Four Tips for Better Budgeting

When you have a family to feed, you can’t allow yourself to live from paycheck to paycheck. Smart budgeting can help you avoid this situation.

Budgeting essentially means creating a plan for spending money. Although many people find it intimidating or limiting, it can create quite a relief. You may even set aside money for fun activities or ‘you’ time. How do you make that happen? Here are four tips.

Be Exact

One of the main reasons budgeting fails is that people guess the amounts they spend. Take time to set aside records of your outcomes. If you need to round, then round up.

By being exact with the numbers, you give yourself more control over your spending. You will notice your plans become more accurate with each

Be Smart With Taxes

If you struggle with putting together your tax return, get an expert to help you. Try to track everything taxable monthly and consider that number as well while budgeting.

Taxes can be complicated. However, there are people, such as this Toronto GST lawyer, who spend years learning how to help you. Don’t disregard such

Think About the Savings

Usually, people will first determine their expenses and only then decide what they will save. By doing the opposite, you will make sure that your savings are covered. Everything that remains can go into tangible purposes.

Determine how much money goes into savings. Then subtract it from the overall sum, and start budgeting from there. think-about-the-savings

Trim Realistically

You may feel compelled to start cutting away all the luxuries. This determination most often lasts for a week or two.

Instead, try to think of real examples – for instance, you buy coffee on your way to work. Then, set up a viable alternative – making coffee at home and carrying it with you. That way, your plans are much less likely to fail.trim-realistically

The Bottom Line

By setting aside some time at the end of each month, and sticking to the plan you’ve created, you will notice a significantly decreased number of money-related headaches. It’s not that difficult, either, but it takes time. 

Be patient and see your financial situation improve as you get more accustomed to the simple practice of budgeting.

Single Parenting Struggle: Surviving the High Cost of Living

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So, you’re busy fixing breakfast when your teenage daughter asks if she can have $20 to buy a new shirt.  As you fumble through your badly-beaten faux leather purse, you get the shock of your life as you realize that you have barely enough money left to see you through next week’s round of groceries!

I totally get you.

That has happened to me so many times.  No matter how hard I try to make ends meet, I always seem to run out of funds.  I sometimes want to pull my hair out from sheer frustration.  

Imagine my surprise when I learned that the cost of typical family activities like going to the movies or amusement parks is higher for single parents than for two-parent families.  Talk about the financial struggles of single parenthood!

PayPlan, a debt management company, did some research on this and found out that single parents end up spending more on simple family activities because of “family deals” which normally target two-parent families.  After studying various offers from brands that provide family activities and travel services, they concluded that single parents do pay more every time.

If a single-parent family did all these family activities in a span of a few years, their total expenses will turn out to be £2,904.95 MORE than a two-parent family’s.  

Here’s an infographic to better illustrate it:

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Awareness is key.  Now that you’re more informed on the difference in expenses between single-parent and two-parent families, how do you plan to manage your finances?

Reasons Why You Overspend

Do your bank account and wallet run dry before every payday, regardless of what you do to change things? Do you have the overspending curse?

First off, you are not alone. For most people, resisting the allure of an impulse purchase is one of the most difficult things to do. While this does not mean that you do not understand the importance of smart financial decision making, it’s important to recognize why you’re unable to cultivate positive financial habits to leave you with some money at the end of the month.

But whether you overspend through impulsive purchases or through neglecting your savings, you must understand why you overspend to stop this damaging habit.

It’s also important to remember that overspending is as simple as buying an expensive morning latte when you cannot afford it. Saving money could and avoiding debt could be as simple as you making a trip down to the barber shop down the street once a month or shaving the hairs at the back of your head weekly to cut down the cost of shaving hair. Saving could be as simple as brewing your coffee at home or carrying lunch to work because you cannot afford to buy lunch every day.

Why then do you overspend?


Do you think that your overspending comes from you having no idea about just how much money leaves or enters your wallet every day? While you might have an estimate of the amount of money you pay for clothing, gas, or groceries, it’s not enough if you’re going to have money at the end of the month. You must sit down and determine where your money goes. You can avoid overspending easily by tracking all your expenses.

Making purchases using a digital wallet or a credit card

Credit cards and digital wallets are convenient, but they are also leeches that drain your account faster than you can bat your eyes. These convenient payment options fuel overspending, and this happens because you are unable to monitor your spending habits.

