7 Healthy Reasons You Should Be Using Cold Brew Coffee


Many people are under the misconception that cold brewed coffee is just coffee poured over ice. That is not at all true What that is, is diluted coffee that was brewed hot and cooled with frozen water. Cold brewed coffee is exactly what it sounds like. It is actually coffee that is brewed slowly and specifically without heat.

The taste of cold brewed coffee is different and there are many wonderful reasons you should drink it. We are going to explain the process and give you some reasons to give it a try in this post.

How cold brewed coffee is made

Cold brewed coffee is made with cooler water. It is set out for 2-24 hours at room temperature. The brewing time affects the taste of the coffee. So different times will be used to prepare different recipes.

When the coffee is brewed, it is very strong. At that point, it is diluted with water. You will need 50% cold brewed coffee and 50% water to have the balance most professional coffee shops use.

Place your cold water in a picture. Since you are going to use whole beans, use more than one coffee filter.  Fill the filter with your coffee beans and gently place it in the water Allow it so saturate and flow to the bottom of the picture. Cover the picture and leave it on the counter so it can brew at room temperature for no less than 12 hours and up to 24 hours. Highly recommended to check out this great resource on cold brew coffee – learn how to make it and master it right here – Home Grounds.

Use fresh coffee. Please note; the coffee you buy at a supermarket is not fresh coffee. It has been picked, prepared, canned or bagged, shipped and stored until the spot on the shelf is low. Go to a coffee shop. Ask him how old his coffee is. Buy smaller portions and return for fresh coffee often.

Try different brands and find your favorited. You will be amazed at the difference. Get to know the owner. Ask him to call you when he gets something special in. Good coffee will begin your love affair with the better brands.

Specialty brands

New Orleans has a special brew of cold brew coffee that includes the addition of chicory,  Starbucks has a cold brew coffee that they steep for 20 hours. They add citrus flavor and chocolate, and instead of mixing it with 50% water, they serve it over ice. Most iced coffees at espresso served over iced. This is their way of making it special.

It is important to note that cold brewed coffee has much less acid than hot brewed coffee and it has a more natural sweet flavor. That is why adding things like chicory give it the right amount of spice.

Reasons Cold-Brewed Coffee is Healthy

  • This is far better for your teeth and stomach
  • While cold-brewed coffee may have fewer antioxidants than hot brewed, it stays good in your refrigerator for up to two weeks. This allows you to get a continual flow of antioxidants throughout your day.
  • We usually drink coffee for the caffeine boost it gives us. Cold-brewed coffee gives you the caffeine without the stomach issues it can cause. But, it is important to note that cold-brewed coffee is diluted before it is served with water or milk. So, a 16oz. Cup of cold-brewed coffee will give you about 200 mg of caffeine. A 16oz of hot-brew will give you from 260 mg to over 300 mg of caffeine. The type of coffee beans used and other preparations and additions will change this number. So you will get a reasonable amount of caffeine with cold-brew without the nervous jitters for over caffeinated drinks.
  •  Cold-brew coffee will help you lose weight.
  • Drinking a cup of cold-brew coffee after your workout contains the right amount of caffeine to help you continue to burn calories after the exercise. Pros call this the after-burn and cold-brew is great to burn those extra calories.
  • It makes you smarter! Studies have shown that the caffeine kick to the brain sharpens your cognitive functions and improves your motor functions.
  • The NCBI research shows cold-brewed coffee slows aging.
  • The same research shows cold-brewed coffee helps keep insulin levels even and can essentially lengthen your life.

Get started today. It is not hard to make cold-brewed coffee. It is a treat you want to try as soon as possible.

How to Make Your Tummy Look Smaller – Fast!

If you’re a fan of mystery stories, you’ve probably noticed that there is one mystery never written about- the mystery of your vanishing waistline! Countless Big Macs and plates of yummy pasta are possibly to blame for that atrocious crime to your belly.

Unforgivable as it may seem, there are some tricks to help quickly fix your tummy problem, and make you fit nicely in a Knix thong- just in time for that date at the end of the day!

Skip the sugar

Sugary treats are notorious at causing you to bloat. So instead of indulging in a donut, try having some pineapple. Bromelain, which is an enzyme in pineapples, helps in digestion as it breaks down protein in the stomach.

