The Jobs We Hate To Do at Home and Some Tips On How To Get the Best Results

Taking care of your home can be no easy task, whether you are at work all day or stay home with your kids. Whatever your situation, household chores are not easy to keep on top of. So I thought I would share some of the worst household chores we have to deal with and a few tips on how to get the best results.


The carpets

It’s all well and good using a vacuum on your carpet, but when do you get a chance to clean them? Hardly ever, I can imagine. It’s just not the easiest task to do is it? You can get special carpet cleaning machines or even try and scrub them yourself, but both can be time consuming. So sometimes it’s easier to call in a service which offers carpet cleaning to do the hard work for you. It will get done in half the time it would take you to do it, and possibly give you better results.


Blinds and curtains

Cleaning your blinds and curtains can also be a task that takes time. They can gather dust in your home and leave marks on them that need cleaning. Curtains are much easier to sort by taking them down and popping them in a washing machine. However, blinds can be a lot harder. There is a DIY solution that you can make to clean your blinds well. All you need is water, white vinegar and two old socks. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar. PLace your hand in the sock and put into the solution. Then use your hand to wipe the blinds. Then use the dry sock to wipe away any excess. The results are amazing.


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Oven cleaning

I think this may be one of the worst jobs to do in the kitchen. It’s all that grease that can be difficult to scrub off. So a great solution is to use baking soda and vinegar. Use a sponge and rub the solution into the grease. Leave for a few minutes and then wipe away. The grease comes away easily. It is handy to have a bucket of water close by to keep your sponge clean.


The windows on the inside and out

Cleaning windows on the inside and out can be a task that takes you ages. It’s not the easiest as some of the windows are not easily accessible. So if you have a window cleaner that has a round including your street next time you see them ask to be added to the round. It doesn’t cost too much, and it is money well spent to keep them clean and save yourself a hard job.



The garden

Finally, the garden can be a real chore, unless you enjoy it. While getting a gardener can be a great solution, this can be quite costly. A great tip is to invest a little time in making your garden an easy maintenance or maintenance-free garden. That way, when you do need to give it the attention, it’s well within your skill level and time.

I hope this helps you get to grips with some of the most hated household chores.




Tips For Purchasing Electrofusion Fittings Supplies

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When working with pipes, there eventually will come a time when we need to make repairs or routing modifications. For a majority of homeowners, they need easy access to user-friendly tools and supplies when undergoing their piping projects. Fortunately, with the progress of technology comes available the necessary tools and equipment to make complex modifications and repairs a walk in the park. Depending on what type of pipe material you use (i.e. PVC or PE), the various fittings available for purchase will either limit your chances for conducting self repairs, or even greatly improve it. For example, if we use a pipe grade material that can crack or break within harsh impact, conducting repairs might require the entire unit at length to be replaced. On the other hand, if we are to use a plastic or rubberlike pipe material or fitting, only part of the damaged section can be dealt with quite quickly within a matter of minutes. This ability is complements of the pipe welding technology known as “electrofusion”.



In a nutshell, electrofusion allows you to weld pipes together without much struggle. If you are aiming to improve a current piping system or repair one, using an electrofusion fitting system will help you a lot. If you happen to use PE based pipes, then all the better. Electrofusion works simply by heating two ends of an elastic pipe material together. The process is done with only limited tools. If you want to know what they look like, check out some videos online or pay a visit to your electrofusion fittings suppliers to experience this piece of marvel first hand.


You basically trim two ends of the pipes to be fitted so that they fit in the electrofusion welder. Once connected and the ends cleaned, they are fitted in the opposite ends and the coils inside the electrofusion welder heat up the pipes inside the unit (normally with an automatic digital setting). After a while, the pipe materials will melt, and hence a natural weld is created evenly and joins the two ends of the pipe if not perfectly. It is then left to cool for a moment and the weld is then completed. Welding two ends of an elastic pipe together by using electrofusion requires patience and some practice. It is recommended that if it is the first time using electrofusion fittings, practice is required to get it done right.


Tips when buying electrofusion fittings


When selecting an electrofusion fittings supplier, there are a number of things to look out for. If it is the first time you are buying these fittings, some of the considerations are:


  • Do you have the supported pipe types (PE, PEX, HDPE, etc.)?
  • Is the product durable and able to sustain impact?
  • Is it made of low quality materials?
  • Does it have a clear user manual for first timers?
  • Is there a heat/temperature adjuster?
  • Does the product/shop provide a warranty?
  • Can you get discounts on large order purchases?
  • Are there various models available for purchase?
  • Does it have an automatic failsafe system (heat control, etc.)?
  • Can they be reused?
  • How often will you use them?
  • How many do you need?
  • Do you really need one (if only for small-scale repairs)?




