The Refrigerator – A Must-Clean Kitchen Essential

The refrigerator is a very important piece of equipment in the kitchen. As food is essential for our daily sustenance, this is where we store them to keep them fresh.  Usually though, we are not that careful when we put things back in it, like we are when we take food out of it. We are in a mad rush and we just haphazardly throw leftover food inside, leaving them uncovered and putting them in the wrong place. This exposes food to the risk of potential spoilage.

Leaving old food in the refrigerator is a very bad habit. We need to find the time to keep updating the contents of the fridge, tossing out anything that can no longer be eaten. Otherwise very unpleasant smells may come from inside the next time you open your fridge. Not to mention the bacteria that can be growing inside can make the rest of the food very toxic.

When the old food in your fridge are starting to go real bad, you’ll have to do some very essential cleaning at Brent. Here, you will need a few things to help you out. Some insulated bags or a refrigerating box will be very good for storing the food in while you are cleaning the fridge. Rags, water, baking soda, a bucket and a trashcan will also be good to have.

Start by emptying the fridge and organizing the food in the bags or inside a spare fridge if you have one, because you don’t want to spoil the food while you are cleaning. Once they’ve all been taken out, you can separate the stuff which are still good for consumption from the stuff that have already expired.  You can throw them directly in the trash can. So when you start putting things back in the refrigerator you will only have fresh food left.

Next you can dismantle all removable parts, like shelves and drawers. This will leave you with enough empty space that will let you clean easy and fast Guildford.

Wash the shelves and the drawers in the tub or the sink. They should be washed only with the usual dishwashing detergent and hot water. Be sure to dry them thoroughly after that, so they look clean with no water marks.

For the interior of the fridge you have to prepare a mixture of a quarter of a cup of baking soda and four cups of water. Baking soda is known to make miracles with cleaning, and it is something that can easily be found in every home. In case you want to add a nice fragrance to the fridge, put some soap in the mixture, but be sure to rinse well afterwards, to get rid of any residue.  Use a cloth dipped in the mixture to clean all inside parts.

Around the doors, you can often find traces of mildew. You can get rid of them by using the same mixture you used for the other parts of the fridge, only that you have to scrub harder this time.

Once you are sure you have completely dried every part of the refrigerator, you can start putting the shelves and drawers back in place and sort the food inside.

A Plan for Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps the most visited place in the home, not only by the family, but by guests. It should be regularly cleaned, to invite with sparkling cleanliness and pleasant aromas.

The first step that people should take when they prepare to clean the bathroom is to empty the waste basket and get the Crystal palace cleaning equipment and materials ready for the cleaning, which is best done by drawing up a list and ticking each item off. Because nowadays people clean with disposable cloths, one of the most important tools is a plastic sack where the used cloths will be tossed.

Bleach is a staple for cleaning, and its powerful germ killing effect is especially appropriate for bathroom cleaning. The toilet bowl should be flushed, and then bleach can be poured, brushed around the bowl and especially under the rim. Then the bleach should be left to do its germ killing job.

Another group of bathroom elements that need cleaning comprises the taps, the mirrors, and the sink. In addition to the array of cleaning agents available, there are also simple tried and tested home prepared mixtures: a popular one contains equal parts of water white vinegar). Spraying the mixture on the faucets, the mirrors, etc. and then wiping with a dry cloth does miracles in way of removing soap drips and toothpaste spatters, as well as other stains, and restoring the shine.

The water taps are places especially favoured by limescale. To restore their cleanliness and shine, applying some mild bathroom cleaner is sufficient. Care should be taken when taps have a brass or gold finish. Removing limescale can be achieved promptly, by rubbing the taps with the inside of half a lemon, and then the taps should be rinsed. It is worth studying the manufacturer’s advice on cleaning the specific taps.

The next step is the wiping of the toilet tank, as well as the seat. Some wipes sprayed with the water and vinegar mixture are powerful cleaners. After the bleach left to clean inside the bowl is flushed, the toilet section is ready.

Replacing the towels is a necessary stage of bathroom cleaning. The clean small hand towels as well as the large towels left on the bar would also benefit from spraying with linen spray, or with some light body spray.

The final area to be subjected to cleaning is the bathroom floor. The rugs and bath mats should be shaken well and rinsed to make them clean. The floor should we wiped with a dampened cloth, and special attention should be paid to the corners, because they are the areas where most of the dust and loose hairs tend to gather.

