Tips on Cleaning Your Area Rug

There are two things I badly wish for: having Princess Jasmine’s sexy abs, and going on that magic carpet ride with prince what’s-his-name.  Since it may take more than rubbing a magic lamp to grant me my wishes, the closest I can get to making them real is by getting me a nice area rug for my living room.

Choosing an area rug is one thing, area rug cleaning is another.  Here are a few tips on keeping your area rug as clean as a hound’s tooth:

Vacuum your rug at least every two weeks.   Do this every two weeks.  If it’s small enough, you can take it outside and shake off the dirt every so often.

Brush off pet hair.  Sometimes, vacuuming may leave out nasty pet hairs.  Using a stiff brush, brush in the direction of the nap of the rug.

Spot clean your area rug.  Remember to blot and not rub stained areas.  Using a clean towel, press down hard from the outside, and work your way towards the middle of the stain.

Amazingly, brake cleaner works on food stains.  Use it sparingly to spot clean those unexpected food spills on the carpet.

How you take care of your area rug will greatly determine its life span.  Treat it as you would a precious gem, and it’s sure to last you a long time.

For Your Little Modernista

If your little girl or boy happens to love everything modern when it comes to design, you may have a modernista on your hands. A little modernista embraces the current interior design trends, has a good eye for colors, and knows what he or she wants. Your kids may love to do their homework on a reclining chaise lounge because it’s super stylish and bright with its red color. Or, they may be in love with an egg chair due to its shape, amazing durability, and comfort level. Homework is now completed more often thanks to these stylish pieces and more, which is about to be covered.

Modern furniture classics are hard to turn down, especially if it means adding to a chic space or a child’s bedroom. Think of the fun and creative theme you could create in a room that has a mushroom chair, for example. Matter of fact, an Alice and Wonderland theme comes to mind and it will be fun to decorate a room that will help their imagination thrive. You can even bring in a decorator to create an Alice and Wonderland-type room filled with nature-esque pieces and artificial trees that are attached to the bed. They’ll love this modern take on Alice and you won’t be able to separate them from their fun room or sitting on their mushroom stool.

If your kids are a fan of bright colors, think of bold colors and décor pieces that will fill up their space. Miniature chairs with a modern and chic design will look fabulous in their room. If you have more than one chair with different colors for the interior, it will be fun for your little girl to set up a modern tea party with a sleek-looking table and colorful chairs. Continue to revamp the space and add to the colorful room with lighting that’s bright and a fun bedspread that has pops of color from pretty flowers or another favorite pattern.

If your child likes minimal décor pieces in his or her bedroom but still wants to make their room stand out, opt for simple colors like black and white. You may need to invest in a few solid pieces to get the look right, which may be expensive. However, the good news is that they will most likely not outgrow this look since it is so modern, which means over the years that you’ll only need to swap out minimal décor pieces. A simple, sleek black chair and a classy painting that looks like something Picasso would paint will develop the look your little modernista loves.

So follow your modernista’s cues and reinvent your interior. The interior will look chic and modern, which is different for a child’s interior, but perfect for your little modernista.


Sierra is a freelance writer who loves modern décor pieces, especially if it means creating a stylish and minimal space.




Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Easy Tips for Busy Moms

We’ve all heard a little bit about Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of arranging objects to bring harmony to your home. Principles of Feng Shui provide some easy guidelines for adding peace, symmetry, and balanced design to the spaces you love most.


Feng Shui teaches you to take a look at your whole house and view it as a cohesive system. Many times we get so busy that we will keep spaces like the living room and kitchen well-designed and tidy but neglect spaces like the bedroom and bathroom, because fewer people will see these rooms. Your personal space, however, is just as important as spaces your guests will see, and it is vital to integrate peace and balance into these spaces to give you a retreat after a long day of chasing kids, running errands, and/or working that job.

The first step in integrating Feng Shui is to attack those neglected spaces. And, because you deserve it, start with the bedroom. Here’s your permission to put yourself first for once. Imagine for a minute your room transformed into a space with rich, calming wall colors; a comfortable, welcoming bed; soothing art including indoor water falls; and balanced furniture. Sound nice? Do it!

Paint is ridiculously inexpensive and such an easy way to refresh a space. According to Feng Shui, bedroom colors should be neutral and natural. It is best to stick to skin tones, ranging from pale to deep browns. If you’re a lover of color, have no fear. Use small accent pieces like pillows, knickknacks and throw blankets to add splashes of personality. It’s not difficult to create the perfect bed.

For your bed, invest in a good, supportive mattress and sheets with a high thread count, as well as supportive pillows. Beds should have easy access from both sides and have matching end tables on either side to bring balance. If you can, take five minutes each morning to make the bed (access from both sides will help speed up this process). Be strategic about the wall art you choose. It should be soothing and beautiful (i.e. NOT your partner’s Batman poster, even if it is nicely framed). Indoor water walls are a stunning addition to bring beauty and balance to your space.

Feng Shui doesn’t have to be difficult and creates immediate peace-giving results. Go ahead, start with your bedroom, and you’ll love it so much the whole house will transform.