Forego the fizz

Tempting as it is to grab a soda to quench your thirst, do realize that fizzy drinks trap air in your body and cause bloating. Drinking water is a much healthier alternative.

Stick to shapewear

Conceal that big belly by wearing shapewear in your size. The miracle material in shapewear helps compress and tuck in those unsightly bulges. Look for a high performance level as indicated on the item tag. You can also check for the nylon content on the label. The higher the better.

Go low on salt

Try to steer clear of processed food, as these have high sodium content. Too much salt makes you bloat. Check food labels to make sure that you don’t take in more than 6 grams of sodium per day.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Seeing results from hours at the gym and disciplined dieting will take a while, so if you find yourself frantically figuring out ways to fake a flat tummy in a day, take consolation in the fact that the tricks listed above can help you tremendously.

How Hunting Can Improve Your Life


Some of us who’ve been hunting a long time will know that hunting brings us many benefits but, for people new to the sport, it is often difficult to see what the positives are to this kind of activity. After all, hunting is a special kind of pastime that involves an investment of a great deal of time and money to get started and continue doing. But these efforts do not come without advantages, so they are definitely worth the outlay.

Improved Physical Health

Hunting involves spending a lot of time outdoors and is a very active hobby. You won’t need to waste your time or money working out at a gym, as you’ll be spending enough time outdoors keeping very fit and healthy. The amount of time you spend trailing and hunting down animals will exert the same amount of energy as any cardio workout at the gym, and is certainly more interesting than being stuck on a treadmill!

Not all this, your muscles will also get a good workout too. Hunting gear weighs a fair amount – as any beginner hunter will tell you – and you’re required to carry it around for hours at a time whilst out hunting. After hunting for a while, you will build muscle and so keeping it up is as good as any workout, with increased heart rate and improved blood circulation.

Improved Mental Skills

As well as being good for your physical wellbeing, going out hunting also brings dividends to improve your brain power. You’ll be out there in nature doing something quite instinctive to humans, as the skills come from our ancestors that are often lost in modern living. Hunting is a great way to reconnect with some cognitive skills that you may have forgotten, including discipline, patience, and spatial mapping.

After hunting a while, you may notice that you are more alert, focused, and have a sharper mind all round. Your wits will be kept about you as you quickly regain your primeval survival skills that lies deep in all our psyches. When hunting, you’ll be out there in the wild dealing with all sorts of threats, which has a positive benefit on our neural pathways.

Improved Social Skills

One thing that non-hunters tend to forget is that hunting is a great bonding experience between family members and friends. Too often in modern life, families spend time together, but don’t really connect with one another, perhaps distracted by the draws of modern living, such as staring at television screens, or being addicted to mobile phones and the internet.

When you’re out there hunting, it is just you and your hunting party amongst nature. You are required to rely on each other, and this really helps to build social skills that are often forgotten in everyday life. The bonding doesn’t stop when the hunting trip is over either since you can spend time together preparing a meal from your hunting gains.

Get Your Gear Ready

You’ll also feel a sense of unity with your hunting team – be they friends or family – as you will all be equipped with the correct clothing and equipment that helps hunters blend in with nature. If you’re not sure where to start looking for your gear, there is a large selection of Seeland outdoor clothing available at Great British Outfitters that is suitable for many hunting occasions.

We definitely think there are plenty of benefits to hunting. So, next time someone asks you, “what’s the point in hunting?”, you can go ahead and tell them about all of the above.

Role of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Physical Therapy

Role of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Physical Therapy

Ultrasound is surely one of the most used procedures in the medical sphere. Therapeutic ultrasound used in physical therapies is very different in application and functions than the ultrasound used in medical diagnosis.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a revolution in itself due to the vast no. of benefits that can be availed for physical therapy. It can positively affect and reduce pain from the body tissues such as muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. The ultrasound machine produces ultrasound waves that are not possible for humans to hear but generates various effects on specific body tissues. Well, the role and benefits that therapeutic ultrasound plays in physical therapies are listed below.

Reduces Pain in Targeted Area

As the sound waves of therapeutic ultrasound pass through the targeted body area, it reduces the pain and initiates healing. The various other effects of ultrasound all sum up in reducing the advent of injury and providing pain control. One of the major USP of therapeutic ultrasound is also that by reducing pain around the target tissue, ultrasound helps lay the foundation for the other physical therapies to follow. Various ultrasound teaching institutions and schools like Ultrasound Technician Schools Oregon make this point a major part of teaching to provide comprehensive therapeutic ultrasound knowledge.