Cleaning the bathroom in the above mentioned order ensures the efficient reaching of the final goal – a sparkling clean bathroom with each area properly cleaned and attended to. By sticking to the plan for cleaning, people can also spare time, which is especially important for those with cluttered daily routines and when guests are expected. One of the worst nightmares for people hosting guests is the messy bathroom, so don’t wait until the final moment to get your bathroom cleaned.

Bio: Melinda Evans is a professional freelance writer and dedicated housewife. She loves writing about any daily activities part of most women’ lives, such as home organizing and keeping clean house NW10, cooking and creating something out of nothing. Her story of following her passions in home making and writing about it will inspire you.

Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips

When a kid left a pair of drum sticks lying on the floor in the library I work at, I had a stark realization:  I wanted to become a part time drummer!  But before I can start making that dream a reality, I have to tackle one very important task at hand.  Although it’s hardly any fun compared to waving to screaming fans at a rock concert, I have to go and clean my kitchen counter at home.

The kitchen is probably the most used and abused part of the house.  This is where we put groceries and other food items away.  On the kitchen counter, we spill meat juices and whatnot.  Sooner or later, grime goes camping in the nooks and crannies of our kitchen.  This is where topnotch cleaning products come in.

Even the best quality Electrolux home products parts need a thorough scrubbing every now and then.  For your precious kitchen appliances, only cleaning products meant for these will do the job.  They’re tough on germs and bacteria yet gentle on your appliances.  Choose cleaning products which effectively break down dirt and grime without compromising the stainless steel surface of your kitchenware.  Remember to use microfiber cloths as well.

I know that with enough practice, I’m going to be a pretty good drummer.  Before I hit the drums though, I must start dealing with the kitchen…

Great Ways To Enhance Your Backyard With Outdoor Furniture

Many people invest a lot of time and money arranging and redesigning their interiors. This is because people want a relaxing space they can spend time in. Your backyard is an extension of your home. It deserves as much care as any other part of your house. Take time to renovate your outdoor space and you will be able to create your own little paradise. You can enhance your backyard by using beautiful outdoor furniture. This space can be just the spot for you and your family to spend cool afternoons in. Learn about how you can improve your outdoor space.

Consider having a deck built
If you have a lot of space in your backyard, you can dissect the area by getting a deck built. An area like this is perfect for those who like having guests. You can host summer parties and get a grill going. Your deck can have a small patio set or a chaise lounge. This will make your backyard more inviting and comfortable. Once you make a couple of adjustments, you will be able to spend more time outdoors and get that fresh air you need.

Add some color
Earth tones and very neutral colors are great for contemporary indoor spaces. However, when it comes to your backyard, bright and bold colors do the trick. This is because earth tones will blend with the surroundings and lack personality. You should also avoid black or dark furniture that might absorb heat. In the sunlight, these types of furniture will become very hot and uncomfortable to sit in. If colors that are too bright aren’t your cup of tea, try pastel colors or furniture with beautiful prints. Don’t be afraid to try new things when it comes to colors.

Lounge around the pool
If you have a pool or a hot tub in your backyard, you should consider purchasing lounge chairs. These are great for those who love spending time under the sun. You can sit back, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a gorgeous beach somewhere in a tropical paradise. Pool lounge chairs come in a variety of materials. Hard plastic furniture might be affordable, but these are very uncomfortable. When looking for the perfect lounge chairs, shop around first in order for you to find the set that is perfect for your outdoor space.

Play around with lighting
You can add some warmth in your backyard just by adding nice lighting. You can set up some nice still yellow Christmas lights to your trees. The holiday season is not the only time you can hang up some nice lights. This adds a nice cozy feel to any backyard. It’s also a great way to create a safer environment in your outdoor space during the night. Get some Chinese lanterns and line them up around your patio furniture. Candles and subtle torches give a softer and more romantic look. You’ll find that dinging Al Fresco will be more inviting with the right lighting.

Comfort is key
When you are looking to enhance your outdoor living space, consider your comfort. Add a nice shade to the area where your furniture will be placed. If the sun is shining too brightly or there is a bit of rain, a nice canvas shade goes a long way. You should also remember to choose patio furniture that will last. Wicker furniture or high quality wood pieces are perfect for outdoor spaces. You can also install a fire pit if you want to enjoy cold winter nights toasting marshmallows with your family. This can add a whole new level of comfort to your outdoor living space.

