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Teaching your child to have a prudent and sensible relationship with money starts early. Children look to their parents for everything when they are particularly young, and while you may not always realise it, they are observing and internalising your behaviours and ideas. This is why it is crucial to model good behaviour for your children in all sorts of situations. For instance, if when they start school they struggle to share with the other children, you do not need to tell them what they’re doing wrong and what they should be doing instead. A more effective way of dealing with the situation is to let your child see you share things with other adults (or children). They will then learn it on their own, as it were. Children are incredibly perceptive and will spot things that you’d perhaps hope they’d miss.


While money is something of an abstract concept, it can sometimes be obvious when someone uses it irresponsibly. Getting into debt may be necessary in some situations but it should not be a habit. This is something that your child could see as being good behaviour, and they may emulate it later in life. This is why it is important to teach them the fundamentals of money management when they are still young.


One particularly important financial decision that every young person needs to consider now is whether they wish to attend university. In 2010, the government raised tuition fees to £9000 and late last year did so again without issuing a press release or acknowledging the raise in any way. This has led some young people to evaluate whether university is right for them. The experience of leaving home and studying for a degree is about more than just money though. The lessons that a young person learns are invaluable, such as independence, self-reliance, organisational skills, and time management. However, some people still see it is a simple financial consideration, or as an investment, to be more specific. The reason for this is that over the course of a graduate’s lifetime, they can expect to earn half a million pounds more than their non-graduate counterparts. This is obviously more than it costs to attend university, so the argument goes that it is a good idea. However, like most things, it is not as simple as that.


The risk of taking on debts as a young person (before you have a full-time job and the prospect of a career) is that you will be kneecapping yourself before you’ve had a chance to get into the game. To get a mortgage, you’ll need a good credit rating. If you are worried about how to get student debt solutions without damaging your credit, you’ve already acknowledged the potential risks of student loans. Your child may not be able to buy a home later in life because a bank will not lend to them when they’ve already got so much debt.


This problem is only compounded by the fact that millennials are already not buying houses (ownership amongst 18-34-year-olds is at a thirty year low). What the situation will be like in ten or twenty years remains to be seen. Making the best decision now is therefore crucial.


How to Dig Yourself Out of Financial Hardship

Unfortunately, financial hell happens to the best of us at one point or another. Usually, it’s when everything is ticking over nicely that the car grinds to an infinite halt or the boiler explodes, or both, forcing us to dig deeper than we thought possible. Panicking about how you’re going to pay for next month’s bills has got to be one of the most stressful situations a family can go through, but there are ways to get through it and to realign your finances.


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Be realistic about your budget


The first thing you need to do is cut back on your monthly spending habits. Do you have a gym membership which barely sees the soles of your sneakers? Can you stop any monthly subscriptions to music or movie websites? There are many ways to live a more frugal life; skip Friday night drinks and go for a walk instead, cook over ordering in takeout or simply camp in the garden with the kids at the weekend instead of spending money on an amusement park. Knowing your limits and sticking to them will let you begin to recover from any hardship.


Assess your debts


If your debts have become unmanageable, it is necessary to take a good, hard look at what needs to be done about them. You can either choose to consolidate them by doing a balance transfer to a no interest credit card or do some research into debt relief grants and loans. These loans and grants are designed to spread the cost of repaying money into much easier chunks if you are in a hole that is too deep to climb out of yourself.


Get a second job


If you’ve got yourself into enough trouble that just cutting back on spending isn’t going to cut it, you may need to get a second job at weekends or in the evenings to create a little extra cash. There are plenty of options out there, and if working in a restaurant or bar isn’t an option due to family commitments, you can try your hand at freelance writing or designing. All you need to do is a quick online search to see work out which websites and companies offer what you need – whether that’s regular remote work that can be done for the spare room, or temporary work just for a few months to get you back on your feet!


Make some lifestyle changes


There’s no time like finding yourself in financial trouble that is better to reassess some of your life choices. Maybe now is the time to dig up the garden and start a veggie patch? Or do some research into renting an allotment from your local government. By growing your own vegetables, you will save on a huge chunk of your weekly grocery shop, and will, eventually, only need to buy meat and dairy throughout most of the year. Making a lifestyle change which saves you money could also involve selling the car and only walking or using public transport, or cutting down on your household possessions. Not only are all of these good for your bank balance, but your health too. Swings and roundabouts!