Electrofusion is a true marvel when it comes to conducting pipe repairs. Their ease of use and general user-friendly functionality really help pipe workers generate repairs and modifications quickly. Pair them with flexible pipe materials such as PE based pipes and you should be able to work without any difficulties. Make sure your pipe supplier store has the parts that you need in stock and look out for some great deals available nearby. Lastly, it is also recommended that before you make a serious purchase that you buy a low grade electrofusion kit for practice purposes since they take a bit of practice to get the hang of.

Start Weatherproofing Your Home Today With This Helpful Checklist

No matter what time of the year it is, weatherproofing your home should always be a top priority. Many homeowners take their homes for granted. Which can often mean many maintenance checks are overlooked or forgotten about. Whether you experience, wind and rain or blazing sunshine, your home will take the full force of these elements. If unmaintained your home will eventually deteriorate, which will decrease it’s comfort levels no end. You could begin to have leaks, damp and draughts in your home which could have easily been avoided. If these issues continue to develop, you may even be forced out of your beautiful home. You may think that weatherproofing your home is a time consuming and challenging task to undertake. But the following checklist will show you just how quickly and easily it can be done.

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Check all doors and windows
It’s likely that you use the doors and windows in your home on a daily basis. Whether it’s entering or leaving a room or letting in fresh air and light. But overtime these essential areas can become vulnerable due to age and damage. Which in turn can raise the chances of them letting the elements like rain, wind and snow into your home. Go through the exterior and interior of your home and thoroughly check for damage. This is particularly important on the doors and windows that are facing outwards. If you do find any holes, gaps or ageing, you need to either replace the item or repair it. Your could call in an expert to do this or do it yourself, as it’s considered a basic home maintenance task. For specialist doors like storm doors and garage door, it would be wise to get a professional to do any replacements and repairs you may need. You can go online and discover details from Or search for storm windows and doors specialists in your area. Doing this task will reduce the risk of draughts and leaks while also keeping your home insulated and fully protected.



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Clean your gutters and drains


This is a task nobody enjoys doing, but it’s one of the best ways to weatherproof your home. Leaves, twigs and other debris can easily get caught in the gutters and drains on your roof. Which can create a dam-like effect on any rainwater you may get. If left long enough, this blockage can cause rusting, flooding and can even make your gutters so heavy that they become unattached. All of these can cause damage to your property and be hazardous to you and your family. So grab yourself a ladder and some suitable tools to remove the debris. Always make sure someone is spotting you and keeping the ladder secure. If you have drains and gutters on your roof, always hire a professional as you may not have the skills and experience for this specialised task. Research experienced exterior cleaning experts on sites like for more information.

Shower Knobs

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Repair pipework


Water damage can easily be caused by a damaged or bust pipe. Causing a flood in your home and damage to your belongings. If the water is allowed to flow for a long period like when you are on vacation, it can even compromise the structures of your floors and walls. Leaving you with expensive repairs to deal with. So it’s vital that you check that the pipework in your home, paying close attention to your bathroom, basement and kitchen. If you do find and cracks or leaking, find repair service at or via your local hardware store. Contact them immediately to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. It would also be advantageous for you to insulate your exterior pipes too. If the temperature drops, these pipes can freeze and crack, which again can cause leaking. So fit these pipes with insulation wrapping to protect them all year round.



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Trim back tree branches


Trees are beautiful essentials that we need to survive. But they can be hazardous to our homes too.  If you have any tree branches that are hanging over your property or nearby electrical wires, they need to be trimmed back. Storms can cause unsteady trees to topple over. Freezing temperatures also produce ice which can add additional weight onto the branches. Both instances could be incredibly dangerous not only to your home but to your family too. So it’s crucial that you trim them back to reduce the risk of this happening. It’s always wise to get a professional to do this kind of work to avoid an unnecessary accidents. You can find tree cutting services on or by searching on Google. Not only will this give you peace of mind but it will also improve the look of the trees too.



