed and fall into a daily routine. For some, it’s the daily aspirin against headaches, for example. You need to be very attentive to the signs that your body are giving away. Computer screens are tightly connected to dry eye syndrome, which cause vision fatigue and means that your brain will need more time to adjust to your surroundings. While it sounds silly, a tenth of a second difference to analyze what your eyes see is what can destroy your life when you are in a car. Additionally, inhabitants from the southern parts of the States are likely to see the hot climate adding to their dry eye fatigue. Cases of blurred visions are more frequent there. On the other side, shortsightedness can easily be confused with eye fatigue, especially in dry climates. Consequently, if you live in Arizona, California, Texas, or New Mexico and are experiencing troubles when working a screen, you should get your eyes thoroughly checked, at the local eye center mesa for example, to be on the safe side.


How Can You Support Your Eyes

Whether you need glasses or not, working with screens is damaging to your health. Health and safety regulations advise on regular breaks, every 20 minutes, from the screen, which is something that sounds almost impossible in an office job. Don’t worry; you can still set your day-to-day routine around your eyes health. For a start, make sure that no sunlight hits the screen as you work and cause screen reflection, as the effort that your eyes make to adjust will cause fatigue and headaches. An anti-glare filter for your screen should sort you out. This is also a cost that lies with your employer as it is part of H&S regulations. When it comes to take regular breaks, sometimes making a cup of tea is all it takes to look away from the screen. Even in a busy workplace, this is something that you should always have time for. Make sure to look away from the screen for a few minutes at least twice in every hour.
Have a regular break from the screen