Provides Heating

Providing deep heating to injured tissues is one of the most widely known and used benefit of therapeutic ultrasound. The ultrasound waves vibrate when propagating and it builds up to the tissues as well. The heating effect is duly caused by this as the temperature shoots up. It is effectively used in physical therapy for major ailments like osteoarthritis and back pain. The energy provided by heating causes the cellular process to speed up as well leading to improvement. The variety of frequencies, ultrasound is available in making it perfect for any specific muscle or ligament injury.

Controlling The Formation of Scar Tissue

This is also one of the essential needs of physical therapy that therapeutic ultrasound provides. As stated before; due to the vibrations produced by ultrasound waves, the cellular process speeds up which in effect prevents scar tissue fibres from forming up. Scar tissues not only hinder the healing process but also keep the range of motion restricted.

Regular sessions of therapeutic ultrasound and the vibrations produced by it can help break down these tissue fibres. Some major scar tissue procedures make use of this to either prevent formation, and increase healing plus a range of motion or to break down already formed scars. This has a lot of potential in physical therapy due to ever advancing complexities of injuries.

Increasing Motion

The heat generated by the ultrasound waves can help decrease the stress on the tissues. It can clear away the strain to increase the range of motion and flexibility. Heat therapy for increasing range is an integral part of physical therapy, and therapeutic ultrasound provides for it efficiently.

All of these mentioned factors along with the psychological effect help speed up healing in a tissue injury. The capabilities are immense with therapeutic ultrasound ensuring its prominence in the medical world.


5 Tips To Relieve Yourself From Arthritis Pain

5 Tips To Relieve Yourself From Arthritis Pain


The pain from conditions like Arthritis is unbearable. You cannot bear the discomforting stiffness in the joints due to which you often have a restricted movement as well. This issue keeps worsening as you get older leading to more severe tearing of the tissues and tendons in the joints. While treatment for arthritis is there, it is mostly linked to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. These can cause side effects too. Thus, your best bet is to relieve the pain and prevent this condition from happening naturally. In this post, you will find a few natural methods to alleviate your arthritis pain.

  • Lose your weight

A person’s weight can have a substantial effect on the body, especially the joints in the legs. The science behind this is that the excessive weight leads to more pressure on the knee, feet and hip joints, leading to stiffer tendons and muscles. To remove the pressure upon them, you have to lose weight. You can also learn about Humira Substitute to deal with arthritis.

  • Learn to exercise more

You can find many advantages of exercising instead of other weight loss therapies. Normal mobility in your body keeps up the adaptability in the limb joints. Remember that exercises that bear pressure on the muscles, such as running, jogging, and strolling can lead to unwanted injuries. Instead, attempt low-affect activities, like swimming or water aerobics where you can flex your joints without including further pressure.

  • Go for acupuncture

This famous and traditional Chinese medical therapy incorporates the use of needles to restore the energy in the body by regulating the flow of blood through veins. Using this technique can help the flow of blood reach your painful joints efficiently. Thus, you can feel a reduction in pain and irritation. You may need to consult a licensed acupuncture specialist for this if he/she is present in your region.

  • Improve your diet

Remember that your eating habits also affect your body’s condition during arthritis. An excellent nutrient needed for helping with joint pains is omega-3 fatty acids that will ensure that your joints stay moistened and flexible. You can choose many foods that contain these acids that aid in becoming healthy. However, remember to consult a doctor before adding these to your diet. You can also consume turmeric, which is a yellow Indian spice that comprises the chemical curcumin. It is great for reduction of arthritis problems due to its anti-inflammatory attributes.

  • Go for a massage

Massaging the limbs with painful joins will regulate the blood flow through them, leading to improvement in their mobility. You can consult an expert physical therapist for this to get the right massage for relieving yourself from the pain.

The problem of arthritis has affected more than half the population of the world. Its primary cause is improper diet and lack of physical activities. Thus, you can prevent this disorder from affecting you or someone you know by improving your lifestyle. Remember that choose prevention over curing it later to save your body from such medical conditions.