How to Invest Your Money When You’re a Parent

When you’re a parent, it’s not exactly like you have much money left over. Children are expensive. There’s no other way to put it. Sure, you can try and do things on the cheap and be a bit more frugal with what you’re spending, but they’ll still end up being your biggest expense. It can feel like you’re not really cut out for it when you’re doing it, but we get through and look back and it was all over too quickly. It’s a bit of a catch 22 situation. However, if by chance you happen to have some money left over at the end of the month, you need to have a think about where you’re investing it, if you choose to invest it at all.

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Invest in Property


Property doesn’t have to be expensive nowadays. There are manufactured homes for sale which cost a fraction of the price of a new house, but are still just as desirable to live in on the inside – if not a bit better than our standard of living currently. You could pool together with a friend or family member and rent them out. The great thing about mobile homes is that they are available almost anywhere – especially in beachfront locations. If you’re not investing for rental purposes, at least do it for a holiday home!


Invest in Education


If you have already looked into higher education for your child, you’ll know that it’s no walk in the park when it comes to fees. Putting together a saving plan for if they decide to go on to college is one of the most sensible things that you can do with your money. Sensible isn’t always necessarily the most fun, but you’ll be patting yourself on the back a few years down the line in recognition of the great decision you made!


Invest in the Future


The future doesn’t have to be all about your children. You have a future, too – and it can be whatever you want it to be. If you have a holiday planned in the next few years, save your money and put it towards that. If you want to retire early, invest in a pension fund that will allow you to do so.


Invest in Today


If there are things going awry around your home or in your social life that require money to fix, nip it in the bud and spend as quickly and wisely as possible – before the problem starts to evolve into something bigger. For example, if your car desperately needs a service but you have been saving your money for something else, this is where you need to weigh up your options. It could be that your vehicle has an underlying problem which needs to be looked at straight away, and unfortunately the holiday that you had been planning in your head will need to wait. Some things take priority more than others – it’s just up to you to gauge where your money will need to be placed first.

Money Problems That Everyone Thinks Only Happen to Other People

Money problems can strike anyone of us. But that’s not a fact that many of us like to face up to. We see many of many of these problems as being things that happen to other people. And we only wake up to how ridiculous that idea is when we find that they’re happening to us. It’s much better to think carefully about how at risk you are of suffering major financial problems. That way, you can start to think about how you can avoid getting into trouble. Read on to find out lots more about this.


Income Loss


Most people think that their jobs are safe and there is nothing that can really threaten them. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was really the case? Unfortunately, it’s not. With each passing year, more and more people are going to see their jobs disappear as automation increases and takes over. In the long-term, no one is quite sure what this will mean. But in the short-term, it will almost certainly mean job losses. There are, of course, a million other reasons for losing your income, and it’s something that you should be prepared for. Save some money so that you have something to fall back on. And try to diversify your skills to make your more employable.


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Payday Loan Problems


Payday loans are often pretty controversial. However, they do serve a purpose, and many people manage to use them in the right kind of way. If you assume that you’re not the kind of person that would ever fall into this financial trap, think again. Many people underestimate how difficult it can be to repay a payday loan. Because they are short-term loans, you have to pay the money back quickly. And if you miss the deadline, your debt will rise sharply because of the massive interest rates attached to these loans. Always be aware of what you’re getting into and plan out how you’ll pay the money back.


Committing Tax Offenses


Tax offenses might still be pretty rare, but many of the people who commit them don’t do it knowingly. You can land yourself in hot water with your taxes even if you have no intention of doing anything wrong or depriving the tax authorities of the money you owe. If you find yourself facing charges, you’ll need representation from a professional tax lawyer. And even then the process can be difficult and stressful. It’s best to hire an accountant to deal with your taxes if you don’t know how to.


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Debt Spiral


Debt spirals might seem vague or ill-defined to you. But, to put it simply, they refer to the process of losing control of your debts. Debt is not always a bad thing. Many homeowners have huge levels of debt, but that’s fine because it’s under control and it allows them to own a home. But when you have lots of debts, and you borrow more to pay them off, this is probably a debt spiral. And once you’re in one, it can seem like there is no way out of it at all. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your borrowing and not to get carried away with it.