No matter how big or small your backyard is, it is possible to create an outdoor living space your family will love. All you have to do is think about the activities you would like to do in your backyard. By making a couple of adjustments to your yard, you can create a comfortable and beautiful space where your whole family can spend time together. Remember that your outdoor space should be maintained just like any other room in the house. Keep it clean to avoid bugs and debris. Get some fresh air in the comfort of your own home just by investing in your backyard.

Tips on Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Women these days have it far much better than their Neanderthal counterparts.  We get to enjoy primping ourselves in front of the mirror inside the comfort of our bathrooms.   Here, we put on makeup, comb our crowning glory and basically do everything which helps us set the tone for how we’ll look for the rest of the day.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Our prettifying experience can be made much more pleasurable by something as unassuming as bathroom lighting.

Using the right kind of lighting for our bathroom vanity helps us see things the way we should.  For instance, if we put just a single light over the mirror, this often results in shadows on the face and not enough light on the neck and lower part of your face.  To fix this, simply add a light fixture on each side of the mirror.  You can get a few pieces of Candice Olson lighting to do the job.

Be sure that there is no light directed to the mirror.  Take away any objects which may distract.  When you look into your mirror, you shouldn’t be able to see any other bright reflections.

Proper lighting does so much to the bathroom.  Choose wisely, and you’ll soon see things in a better light.


How to Care For Your Outdoor Furniture

Spending too much time indoors does cramp your style, and sometimes you just feel the aching urge to stay outdoors and get a little sun on your cheeks.  As the fresh air beckons you to sip a margarita as you read your favorite magazine out on the patio, don’t forget to pay special attention to your outdoor wood furniture.  Here are some tips on how to care for them:

Sunlight can damage your precious outdoor wood furniture, so be sure to keep them away from where the sunlight may directly hit them.  You can put the furniture under the shade of a tree, or beneath a large patio umbrella.

If you live in a wet or humid area, use waterproof covers to keep your furniture dry.  When water gets into the wood, the wood grains break down and cracks begin to show.  But if you live in a particularly dry place, you must apply a product on your wooden furniture which will help it retain moisture.   Natural oil like teak oil will condition your wooden furniture on the inside and let it live in dry weather for a longer time.

Try and wash your outdoor furniture with a wood cleaner twice or thrice a year.  Dirt, dust and pollen can take their toll on your tables and chairs.  When dirt and grime get stuck in the finish, the wood can break down

Occasionally tighten the screws on your furniture pieces.  Frequent use tends to loosen hardware.

Remember to do a regular upkeep of your wood patio furniture.  When things get desperate, you can always call the experts at furniture restoration to do the job.  When these folks refinish or restore outdoor furniture, they mean business.  Your precious wood patio furniture deserves no less.

How To Set the Mood Using Tea Lights

A tea light is pretty much like Genghis Khan- small, yet strong.  Genghis Khan stood at only 5’1”, yet was powerful enough to lead the Mongol empire.  Similarly, a tea light is diminutive, seemingly unassuming, yet when lit, brings a whole new dimension to mood lighting.  If you’ve just recently gotten another set of tea lights as a present but have absolutely no clue as to how to use them, read on for a few helpful tips on the different ways to use tea lights.

Bath– To set the mood for a romantic bath, try scattering tea lights around the bathroom to give off a warm glow.  You can also set tea lights along the edge of a bath tub.  Just be sure to set the candles at least a foot away from the water.

Outdoors– If you’re feeling in the mood for an outdoor dinner, bring out tea lights placed in multi-colored glass candle holders, and set them on the table.

Yoga and meditation– Tea lights arranged in a circle will help set the mood for tranquility.  Sit in the center of the circle as you meditate.

When using tea lights, you can put a lot of them together for an intense lighting effect, or opt to use only a few for mood lighting. Lighting up your life knows no boundaries…

Tips on Cleaning Your Area Rug

There are two things I badly wish for: having Princess Jasmine’s sexy abs, and going on that magic carpet ride with prince what’s-his-name.  Since it may take more than rubbing a magic lamp to grant me my wishes, the closest I can get to making them real is by getting me a nice area rug for my living room.

Choosing an area rug is one thing, area rug cleaning is another.  Here are a few tips on keeping your area rug as clean as a hound’s tooth:

Vacuum your rug at least every two weeks.   Do this every two weeks.  If it’s small enough, you can take it outside and shake off the dirt every so often.

Brush off pet hair.  Sometimes, vacuuming may leave out nasty pet hairs.  Using a stiff brush, brush in the direction of the nap of the rug.