Paige One loves writing about inspirational ideas on how to enhance your space. Find indoor water walls and other beautiful elements to create the perfect interior.




Beauty Beyond Bath

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  Even in the midst of emotional turmoil or whatnot, seeing something beautiful helps ease the pain.  Sometimes, this beauty is found in the most unexpected places- like the bathroom.

There are so many things which can make a bathroom a thing of utter beauty.  If I had the resources, I’d like to have either a glass or fireclay sink installed.  I think a gorgeous sink sets the tone and brings life to an otherwise dreary bathroom.

Another addition to my heavenly bathroom would be a dual flush toilet.   It’s that flushing mechanism which uses two buttons to flush different levels of water.  Depending on the “necessity”, you don’t always need an ocean to flush out stuff.  With that, I’ll be able to save water.  Hey, a thing of beauty should also be practical, right?

Although my bathroom is far from dreamy, it is quite oddly a place where I seek refuge.  It’s my slice of nirvana where I can shut out the harsh world, even for a few minutes.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to splurge a little on something that would prove to be relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. Someday, when I win the lottery or something, I’ll get around to giving my bathroom a makeover.

Pretty Autumn Decoration Ideas to be in Awe of

If you’re like me you love fall time and everything it entails. But beyond the fall coloring in the mountains and the apple hot cider that’s so nice to sip on while you’re sitting at near the fire on modular sofas, are wonderful fall time décor pieces to make your home sparkle. Then your house will take on all of the magic that the décor manages to bring to a brilliant interior.


Create a Unique Display – Ask the boys in your house if they have an old pitchfork or rake heads lying around in the garage or storage shed. If they don’t, head to a garage sale or antique store and stock up on these fun supplies and set up a creative display outside before the tricker treaters arrive late October. Using antique apple pickers as wall sconces is another fantastic idea and with all of these elements combined it will turn into a unique fall display that’s fabulous.

Paint Your Pumpkins – Pumpkins can be used for various fall time projects, but painting them will add something special to these fun fall time accessories. First clean and dry your pumpkins. Then sand the surfaces and apply some paint sealer so that they won’t flake. After applying paint sealer it’s time to have fun on your pumpkins by applying acrylic paint and finishing it off with a top-coat sealer.

Fall Window Swag – If you want to develop a swag design in some of the windows in your home, gather mini pumpkins and fresh fall leaves. Next knot them together with twine and you’ll have a beautiful fall arrangement that’s perfect for all the holidays to come.

Pretty Plants – Do you love plants? Then incorporate them into a pretty front porch display. Purchase colorful flowers such as mums, which will introduce the perfect amount of fall coloring to your warm fall display. Now all you need are a few pumpkins that are painted or left natural to complete your fall time porch display.

So as you are sipping on your hot cocoa or enjoying your hot cider on a comfy sofa this fall time, think of creative fall displays to develop. Then you can easily make these displays become a reality so that you can marvel at the beauty that they will bring to you and your family!


Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She also loves to blog and you can read about her love for the fall time on her blog Ocean Dreams.

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

There are often times when you will be able to call on the services of one company in the San Francisco area to help you with any number of different projects. For example, a carpet cleaning San Francisco company may also be able to help you with cleaning up any water damage that may have occurred. In some cases, the machines that they use for water damage San Jose or San Francisco wide may also be used to pull the water out of the house if it is still a problem. Of course, you are still going to be able to use the carpet cleaning San Jose company for the purpose that is most obvious, getting your carpets cleaned.

There are other services that may be to your benefit when you have any problems within the home and cleaning needs to be done. We already discussed the necessity for cleaning up water damage or perhaps cleaning the carpets, but an overall general cleaning may also be in order. Some cleaning companies are going to take care of such a general cleaning, although they will typically charge more than they would if they were to come to your home on a weekly basis (Source: Baker’s ChemDry carpet cleaning San Francisco). That is because of the additional time that may be necessary to take care of the cleaning process. There may also be specific needs, such as cleaning up after you have a fire. There are companies that can take care of that process for you, not only making it look as if it is new but using special filters to make it smell new again.

Want to Brighten Up Your home? Try a Rug!

Many homeowners are constantly searching for different ways to spruce up their property without spending a fortune.

While accessories like canvases and wall art can offer quick-fix alternatives to redecorating, there may seem like little or nothing that can be done to make your floor look fantastic rather than a complete overhaul.

Think again! That’s because modern rugs offer a versatile fashion decoration that can add a splash of colour and class to pretty much every room in the house.

From bright and cheerful children’s rugs to rugs with a more traditional feel, these simple yet sophisticated pieces of floor art can help to make a house feel like a home.

Rugs can make rooms feel more welcoming and relaxing as well as provide comfort under foot that a carpet simply can’t offer.

Easy on the eyes, easy on the feet and easy on the wallet, a rug is a quick and easy way to add a new look to a room. It breathes new life into a room that may have become a little stagnant over time – and many of us are guilty of putting off the DIY for too long. If this sounds like you then save yourself an arduous job and instead head online to sites like to see if there’s a rug that catches your eye.