The Steps You Need To Take To Help Grow Your At-Home Business

Many parents choose to start a business from home when their children become a certain age. Previous jobs or employers might have been quite inflexible. But creating your own business is an easy way to earn some money, but not be absent from the home. You get the best of both worlds, though it doesn’t mean it is any easier. When it is your own business, the success of it can really depend on what work you do, how long you do it for, and what avenues you choose to follow. It can all be very well setting up your home business. But if you don’t allow it to grow, then it can just be a waste of time. So to avoid that, here are some effective ways that you can help yourself to grow your from home business.






Having a focus is important. When know, quite specifically what you want to do, it can really help in the success of your business. How much money do you want to be earning? Is it just for pocket money or do you want to make this a big six figure business? Know what your time focus is too. Is the reason you set it all up so that you could stay at home with the kids and be there to pick them up from school? If so, it might help on your focus. You might not want to be doing too many things that will take you out of the home. So do take the time to refocus and evaluate what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what the end goals are.


One other great thing to focus on is your customer base. Every business has some kind of customer. Who is your target audience and why? How can you make your business specific to them? You do need to think about who you want to sell your products too. It will help you to reach the right people and know your customer focus.


Network and Marketing


Being able to network and market your business is the best way to get people to know about it. You might have a great business idea that really has very little flaws. But if people don’t know about what you do, or don’t know how to reach your services, then it will mean your great idea gets wasted. So if there are any local events or conferences that are specific to your niche, then try to go along to them. Being there and networking is a great way to learn from others doing a similar thing, as well as possibly collaborating. Having some business cards to give out is a good idea. They make you look more professional and leave people with your details should they want them. You could look at this article to read about the value of business cards if needed. Other ideas to market are posters and banners, and even car stickers. Then your business will reach more and more people.




Social Media


Not only is social media a great way to market your business, but it will help you to reach new potential customers, as well as using it as a customer service tool. Everyone is on one form of social media these days. So if you want to reach them, then you need to be on them too. The platform you choose might be dependent on the type of business that you run. If it is artwork, photography or baby products, for example, something that is very visual, then a platform like Instagram could work well. If your business is more business based or online based, then Twitter is a good platform to use, as people from all around the world will use that as a resource. This article highlights different uses of each platform if you’re not sure where to start with it all: So have a think about your customer base and how you could best reach them.


Recruit Help


If you feel like you are always rushed off your feet and need some space to breathe, then it can could be a good idea to hire some help. It might be in the form of a physical assistant that comes in. If your business is product based, then this could be useful. But for the online side of things, you could hire a virtual assistant, or a outsource a social media manager, for example. Sometimes you do need to spend a little to make more. If you can’t focus on growing your business, because of the day to day running of it, then it could be time to get a team around you.

Better Management for Your Home Business

Balancing between family time, the home business you’re trying to develop and other activities can be tricky, especially when the business is demanding your full attention. Fortunately, according to recent studies by the New Jersey Institute of Technology and its online masters in business administration department, there are management styles you can incorporate in order to have a more balanced life.

For a business to succeed in today’s competitive market, changes are definitely necessary. The best way to achieve change without having to constantly micro-manage everything is by building a strong foundation in the first place. This means creating a culture within the business that allows every member of the team to contribute more and be certain about their roles. This approach also allows the company to grow – and all team members to grow along with the business – without requiring you to make constant adjustments as a business owner or manager.

To learn more, be sure to read the full Top Management Models That Are Changing How Business Operates infographic by

Money Mindfulness: Frugal Ways to Live a Richer Life

It’s extremely common for us to spend more money than we can realistically afford, for a variety of different reasons. However, an estimated three-quarters of Canadians are in debt and, if continuous spending habits continue, getting out of debt can seem like an almost impossible task.

Many people mindlessly spend without even thinking about it, simply because they want to buy nice things and live that ‘rich’ lifestyle. But it is completely possible to still live the life you’ve always wanted without the mindless spending and crippling debt – keep reading to discover how!


Be honest about your budget

When mindlessly spending, we’re often in total denial of what our bank balance is really saying. But being honest with both yourself and others is essential to stop pointless spending and it won’t hinder your life quality at all. In fact, once you’ve accepted your budget and have more structure surrounding your spending, you’ll likely feel much happier!