Spot clean your area rug.  Remember to blot and not rub stained areas.  Using a clean towel, press down hard from the outside, and work your way towards the middle of the stain.

Amazingly, brake cleaner works on food stains.  Use it sparingly to spot clean those unexpected food spills on the carpet.

How you take care of your area rug will greatly determine its life span.  Treat it as you would a precious gem, and it’s sure to last you a long time.

For Your Little Modernista

If your little girl or boy happens to love everything modern when it comes to design, you may have a modernista on your hands. A little modernista embraces the current interior design trends, has a good eye for colors, and knows what he or she wants. Your kids may love to do their homework on a reclining chaise lounge because it’s super stylish and bright with its red color. Or, they may be in love with an egg chair due to its shape, amazing durability, and comfort level. Homework is now completed more often thanks to these stylish pieces and more, which is about to be covered.

Modern furniture classics are hard to turn down, especially if it means adding to a chic space or a child’s bedroom. Think of the fun and creative theme you could create in a room that has a mushroom chair, for example. Matter of fact, an Alice and Wonderland theme comes to mind and it will be fun to decorate a room that will help their imagination thrive. You can even bring in a decorator to create an Alice and Wonderland-type room filled with nature-esque pieces and artificial trees that are attached to the bed. They’ll love this modern take on Alice and you won’t be able to separate them from their fun room or sitting on their mushroom stool.

If your kids are a fan of bright colors, think of bold colors and décor pieces that will fill up their space. Miniature chairs with a modern and chic design will look fabulous in their room. If you have more than one chair with different colors for the interior, it will be fun for your little girl to set up a modern tea party with a sleek-looking table and colorful chairs. Continue to revamp the space and add to the colorful room with lighting that’s bright and a fun bedspread that has pops of color from pretty flowers or another favorite pattern.

If your child likes minimal décor pieces in his or her bedroom but still wants to make their room stand out, opt for simple colors like black and white. You may need to invest in a few solid pieces to get the look right, which may be expensive. However, the good news is that they will most likely not outgrow this look since it is so modern, which means over the years that you’ll only need to swap out minimal décor pieces. A simple, sleek black chair and a classy painting that looks like something Picasso would paint will develop the look your little modernista loves.

So follow your modernista’s cues and reinvent your interior. The interior will look chic and modern, which is different for a child’s interior, but perfect for your little modernista.


Sierra is a freelance writer who loves modern décor pieces, especially if it means creating a stylish and minimal space.




Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Easy Tips for Busy Moms

We’ve all heard a little bit about Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of arranging objects to bring harmony to your home. Principles of Feng Shui provide some easy guidelines for adding peace, symmetry, and balanced design to the spaces you love most.


Feng Shui teaches you to take a look at your whole house and view it as a cohesive system. Many times we get so busy that we will keep spaces like the living room and kitchen well-designed and tidy but neglect spaces like the bedroom and bathroom, because fewer people will see these rooms. Your personal space, however, is just as important as spaces your guests will see, and it is vital to integrate peace and balance into these spaces to give you a retreat after a long day of chasing kids, running errands, and/or working that job.

The first step in integrating Feng Shui is to attack those neglected spaces. And, because you deserve it, start with the bedroom. Here’s your permission to put yourself first for once. Imagine for a minute your room transformed into a space with rich, calming wall colors; a comfortable, welcoming bed; soothing art including indoor water falls; and balanced furniture. Sound nice? Do it!

Paint is ridiculously inexpensive and such an easy way to refresh a space. According to Feng Shui, bedroom colors should be neutral and natural. It is best to stick to skin tones, ranging from pale to deep browns. If you’re a lover of color, have no fear. Use small accent pieces like pillows, knickknacks and throw blankets to add splashes of personality. It’s not difficult to create the perfect bed.

For your bed, invest in a good, supportive mattress and sheets with a high thread count, as well as supportive pillows. Beds should have easy access from both sides and have matching end tables on either side to bring balance. If you can, take five minutes each morning to make the bed (access from both sides will help speed up this process). Be strategic about the wall art you choose. It should be soothing and beautiful (i.e. NOT your partner’s Batman poster, even if it is nicely framed). Indoor water walls are a stunning addition to bring beauty and balance to your space.

Feng Shui doesn’t have to be difficult and creates immediate peace-giving results. Go ahead, start with your bedroom, and you’ll love it so much the whole house will transform.


Paige One loves writing about inspirational ideas on how to enhance your space. Find indoor water walls and other beautiful elements to create the perfect interior.