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Add window treatments


Window treatments are valuable home accessories that you need to have in your home. The most common of these being blinds, drapes and curtains. Not only do they add style to your property, but they can also save you money on your energy bills. They can keep you cool in the summer but blocking the sun’s heat. Whereas in the winter they keep more heat inside and help to get rid of draughts. Go round every room in your home and ensure your current window treatments are not ripped, old or have holes in. These may seem like minor problems but they could become worse and cost you more overtime. Repair these holes yourself by sewing them shut or by adding tape and fabric. Or buy some new blinds and curtains from or This will ensure that no matter what the weather is like, you’ll feel comfortable in any room.

Now you know what you have to do, there’s no reason why your house can’t be protected from the unpredictable weather. If you make the necessary home improvements and changes to your home it could also increase in value and be more appealing to potential buyers. So it’s a job well worth doing.




Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Whoever designed our bathroom at home must be a huge fan of contortionism. It is so small, you cannot comfortably move around the area. Taking a bath is a struggle and pampering yourself is impossible. With barely one square meter of space, the bathroom almost reminds me of a torture chamber.

If your bathroom-like mine-poses you with the challenge of making it look and feel bigger, then here are some tips to help you along:

Install a corner sink. This way, the sink is not an obstruction to traffic when coming out of the shower or walking around the toilet bowl.

Believe in the magic of mirrors.  Extend a mirror across the entire length of one wall. This obviously gives the illusion of space. Mirrors also transform a dull bathroom into a stylish and sophisticated room.

Get huge patterns to fool the eye. Use tiles or tile stickers with big patterns such as thick stripes to make the bathroom appear more spacious than it actually is. You can decorate the floor with boldly printed mats. Selection won’t be a problem as there are a lot of bath mat sets available at Harris Scarfe, an online store for household needs.

Maximize available space. Install overhead shelving to store your bathroom doodads and whatnot. A towel rack behind the door also saves you space, and makes towels accessible after taking a bath.

Paint your walls white. It has been proven that white walls make your bathroom appear bigger. White reflects light, so if you use it as main theme of your bathroom, it can help make it look airy and less constraining. In addition, white gives an ambiance of sophistication and class.

Light up the room. Let the light flood the whole bathroom to make it appear bigger. If you can create a window where natural light flows, then better. Avoid using opaque curtains in your bathroom. Sheer curtain and frosted windows might be expensive, but this is a good investment to make your bathroom look wider.

A home is not a home if it lacks a bathroom worth retreating to. Given the right tools and knowledge, a cramped bathroom can still serve its purpose of being a sanctuary for the weary and bowel-irritated soul.

Get Help With Your Art Collection

If you’re one who has a stunning art collection, you have every right to feel proud.  You might need some expert help though when it comes to organizing and displaying your fine art.

Boston art consultants are available to perform a complimentary on-site consultation and give you a virtual preview of your chosen exquisite artwork and how it will integrate with the other elements in your environment’s decor.

They are well experienced and would be pleased to come to your home or office to consult in detail regarding scale, palette, framing, lighting, placement and more. They will measure, photograph and document your designated spaces and then assist you in choosing works that reflect your personal desirable art pieces that you want to enhance your interior.

If you are searching for the perfect work of art to fit into a particular location, a virtual preview creates that for you by utilizing digital photographs of your designated space. Preferred works of art from the gallery or website will be superimposed to scale. The picture that results will look exactly as if the artworks are actually hanging on your wall!

Lanoue Gallery in the dynamic Arts District of Boston’s South End is an excellent example of a full service gallery that features Boston artists as well as established and emerging ones from around the globe. They showcase rotating exhibitions in their 4,000 square foot art gallery,

The techniques and materials featured in their artwork include:

Layered and sewn pigment prints
Mixed media on panels
Mixed media on canvas
Mixed media and oil on canvas
Photo, oil, text and resin on panels
Mixed media on hand-sculpted acrylic
Acrylic on canvas
Acrylic and mixed media on panels
Pen and ink with watercolor
Textiles and unspun wool
Archival pigment print
Pen and ink with watercolor
Porcelain on wood panel
Acrylic paint and gel medium on linen
Glass, bronze and mixed media

The Lanoue Gallery would be happy to facilitate your art collecting experience and give you the unique ability to see for yourself what your art purchases will look like in your own surroundings. Whether you discover a few favorites at the gallery or from the extensive art collection online at, consultation services allow you to actually view how those possible pieces will appear right in your own home or office.