The Reality of Hair Care

They say that our hair is the part of our body that is most exposed to all types of dirt. It has the highest risk of catching oil, dust, smoke, and other unwanted types of dirt from polluted air. You may wash your hair thoroughly, but there is a huge chance that not all dirt is removed from our hair and scalp. It sounds really disgusting, but it’s the truth. Our hair and scalp get exposed to all kinds of pollution, sunlight, and heat- making it more prone to being dirty.

Being dirty doesn’t sound like such a big deal- and maybe it isn’t- but having dirty hair may mean that it is more susceptible to bacteria that can ultimately cause infections and hair fall problems. Hair loss is the result of unhealthy scalp and weak hair follicles. With the Philippines’ weather and environmental pollution, it’s not impossible for our whole head to catch bacteria and dirt. You may think “I’ll just wash my hair”, but again, it doesn’t stop there. Washing, of course, helps prevent the spread of bacteria, but it’s still better to use products that will surely get rid of any dirt residue.

A lot of cosmetic shops and stores offer products that you can use for your hair, but not all of these will work on all types of scalps. Trying out a product or two won’t hurt, but consulting professionals is better, plus, they can give you the right products for your type of scalp. So, don’t think twice and visit Svenson, the best hair care center, to start your hair care journey!

The Everyday Health Benefits Of Dance



In generations past, sports, and activities were determined to be male or female games based on the physical strength the activities required. Society began evolving at a record pace. Around the time that women were taking their place around the conference table in the boardroom, and men were becoming actively involved in their daughter’s growth and development; Athletes of both sexes stood up to be counted.

These days dance is a widely practiced activity by both men and women and it can help you have a more active lifestyle. But before you start practicing it, make sure you have the right equipment. There are online dance stores for all of your clothing needs. They have the right gear for male or female dancers.


General benefits

We will go through these quickly. You have read them in hundreds of articles. They were true then, and they are true now. However, we will not force you to review the obvious in depth. This will lower the risk of your office ceiling crashing down from the pressure of a group yawn. One of the main benefits you can get by dancing are:

  • You get more exercise
  • You better control your weight
  • You force more blood and oxygen into your heart, lungs, brains, etc.

Other benefits (that count)

  • Muscle control and strength

Kids go through “the weird years.” That is when their bodies begin growing at different rates. They will leave for school dressed perfectly and arrive in clothes that look like they mugged a kindergartener.

This will not go unnoticed by their peers. Until they establish their position in their new school year, there are two ways to handle it. They can adapt an “I meant to do this” attitude. We have all seen them. The girl that looks like she was trying for the cheerleader look with her uniform, or the basketball star who never finds a jacket that touched his hands. They write their history notes there so they can give you the look. The other option is they can run like heck. Either way requires good muscle tone.


  • Bye-Bye Awkwardness


  1. Teaching a kid the art of dance, teaches them body control. They can suddenly walk without kicking the leg of your chair. They can talk without clearing the table with the sweep of their hand. Learning to dance is learning grace, teamwork it is rising to a higher level.

Photo credit https://unsplash.com/photos/64W8uI63HrQ


  • Get in shape for an event

Dancing is great for keeping you in shape and contributing to a healthier lifestyle as well.

If you’re thinking about wearing a tight dress for a dance party, gala or some other event, dancing will help you tone up and look great. In case you’re preparing for your best friend’s wedding and want to look great in a bridesmaid dress, that’s no problem. All it takes is to be consistent, attend your dancing classes regularly and the results will be there in no time.



Whether you want to add an activity that will teach your child to be a healthier person, or if you are looking for a tool to help you achieve a particular look, you will definitely find what you need through dance classes.


Healthy Living: The Benefits of Sage

Sage is a nifty little plant that does more than just produce attractive, fragrant blooms. This perennial herb has long been revered for its medicinal properties. In fact, the health benefits of this beneficial plant is well documented and has been used for thousands of years to boost fertility, treat snakebites, and ward off evil. In recent years, various studies and research has shown just how beneficial sage herbals can be on our health.

Inflammation Treatment
Sage leaves can be used to create a tea or tincture to help treat inflammatory problems, such as gout and arthritis. It can even help promote a healthy heart and good blood pressure.

Treats Skin Issues
Sage has antioxidant properties, which makes it a natural anti-aging treatment that helps diminish the look of fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. Antioxidants also help to protect skin from free radicals. The antibacterial properties found in sage can also help prevent and cure skin infections and acne, as well as reduce the symptoms associated with psoriasis and eczema.