You should remember that it is very easy to part with money. So, starting today pay using cash and you will see how easy it is for you to say no to an unplanned purchase. You cannot spend more than what you have budgeted when you have cash. All you need is discipline; a great deal of discipline.

Lack of discipline

Of course, this ties to the point above – you might not want to hear this, but you overspend because you lack the willpower to say no to something you think you want or must have immediately. For most people, overspending comes from the fact that you fail to think or plan ahead. The truth is that if you have a long-term goal that really matters to you, you will be more careful about where all your money goes, and you will stop yourself from making that impulse purchase if it doesn’t help you achieve your long-term goals. For example, you will stop spending a lot of money on unnecessary things if you know that you need to save up for your child’s education.

Want to stop overspending? Create a concrete/ reasonable spending plan, have a concrete/ time-tied goal, cut spending, automate your savings, calculate your work cost, and identify other ways of rewarding yourself.

Which Clover POS System is Best for Your Restaurant

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Running a restaurant requires organizing and overseeing many different moving parts. From the food to the service and accounting, these tasks are hard to keep organized. POS systems for restaurants such as the Clover Station 2018 are designed to streamline certain tasks and help you run the daily operations smoothly.

One of the top restaurant Point of Sale (POS) system options is Clover. With its perfect balance of flexibility and capability, this POS system offers some of the most restaurant-friendly POS systems on the market.

POS systems help restaurants with multifold tasks such as:

  • create a faster billing process for both the staff and customer
  • accept multiple types of payment for orders
  • allow you to add detailed information and images for each of your listed menu items.
  • help with ordering and delivering food on time to the right table.
  • make detailed reports about sales and expenses
  • track inventory levels to prevent ingredient shortages
  • reduce human error in calculations
  • offer loyalty programs to improve customer service
  • track employee activity and performance
  • integrations with online ordering and reservation software and much more

Merchant Account Solutions offers a seamless solution with a range of the best Clover POS systems for all types of food and beverage establishment.

The mobile Clover Flex device offers you “flexibility” whether you’re checking out customers waiting in-line, table-side at a restaurant, or even at the counter of your store. You have the ability to take orders and make transactions all in the palm of your hands. It’s portable size can let you take orders, process a transaction, print the receipt, get the customer’s signature, and even adjust a tip right on the spot.

The Clover Mini is a compact POS with a small countertop footprint and a big appetite for business. It offers swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments, and it’s as powerful as it is eye-catching

Clover Mobile is the perfect partner for Clover Station or Mini, and the perfect complement if you have mobile workforce. Credits cards, debit cards, chip cards, and NFC payments like Apple Pay are all quickly processed on Clover Mobile’s super secure network.

Whether you run a full service restaurant or bistro, food truck or pizza eatery, Merchant Account Solution’s Clover and Booker POS has a range of solutions to suit your type of eatery business.

Never Take Out a Personal Loan Until You Understand This

There are times in your life when there is something you really want to buy or pay for but the funds just aren’t there. Maybe you have a job, a really good job at that, but for one reason or another simply don’t have the funds necessary to make the transaction. Whether it’s paying an unforeseen bill or buying that new outfit for Aunt Julia’s wedding, you need more money than you currently have available in your checking account.

You’ve heard of personal loans and even have friends who have qualified for them, but until now you have never had recourse to apply for one. Well, the time is now and, unfortunately, you don’t know what to do. You don’t know where to look or how to get started looking. Actually, there are just a few things you should know and these are things you can learn quite easily. Here is some of what you need to know before going shopping for that personal loan.

Credit Scores vs. Credit History

If you have spent any amount of time online, you know that your credit score is important in almost every aspect of your life. This score isn’t actually your creditworthiness but rather an indication of your creditworthiness based on your credit history. There are three main credit bureaus in the United States when you go to apply for a personal loan: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Each has its own criteria for assessing your credit score, but your credit history is huge. It is, as the name sounds, how you’ve paid loans and other bills in the past. When applying for a personal loan, a lender will glance at your score and if it falls within a certain range, they will look more closely at your personal credit history.

Building Credit with Personal Loans

One of the things you should be working to accomplish when qualifying for a personal loan is to build credit. Here again, your history is going to be huge. If you want to build good credit to qualify for future loans and perhaps even larger ones like for an automobile or a home, it is imperative that you build good credit.

Personal loans are a way to build that credit, so don’t abuse them. And, it is even suggested that many lenders will not offer you a personal loan if you already have one that remains unpaid, even if it is in good standing. Some lenders have a one personal loan policy no matter who underwrites the loan.