Personalized Living Room Art

If walls could speak, then the ones in my living room would be shrieking in despair! Heaven knows my living room needs a major makeover. Everything just looks so drab and lifeless- and to think that that’s where I go to recharge after a long day’s work!

What I think it needs is a touch of art. But instead of spending a fortune on paintings by renowned artists, I figured it would be better for my daughter and I to make our own artwork.

I consider myself lucky as one of my friends holds weekly art workshops for kids. She teaches them various art methods- including painting on canvas. I’m guessing she’ll take my daughter in as a student in exchange for me showing her where she can get loads of wholesale canvas online! Anyway, even before my daughter starts going to art class, I already have a few ideas in mind.

Outdoor scenery always works. If I paint desert dunes or a green meadow, for instance, that’s going to bring a sense of calm to the room. Nature never fails to relax us.

Anything with water is also soothing. A painting of fish swimming or a rolling brook will evoke tranquility.

Caricatures of people will bring an element of humor to any space.  I know my daughter wants to paint pictures of her friends looking silly.

Art is usually a reflection of one’s personality. With my daughter and I creating our own pieces for our living room, we’ll be making our living space truly our own. Now that’s bespoke art at its finest!


Garden-Fresh Ideas: How to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Going on maternity leave has given me lots of time to plan for the future- and watch endless reruns of Friends! Now that I have two kids, I realize that this growing family needs a bigger home. So begins my search for a house to suit our needs.

What I’d like is for us to have a home with a garden, but the ones I’ve seen so far leave much to be desired. I did a bit of research and found some tips on improving your garden from a landscaping blog.

11 Ways to Transform Your Garden

From Visually.



Plants. I’m stating the obvious here, but yes, an assortment of plants and flowers will prettify any outdoor space. Those of the same kind can be arranged in a neat row to serve as boundaries to separate sections of grass in your backyard. They can go along the sides of walkways or pavements to accentuate certain areas.

Water. We all know how this element has a calming effect on our unnerved and overworked bodies. I’m thinking of having a mini fountain of sorts installed on one side of the garden. It’s either that or a Koi pond. The kids are sure to love feeding the fish!

Lights. Proper lighting can set the mood at night. Lights along a pathway, for instance, evoke a feeling of warmth as you welcome visitors.

Deck. This is essential in any outdoor space, as this is where most activities take place. I’ll need this space as a reading nook on quiet days, and the kids can use it as a play area as well.

Once we finally get our outdoor living space set up, I’m pretty sure that my kids and I will spend many a relaxing and playful day hanging out there. Better gardens make for better homes, which then make for happy kids, and even happier 90’s sitcom-watching moms.

Home Safety Hazards and How To Avoid Them

Home Safety Hazards And How To Avoid Them


Your home is a shelter, a refuge, a cozy place for you and your family. The most essential and key component to creating a warm and cozy home is most certainly – safety. For raising the level of safety in your home, you will have to take precautions against certain safety hazards that lay hidden around your house or apartment. So, get your tools ready and fix these common home safety hazards.

Bathroom Accidents

A bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but with lots of hazards. Actually, most accidents happen here, making it the most dangerous place in the house. There are risks of slipping and falling while showering, bathing and getting out of the shower or tub. To decrease the risks of getting hurt here, place a bath rug or mat on the floor, and install supports like grab bars. Also, if you keep medications and prescription narcotics in the bathroom, add a medicine cabinet to keep them locked, keeping them out of others reach. Install safety latches or locks on cupboards with toiletries or medications.


A cause of accidental house fire may be anything from a lit candle to an unattended iron or power cord. But, there are also lots of ways to prevent fire hazards, like installing a fire alarm. If you decide to do this, make sure you install them on all house levels and make sure that the batteries are not empty. Never leave candles and other small open-fire heat sources near the drapes, or other types of cloths. Make sure that all electric appliances work properly and the power cords are not twisted or pinched by pieces of furniture. Fix your wall plates, and avoid using cube taps and other outlet-stretching devices so to avoid overloading the electrical outlets. Unplug small appliances that you are not using that often. Keep an emergency fire fighting unit on every level, in case of fire hazard.

Sharp Objects

There are many sharp objects inside your home that can accidentally harm someone. Minimize the risks by properly storing all the knives and other sharp objects that are kept in the kitchen. Also, store the objects outside your house – lawn mowers, saws, weed whackers and rakes – because they all present a potential cutting threat. When you use these tools, make sure you are free from any distractions and handle them carefully. After use, clean the tools and lock them in your garage or yard shed, so small children cannot stumble across them and get hurt.