Benefits to Hair
Sage is filled with components that can keep your hair looking its best. For example, sage essential oil can help treat baldness and hair loss, while rinsing your hair in sage tea will leave it shiny and soft. You can also use sage to make a homemade lotion to help improve the texture and manage your hair.

Soothes Sore Throat
Gargling a tea made from dried sage leaves can help soothe sore throats naturally. Simply boil 1 tablespoon of dried sage leaves in ½ cup of water for 15 minutes. Strain the leaves and let cool for several minutes before gargling. You can repeat this treatment up to two times a day.

The above are just a few of the medical benefits sage has and are no way a definite list. In fact, sage has hundreds of uses that help treat various issues and promote a healthier lifestyle. With that said, you should always consult your doctor before starting any natural treatment. While sage is relatively safe, it’s always best to get the okay from your primary care physician.

Make 2018 Your Year Of Dynamic Wellness With These Health Tips

Most people dream of attaining extraordinary levels of health yet never do anything about it. However, there are a few people who finally decide that they’re not willing to deal with mediocrity in this area of their life. If this is the case for you, know that you can make 2018 the year that you step into a dimension of dynamic wellness. Implement the following health tips to get the wellness optimization process underway immediately:

1. Begin Exercising.

People shy away from exercise for many reasons. One is fear of being laughed at while in the gym. Another is a perceived lack of time. A third reason people fail to work out is that they know doing so will make them more physically attractive. Many individuals shy away from looking good because they don’t want the attention that comes with it. Irrespective of your reason for avoiding exercise, 2018 is the year that you put the sedentary lifestyle in the past. Doing so is important, and for many reasons. Some of them include the fact that regular physical activity promotes higher levels of self-esteem and an enhanced metabolism.

There are many ways that you can get off the couch and into the world of exercise. One is by purchasing fitness equipment and regularly using it in your home. If you’re a couch potato, it may help to purchase equipment that you can place in front of the television so you can watch all your favorite shows while you work out. If you’re trying to invest in equipment that will help you maintain proper squat form so you can really tone up your quadriceps and gluteus maximus, you can visit the SmartSquat website.

2. Examine Your Eating Habits.

Once you’ve made exercise an integral, normative element of your lifestyle, it’s time to begin examining your eating habits. This technique is important because it will empower your body to attain the nutritional support it needs to perform all of the activities necessary for things like mood stability, regularity, hormonal regulation, etc. If you think changing your eating habits will be too hard, note that you can take baby steps. An example would be replacing vending machine snacks with green smoothies.


Eating well and exercising are two immensely powerful strategies to implement if you’re serious about attaining the highest levels of mental and physical vitality possible. Follow the advice outlined for you above to increase your likelihood of making 2018 your year of dynamic wellness!

E-cigarettes or Vaping to Help You Quit Tobacco Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the health. We hear it from non-smoking parents, teachers, friends, television, health talks, etc. and yet some still continue to smoke. Most smokers start smoking in their adolescent years because they want to look cool like their peers.

As a teenager, it is tough not being accepted as part of the group. If you don’t do what the group does, you will be laughed at, snubbed, and ridiculed by those who consider you an outsider. In order to be accepted, many smoke even though they know that smoking is bad for them. Many smoke behind their parents’ back for fear of being found out.

Many of these teenagers think that they can handle and control the amount of cigarettes they smoke, but before they know it, they become addicted and couldn’t do without  smoking. Many will tell you that they want to stop but they couldn’t. They will either get sick or can’t work without the regular puff. There are only a few cases where smokers successfully kick their smoking addiction. Eventually, they go back to cigarette smoking.

Good thing, there are companies promoting e-cigarettes and vaporizers. These are devices that turn liquid concoctions into inhalable vapour, to help smokers ditch their smoking habit. In some countries though, these products are banned. Many argue that this is just another threat to public health. A lot claim that they wouldn’t say that e-cigarettes or vaporing are safe, but acknowledge that they are significantly less harmful that tobacco cigarettes. Even though these products are not without health risks, they can serve as an aid for quitting tobacco cigarettes.

Many addicted to tobacco cigarettes have opted to use Grey Haze products to help them quit smoking. Grey Haze is UK’s number one online vape store, carrying an unrivalled selection of e-cigarette kits, e-liquids, and vaping accessories. All their products are sourced directly from the manufacturer.

Hopfully, innovations like this will help chain smokers quit cigarette smoking.