Online vs. Brick and Mortar Lenders

There are two main ways of applying for a personal loan but most consumers in the 21st century seem to prefer the online route. Sometimes you can have your preliminary approval within mere seconds when applying online and that’s what most people prefer. It is a lot less hassle than driving from bank to bank or lender to lender, and you can even use a comparison website where your application will be submitted to several lenders at once. Then you can check out the rates they offer and other terms before applying to the lender of your choice. Remember, just because those lenders came up as possibilities it doesn’t mean that you have to choose them, and it doesn’t mean that when you make your final application, they will approve your loan. Everything is contingent on making that final application.

What Most Lenders Require You to Have

Whether applying online or at a brick-and-mortar establishment, you will need to meet certain criteria. Most lenders will require you to have:

  • Proof of income
  • A bank account
  • Proof of age – usually 18 or older

And again, most lenders will not want you to have an existing personal loan. The amount of the loan you may be approved for will almost always be based on what lenders feel is your ability to repay that loan. It is unclear why they don’t want you to have an existing personal loan, but most likely it is because this shows your credit problems run deeper than what is indicated by your credit score and history. It may also indicate that you have problems paying debts on time and so need to procure another loan to help you pay existing bills!

What Delinquent Payments Will Mean to Future Loans

This is something else you should understand prior to taking out a personal loan. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your ability to repay that loan timely and eventually in full, you should not take out that loan. Your ability to qualify for future loans will be based on your credit history, just like this loan. What you need to do if you have any doubts whatsoever is to stop long enough to consider whether you really need that money or if it’s a want rather than a need.

Reasons Why That Personal Loan Is Important

Sometimes it’s good to take out personal loans simply because of what they can mean to you in the future. Some people take out personal loans to finance a vacation and other times they use personal loans to pay off the existing debt at lower interest and finance rates. If you are trying to build credit, a personal loan is a great place to start simply because they are usually loans with smaller amounts being borrowed.

Someday you may wish to buy a new model car or a home, but for now, you may simply be trying to build your credit. This is one of the most popular reasons for taking out personal loans but just remember, timely payments are crucial. Always compare interest rates and only borrow what you know you can afford to pay. See which agencies they report to and if they don’t report to all three, which credit bureaus will have the greatest impact on future loans you may want to procure. Once you’ve learned the above, you should be good to go.

How to Earn Money While On Maternity Leave

            Several decades ago, women who had recently given birth to a kid were homestay housewives taking care of a child until he or she reached the age of kindergarten or even school. However, modernity is completely different: a newly-fledged mom puts a sling on, takes a baby everywhere with her, and discovers her talents.

            First of all, the wish to earn extra money, thus, increasing the family budget, is the main target. In such a way, a family can travel more and discover the world. There are different ways to gain some profit even being abroad. Let’s say, in an online casino Singapore provides, thus, making use of websites, it is feasible to win money while gambling.

            Modernity and the Internet provide moms with plentiful ideas and opportunities for personal realization. Thus, they can afford living an interesting, full, and fascinating life while kids are growing up.×827.jpg

Several Ways to Make Money on the Internet

  1. Classic informational business. Right after becoming a mom, there are so many questions and so much unknown in maternity. However, after reading numerous books and articles, as well as gaining own experience, a woman becomes an expert in certain fields. Thus, one may start own blog sharing this information with the other young moms who have got the same questions after coming back home from the hospital.
  2. Writing and publishing digital books. It is another implementation of the previous possibility. Additionally, writing skills are required. With the possibility to publish a book in digital format, it is easier to spread and promote it.
  3. Internet shop is the next possibility. The number of stores, online and offline, is endless, one may say. However, it does not mean that a new shop won’t attract customers. Offering good service and some peculiarities making a new online stand out are the keys to success.
  4. Webinars and master-classes conduction. Taking into account that only a webcam and headset are needed, it is a low investment business. It is essential that the topic is to be up-to-date as well as the speaker shall be qualified in the subject. In such a way, professional skills acquired before maternity leave can be applied and even improved.
  5. Arranging a kindergarten at home. This possibility, of course, requires some space at home. At first, the Internet will be used to advertise and to find kids who will be brought. It would be an advantage if a webcam is installed with the online broadcast of what is going on. In such a way, the trust of parents will be gained. This idea may be further realized in a private kindergarten.
  6. Coaching and consultations can be carried out online as well as offline. Depending on qualifications, a woman may think which knowledge she could share with the other people, as well as provide advisory services and assistance.×768.jpg

Modern technologies and the Internet have given a huge gift to present-day moms. They go on communicating with the world as long as they have the chance to implement their ideas and talents in life making a profit without the need to look for a full-time babysitter.