Chemicals & Paints

Chemicals such as household cleaners should be kept in a locked cupboard or a pantry, out of kids’ reach. Place other chemicals, like turpentine or pesticides, in there too. If you have re-painted your interior, keep the paint also out of reach of children. Pour the paint out of the container that it came in into another, more neutral. Paint canisters have colorful designs, so small children may easily mistake it for a drink.

Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer”. It cannot be detected by sight, sound or smell, and that is what makes it so dangerous and threatening. Install a carbon monoxide detector which will keep you safe by alerting you of high carbon monoxide levels in your home.


Choking accidents are mostly related to children. Small, hard foods like nuts, and small toys may block breathing ways. To reduce choking hazards, see if there are small toys scattered somewhere around the floor. Check your child’s toys for any loose parts, and for other small items under rugs, carpets and furniture. Small hard foods, like nuts and hard candy, should be kept out of reach of children.

Accidents happen, and keeping a high level of safety is a non-stop job. However, taking these precautions is important because you do not spend all your time and home, on duty. You and your family would be safer with a monitored security system which offers remote access. In that way, you can check your house anytime, from anywhere.


What Should You Look For In A Home Decorator?

As many homeowners know, keeping one’s residential property in absolutely incredible shape takes time and effort. For this reason, many homeowners have grown interested in seeking professional services from a home decorator. If you’re just beginning the process of finding the ideal home decorator, make sure you look for the following attributes in the individual:

1. Good Advice.

One attribute you should look for in a home decorator is the ability to give good advice. In addition to beautifying your home, the home decorator should be able to provide you with the information and guidance necessary for you to keep the house in good condition when they are not available. A great home decorator will be able to refer you to other industry professionals or resources that will help you accomplish this objective. For example, if you find yourself in need of seat cushions, a good home decorator will lead you to cutting edge stores like The Foam Factory.

2. Great Online Reviews.

In addition to seeking an interior decorator that offers good advice, you should look for one that has attained great online reviews. In our contemporary world, people from all over can go online and write out detailed reports that give you a basic idea of their experience with a particular service provider. You should take advantage of this consumer trend by carefully reading the online reviews left about the home decorator you’re interested in. An industry professional who has attained a plethora of positive reviews will likely provide you with the customized, savvy services you’re looking for.

3. A Cutting Edge Mentality.

The world of interior design is constantly changing, and the best industry professionals maintain a very organic, cutting edge mentality as a result of this reality. Being able to constantly change in response to emerging trends and technological updates is what empowers an interior designer to keep your home looking and feeling both contemporary and comfortable. For this reason, make sure you seek out a service provider who maintains a cutting edge mentality.

Summing It All Up

If you’re interested in getting your home in amazing condition, remember that finding the ideal home decorator will help you do so. When you start your search process, know that the search should stop once you’ve found an industry professional who gives good advice, has great online reviews, and maintains a cutting edge mentality!

More Than Just a Yogurt Cup

Yogurt cups don’t have to be used only for ice cream or frozen yogurt. There are several uses for the cups, such as storage or craft projects.

If you have frozen yogurt cups with lids, they can be used for food storage as well as keeping small items that tend to get lost in the home. You can put snacks in the cups for children to take to school or while you are in the car. They can be used to store the last few food items that are in a bag or box so that the food stays fresh and so that the container doesn’t take up as much room. After a meal, you can store some leftovers in the cup if it’s a larger size. The cups can be used to hold soup for a delightful and quick meal instead of using bowls.

Another way that the cups can be used is to sort hardware. When you look in a tool box, you might see bolts and screws that are laying in trays or that are rolling around without being in a container. Cups are convenient in that you can put each kind of bolt or screw in a cup, securing the cup with a lid. The cups can be placed on a shelf in a garage or in an area where you use tools. You can easily label the cups with a marker. They are also ideal for keeping nails and small items that are removed so that you don’t lose them if you are going to put the furniture or item back together.

If you want to plant flowers or vegetables in a garden, you can use the cups to start seeds. All you have to do is put dirt in the cups, plant the seeds and let them sprout before planting them. Yogurt cups can also be used for ice cream toppings if you are having a party for friends or family. Companies like Gelato Products have cups of all sizes as well as the other items that are needed for a successful ice cream event.