A Single Mom’s Kryptonite

Sans the cape, skin-tight leotards, and underwear worn as outerwear, single parents are known to be superheroes in their own right. They may not have the power to bend steel bars with their bare hands or become invisible in the face of danger, but single parents have the unusual ability to raise their kids alone.

We single moms possess the uncanny ability to be both father and mother to our kids. Truth be told, that is no easy feat. [Read more…]

Teach Your Kids Respect

Respect begets respect. You more or less get from people what you give them. If you show other people respect, most likely they’ll do the same to you. It’s one of life’s important lessons which we just have to keep ramming down our children’s throats. Respect is such a big word which could be quite difficult for a young kid to digest. The challenge now lies in how we parents can chop it down to bite-size chunks, small enough for the average preschooler to understand and apply to everyday life. What simple lessons in respect can we teach them?

Use the magic words. When your kid turns 3 or 4, you can start teaching him to say “Please” and “Thank You”. If he uses these magic words often enough, they soon become a habit which will stick to him like a moth to a flame.

Don’t interrupt. Remind your kids not to but in when you are speaking with another adult. Sure he can bug you as you watch Ferris Beuller’s Day Off for the nth time, but not when you’re discussing something important with someone.

Be nice to the lady at the supermarket checkout counter. Same goes for the mailman and that guy who drives the ice cream truck. Tell your kid to treat people with respect, whether they have a five-figure salary or earn their keep on a daily basis. It may be their job to provide some sort of service, but they still very much deserve pleasantries from your kid. Ask your kid to talk to them nicely.

Remember your table manners. The dining table is the perfect place to practice respect for others. Make your child get used to saying “Excuse me!” if he has to get up and leave the table while others are still finishing their meal. Remind him not to talk when his mouth is full, and not to verbalize his disgust if he’s not a huge fan of lima beans.

Practice makes perfect, so let’s be relentless in our pursuit at training our kids to be stewards of respect. There should be absolutely no room for rudeness in your home.

Now this is my cue to sing R-E-S-P-E-C-T in my best Aretha Franklin impression…

5 Things a Single Mom Forgets

Back in the day, Kermit the Frog used to sing a little ditty called “It’s not easy being green…”  Because my singing voice closely resembles his, I will sing my own version of his song, changing the words to “It’s not easy being a single mom…”

I’m sure most if not all of you will agree with me on that.  Show me someone who thinks otherwise, and I’ll punch him or her in the face with all my might.  [Read more…]

How to Teach your Kids Honesty

However which way you turn the tables, honesty really still IS the best policy.  It’s the root of all things good.  Honesty is the manifestation of a pure heart, because when one is honest, he has a conscience which knows how to effectively discern right from wrong.  The honest person finds that deceiving other people is as uncomfortable as a wedgie on a hot summer day.  [Read more…]

Hell Hath No Fury Like That Of A Child Scorned

My 5-year old daughter has just recently learned a new skill, but it’s something I’m not at all proud of.  She has mastered the art of pushing my buttons.  On more than one occasion, I find myself wanting to scream my head off and shave my head out of sheer frustration and exhaustion from having to deal with my daughter’s temper. [Read more…]

4 Reasons Your Child Won’t Listen To You

Kids, and even grown-ups, have this uncanny ability to filter out things they don’t want to hear. Oftentimes though, it’s not so much about what you say as it is about how your say it. But why exactly do our children give us the deaf ear whenever we have to say something really important?

  1. They’re in the middle of a game. Be it a garage basketball game or a Wii game they’re wrapped up in, kids don’t like being interrupted. Wouldn’t you just hate being disturbed while you’re in the throes of fun? [Read more…]

When Parents Get Angry

A watched pot never boils, but when it does, handle it carefully, lest it spills over and scalds your arm.  An irate mom can be just as hazardous when she tends to helplessly boil over after her kids do something to get on her nerves. 