Helpful Tips On Growing Your Beauty Retail Business

Creating and operating an online beauty retail business can be both a rewarding and challenging endeavor as long as you get the right suppliers like Asian beauty wholesale. With so many competitors in the market, it can be overwhelming to try to find new and creative ways on how you can grow your business naturally.

However, with proper social media marketing management, you too can expand your business’ growth by increasing sales and raise awareness one step at a time.

Here are some handy tips to remember:


1. Create Social Media Accounts

Social Media websites are considered one of the most important staples in creating an online presence. Many of which are usually free to register and can be linked to different channels. Some sites you may want to consider signing up include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram; and
  • Youtube

All of which have their own special features that allow you to connect to multiple people almost instantly.

2. Post content consistently

Entrepreneurs who utilize social media sites to connect with others should post new content regularly to retain their customers’ interest while also potentially attracting new clients. This projects an image that not only is your business modern but it is also reliable and organized. To manage your future posts, create a content calendar and utilize apps that simultaneously posts them in different channels like HootSuite.

3. Engage with your audience

Engagement refers to the number of likes, comments, retweets, shares, and reactions a single post receives. This is an indication of how successful your post is due to the fact that it incites a specific reaction. To increase your businesses effectively, consider creating content that will incite interaction and competition between your customers and clients. Whether it’s sharing a post for a chance to win a gift bag or participating in caption contests, audience engagement is key if you want people to spark interest in your product.

4. Create micro content for mobile users

Recent studies show that in 2018, over 52.2 percent of all website traffic are done through mobile browsing which have their own set of unique features. To get ahead of the curve, make sure your channels and content are mobile-friendly by creating micro content which are bite-sized pieces of information that promotes your product without spamming a person’s newsfeed. This can be done through Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, and a series of tweets before unveiling a new product.

5. Use the right hashtags

The right hashtags in the right platform allow your post to reach to different people who may be scrolling on different channels. Hashtags are also a great way to brand your business and initiate interaction with different people which can instantly create buzz and public attention. Depending on the site, be wary of how much hashtags you are using and as much as possible only use relevant tags to you post to build consistency.

6. Create infographics and videos

Infographics are visual images like charts and graphs that provide useful information for its intended audience. For online beauty retailers, consider creating infographics that are relevant to your products and services. For instance, an infographic enumerating the 10 step Korean skin care will definitely come in handy compared to a large block of text.

For customers who want a step-by-step on beauty tutorials, consider creating a slew of handy videos featuring your products and link them to your social media outlets.

7. Maintain relationships with the key people who made your business a success

Many companies rely on online influencers to promote and  use their products during their content creation. In fact, beauty gurus, vloggers, and Instagram models who already have a large following can certainly influence their followers into purchasing your products. To keep this relationship healthy, show your gratitude by also promoting their products and services.

8. Get your products in customer’s hands

When it comes to selling beauty products, one of the key problems why people are wary about buying them online is that they are unable to look, touch, and feel the products themselves. While social media marketing is certainly handy, remember to at least get some of your products out there for people to experience.

This includes handing out free samples at an exhibition or providing gifts to friends and family members who will most likely rave about them to their other friends if they like your product.


With social media, nearly every online beauty business can grow exponentially provided that entrepreneurs are willing to make some careful investments in improving their online presence. While social media marketing is certainly popular, it still helps to incorporate some traditional marketing techniques every now and then to reach different customers.

5 Things to Remember When Getting Help from Finance Recruitment Companies

Nowadays, people are turning to finance recruiting companies to help them in having the perfect job that suits them. There are so many recruiting agencies such as San Francisco financial recruitment agencies, Los Angeles recruiting companies etc. So, if you want to find the best job that suits you, you should seek help from finance recruiting companies.