Shopping online for a rug has made the whole process more convenient. Gone are the days when you need to drag yourself around shop after shop looking for the right type. Nowadays, you can quickly scroll through the different types, different colours and different sizes until you find one that you think is suitable.

Then, with a few clicks, the order is done.  With the option of home delivery, you don’t even have to leave your own house.

Why Every Conservatory Should Have Conservatory Blinds

A conservatory is a brilliant way to add space and value to a property without having to spend a fortune on an extension.

Conservatories are readily available, are quick and easy to install, provide an area for people of all ages to relax in, and represent a good investment.

As such, you’d expect people to safeguard that investment by fitting conservatory blinds that have numerous benefits. This is not, however, always the case.

Here are just a few reasons conservatory blinds from  can make a big difference to any conservatory, no matter what shape or size.

The style factor

Just as regular blinds and curtains add style in every other room in the house, so do conservatory blinds. They can also help keep the heat in during the winter months and keep the sun out throughout spring and summer, which adds comfort to a conservatory. Another way to keep the sun at bay is to buy sun canopies from Nationwide ltd. To some people, conservatories are either stone cold or boiling hot depending on the time of year, so blinds are ideal for creating a more pleasurable conservatory environment.

The security factor

Conservatories, by their very nature, allow easy visibility both into and out of it, which could become a problem when the house is empty. If you store valuables in your conservatory or in the room leading into the conservatory then it’s easy for somebody standing outside to see them. Not if you’ve fitted conservatory blinds, though.

The privacy factor

Another benefit when it comes to having conservatory blinds is that they can offer the people sitting in a conservatory some needed privacy from prying eyes, whether from neighbours or passers-by. There are bound to be times when you’ll be glad to be able to pull down the blinds to block the outside world out.

High Tech Kitchens Of The Future

What’s in store for the kitchen of tomorrow? There’s no knowing for certain what the appliances will look like in 30 years, what functions will come as standard or how they will work, but as a guide, it might be worth looking at a modern-day Washing Machine found at appliances direct, as they seem pretty futuristic. You can buy self-serviceable appliances such as washing machines which can fix themselves, wash delicate materials and do a full cycle in half an hour.  But what else can you expect to get from smart appliances today?

One of the outstanding features that just about every smart appliance has is energy efficiency. The majority of smart appliances on the market today have a high energy efficiency rating and with good reason. Washing machines, fridge freezers and dishwashers that come with those ratings use less water while doing a similar or improved job compared to that of earlier appliances. Perhaps more importantly, smart appliances use less electricity by not wasting as much as older appliances did.

Aside from intelligent energy use, smart appliances come equipped with a number of innovative features and functions which set them apart from their more basic equivalents. For example, if you look at a modern-day smart fridge freezer, you should expect to find a drinks dispenser, ice dispenser and salad crisper, as well as specific compartments for fruit and meat where you can control the temperature so that they’re at the appropriate level.  However, some smart fridge freezers do even more, and future hi-tech appliances will do even more.

One such example of a future appliance that does more that you would expect from a humble kitchen appliance is a new smart fridge freezer from Korean electronics firm Samsung. They are set to bring out a new model which comes equipped with a touch screen that, aside from controlling the temperature of both the refrigerator and freezer compartments, lets you access recipes, write notes and even look for weather updates. Meanwhile, other future appliances will help users find out if they’re running low on certain items of food or drink like milk, eggs or cold meats, which is incredibly useful.

If you think the kitchen technology of today is amazing, who knows what could happen? You could find that, in as little as five years from now, you could buy appliances that run on wireless electricity, fridges with full internet connectivity and a screen big enough for you to watch TV on. The possibilities are pretty much endless, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the features and ease of use that come with smart appliances today.

On Water Heaters: Repair and Care

After a long day in the office, nothing appeals more to me than the thought of spending an hour or two at a spa.   But my lack of finances dictate otherwise, so what I do instead is take a hot shower when I get home from work.  That’s why the water heater has become an indispensable household fixture for me.  But as with any home appliance, even the water heater goes through wear and tear over time.  So, what are the telltale signs that a water heater needs to be repaired?

You know you’ll have to call a Spring plumber when you find that your heater does not make the water hot enough, or if you notice that your water is discolored.

You’ll definitely need the expertise of one of those plumbers in Spring, TX  if you start to detect any gas leaking from your heater.  This can be highly dangerous for your family.  Another sure sign of damage is when you see some form of condensation outside the tank, because this means that the self-containment feature of the tank has been compromised.

In order to keep your water heater running smoothly, you must give it regular flushing.  This gets rid of sediment-build up which can impede the flow of hot water.  You do this flushing by first turning off the gas or electric power of the heater.  Then, let the water cool.  Once the water cools, close the valve for incoming water.  Then attach a hose to the drain valve, and allow the water to run into a large bucket or just let it drain.

Just because you see the first sign of trouble with your water heater, doesn’t mean you have to replace it right away.  Most of these problems can be solved by taking the proper precautionary measures.