No matter how much we love our kids, sometimes we just can’t help but lash out at them.  That anger may have been triggered by something unacceptable they’ve done, but we parents must realize that losing our temper in front of our kids can be detrimental to their overall well-being.  Studies show that parents who express a lot of anger in front of their kids end up [Read more…]

First Day Jitters: How to Cope

This is one party I’m not enjoying at all. For several days now, butterflies have been fluttering about and partying like mad inside my stomach. Needless to say, this has caused me gastric discomfort at so many levels. Why am I nervous as hell? Well, aside from attributing it to the fact that I’m a natural worrywart, it’s because the first day of school is just a week away. No, I’m not the one going back to school…it’s my daughter. I’m feeling a hodgepodge of emotions ranging from excitement, to anxiety. My daughter is naturally excited, but luckily, not as jittery as I am.

If your kid is going to school for the first time, or is going to a different school this year, he or she may have the first day jitters as well. How do we, as parents, help them cope with this?

Talking to them is a big help, of course. Condition them as to what going back to school will be like. Since most of them will be reunited with old friends, remind them of that, so they’ll have something to look forward to.

Role-playing might help. Pretend that your child is about to board the school bus, etc. Play the part of her teacher, and enact a classroom scene where each child introduces herself to the class. This would definitely help if she’s the shy type.

If she’s going to a new school, a few days or weeks before, you could take her there, just to get a feel of the environment, sans the mob of students. Show her where her classroom will be, where the playground is, etc. It will help her relax a bit, when school finally opens.

Make sure your kid has everything she needs, and that everything is in good condition. Her school supplies need not be new, but they shouldn’t be too shabby that she’ll end up covering her face out of sheer embarrassment.

Fear of the unknown is a fear shared by most people, young and old. The key to handling this is mental and physical preparedness. Of course, nobody knows what the future holds, but if we do whatever is in our power to anticipate the possible things that could happen, this helps to quell our fears, even just a tad bit.

Marvelous Mother’s Day Goodies

I nearly leapt out of my seat when I heard that there was a package for me. I could hardly contain my excitement as I tore the plastic bag open and unleashed a load of goodies from Bambie of Azumi: My Kawaii Princess’ Story These were what I got for being the 100th follower of her blog. Lucky me! And as fate would have it, she likewise turned out to be my surprise mommy (or secret mommy? I don’t know, I’m confused!) for our PMC (Pinay Mommies Community) Mother’s’ Day card exchange. Here are the card and goodies she gave:

The pop-up card was so adorable. My daughter was even more ecstatic as I was when she saw the stickers and colorful pens. She wasted no time in claiming ownership of these cuties. Oh, and I almost forgot, the biggest one of all, was an Anna Sui bag. I love the design, and it’s big enough to carry all my essentials.

As if that wasn’t enough, I got another surprise in the mail…a Mother’s Day postcard from Mommy Rubz, also of PMC. I didn’t like it, I loved it!

Since I became a mom 5 years ago, this is the first time I’ve ever gotten Mother’s Day cards, really! I feel so blessed to be part of, what I’d like to call, “The Sisterhood of Blogging Pants”

Motherhood: how do I measure up?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how do I rate myself as a mom? I am almost tempted to give myself an actual rating, but I do not want to risk raising eyebrows. A low number would signify lack of confidence, while a high number would seem as if I believe too much in my abilities as a mother. So, to play it safe, I guess it would be best just not to rate myself :)

If I were to personally assess my capabilities as a mother, I would say that it truly is a never-ending learning process. It’s something you couldn’t get a PhD for, as you may turn old and gray and still feel like it was only yesterday when you first learned how to change a baby’s diapers.

In this realm called motherhood, I am both a student and a teacher. We teach best what we most need to know, right? If I were to rate myself, there would be days when I’d give myself a staggering 10, and on other days, I’d give myself a measly 2. In this world where the constant thing is change, my “motherhood morale” goes through fluctuations as well.

I guess, other moms also find it hard to rate themselves. It is maybe something which is better left for others to decide. Opinions vary from various perspectives, anyway.

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