Before asking recruiting companies for help, you should keep these five things in mind:

  • Create a resume, and try to cover some of your personal details: There are so many resumes that are considered to be strong, because they are totally personalized. This means that people show their personality properly through their resume. 
  • Show the company that you are a team player: Teamwork is the most important factor while working with a company, that’s why companies will try to see whether you are able to work with others or not. If they see that you are unable to do this then you will not be considered for the job.
  • Remain optimistic about the whole industry: While taking help from finance headhunters Los Angeles people should remain optimistic as finding a job is a journey, and sometimes it’s not possible to find the perfect job right away. 
  • There is no need to look for any validation when you yourself are confident: You need Chicago recruiting companies because you know that they provide the best Chicago finance jobs opportunities. If you are a person who believes in yourself, then others will think the same, and you will find it easier to land a job that suits you. This is why while taking help from finance recruiting companies, you should be confident that you can do your job well- whether alone or with a team. 
  • Know your strengths, and work hard at displaying them: People will always have different strengths and weakness. When you are trying to get help from finance recruiting companies, you should know how to identify your strengths and weakness, so that you can work on them.

These are the five things that should be kept in mind while getting help from finance recruiting companies.

Now, it’s your time to see if you are ready to find the perfect job for you or not. You should not hesitate in making the right choice, because the right choice will help you achieve success.

Basic Investment Terms Explained



Now that the New Year is here a lot of us might be looking for a new skill or two to try for ourselves. One of the skills which can be super handy for making money in the New Year is investing, and currency trading in particular can be a wonderful option for you in 2019. Here are just some of the simple investment terms which you need to know if you want to start dabbling in the stock market this year.



The first term is one we have already mentioned above, and this is Forex. Forex trading is a type of trading which is currency to currency. Forex means foreign exchange, and it makes up the largest trading market in the world. Over $5 trillion are trading across the world each and every day as people bet on the rise and fall of exchange rates.


Currency Pair

When trading on the Forex market, one of the things you will notice is that currencies always come in pairs. You will have a pair such as EUR/USD or GBP/USD and these will work together to help you invest your money. A currency pair is any pair of currencies which are traded against each other in the stock market. The way these interact with each other is what will determine whether you should buy or sell.


Exchange Rate

An exchange rate, simply put, is the difference in value between one currency and another. You may notice when you visit the Bureau De Change for your holidays that £1 is equal to around $1.26 a piece. This is a relative price which states the value of one against another. When exchange rates were first introduced this was due to the fact that some countries had more good than others, and this meant that certain countries would have a higher abundance and therefore gold in that country was worth less.


Stop Loss

When trading on the stock market and starting up your own little side business in real estate with Fundrise, currency with Alpha Zone or even business stocks like Apple, you need to have a plan. A stop loss is an order you set when you open up a trade, which will tell the trade to close and sell off once it reaches below a certain value. This allows you to limit your losses as much as you can and manage the risk you take.


Limit order

A limit order is the opposite to a stop loss and this is an order which allows you to set an upper limit for closing a deal. This is something which you might not think you need, but when trading it can be helpful to have a value to work towards and one which you meet to meet your goals.



A broker is a company or a person who will act as an intermediary for your trading, and will bring you bother buyers and sellers for stocks. They are helpful for first time traders and even more experienced ones and they can save you a lot of work and time.




The Easy Ways that You Can Get Your EIN Number


What is an EIN? This stands for Employer Identification Number. This is a number that is submitted to the IRS to distinguish your business from all the other businesses in the area. A lot of businesses are required to apply for EIN even if they have not hired any employees yet. It will depend on your local state laws and what you plan to do with your business. It is necessary that you learn the important details ahead of time so you can send your application immediately.

You need to know as many details about it as you can before you send in your application. For instance, do you know that there are some questions that you have to answer before yo will be given your EIN number? There are forms that you can get ahead of time. Print them out and answer them truthfully. If you are having some trouble with all of the necessary details, you can seek the help of the right lawyer to help you out.

Take note that you have to file the EIN if you are the one who is responsible for the business. This means that you have the authority to file for this because you are the owner or you are one of the owners of the business you would like to get an EIN for. The easiest way that you can apply for an EIN is by getting EIN online.

  1. You need to go to the proper website wherein you are going to apply for an EIN.
  2. The EIN online assistant will be there to help you with the steps.
  3. Answer the questions that are stated on the online form honestly.
  4. Click submit.
  5. You will receive your EIN number immediately.

It is best if you would finish your application otherwise, if you leave the page idle for more than 15 minutes, you need to start over again. If you are not a US resident, you may get the application and send it through fax to the necessary organization who will process it. You can verify EIN number in a few days.

Are you ready to get your EIN soon?