If friends invite you out and you can’t afford it, don’t be afraid to say no. Keeping up appearances will do nothing for your financial welfare in the long-run, and it’s important to recognise what you can and can’t afford. This also applies to luxury items too – if you know you can afford a car like a Dodge Dart, it’s still fine to treat yourself! But, if you know you can’t, stay away from the temptation to spend.


Buy good quality clothes

A sure-fire way to live a luxury lifestyle and save money in the long-run, saving up and buying good quality (and often more expensive) clothing is a great way to be mindful about your money.

Instead of buying 2 pairs of cheap jeans, go for one pair of more expensive, higher quality jeans instead. Yes, you’re getting less clothing, but the better-quality jeans are likely to last much longer and save you having to buy another pair for potentially years to come!


Grow your own food

Whilst this may appear to be a lot of hassle, growing your own fruit and vegetables is actually a lot easier than most people think. Often requiring few tools and hardly any skill, as long as you do some initial research to establish when to plant and how to look after each item, you’ll be well on your way to having a consistent supply of free food from the comfort of your own garden.


And better still, you’re likely to seriously impress your friends and family with your goods while spending hardly anything in the long-run. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still grow items such as herbs simply in your kitchen – perfect for enhancing your cooking!

Living the life you love without mindlessly spending more money than you have is much easier than you may have initially thought. By simply being honest about your budget and making sensible decisions when you do spend, you won’t have to sacrifice any of your happiness along the way.

Markus Wright respects money. He has survived with very little, as well as having more than enough, seeing both sides of the coin so to speak! He writes about personal finance matters in his articles, sharing his how-to’s to help others.

Big Kid Budgets: When and Why to Get Your Child Their First Savings Account

Do you remember when you first discovered what money is and what it can do? If you’re like most folks, you probably collected money from the tooth fairy and started saving dimes in a bank shaped like a pig. That’s fine, but there are more realistic ways for kids to learn to manage money than pillows and piggies. Is your child old enough to handle a bank savings account? They will be, if you pay attention to the following information.

Savings habits are established early

A nonprofit community development group called Neighborhood Works recently completed a study that revealed a startling fact: Out of every three Americans, one of them has no emergency savings at all. This may be due to the fact that if people fail to establish good savings habits early in life, they tend to be forgetful about setting aside money as adults.

John Buerger is a financial expert in San Luis Obispo, California. He notes that money habits, whether they show a tendency toward saving or spending, are generally put into place between the ages of five to 12. Parents who set a good example by saving 10 to 20 percent of their income stand the best chance of raising kids who smartly manage money.

The first time kids open an account

For their first banking experience, help your kid open a savings account in lieu of a checking account. Once your child has been saving for several years, they may wish to have a more complicated account, but for starters, keep it simple. Shop around for a bank that offers low- or no-fee savings accounts for kids. Many local credit unions will do this. Be sure to open an account at a bank that has a secure website where kids can watch their savings grow. Don’t deposit money online, however. Making a deposit in person at a brick-and-mortar banking institution helps kids understand the magnitude of saving money.

Keep it simple

Long winded lectures about investments are not going to be of much interest to your child. Therefore, look for a bank with a website that provides kid-friendly features. Ask other parents what banking site their kids like the most. Some banks offer cool rewards such as bonuses for good grades in school and interactive savings clubs where kids can be inspired to save even more.

Adults who learned to manage money at a young age tend to be smarter about financial matters. When it comes to selecting a credit card for travellers and other credit products, they tend to be savvy shoppers. So you can see why teaching your kids to save now may bring big rewards to their futures.

Set a good example by showing your kids how to save. If you can’t afford to set aside 20 percent per paycheck, save what you can and explain why it’s an important habit for life.


Sam Bentley is a Father who is passionate about teaching his children some good to know life lessons when it comes to money.

10 Part Time Online Jobs For Stay at Home Parents

As technology progress, it gives us opportunities to work anywhere and anytime we want. This kind of opportunities are heaven sent from above especially for stay-at-home moms and dads.

If you’re a parent and you want to have more time for your kids but don’t want to compromise your livelihood, these are the jobs that will fit your situation.

Home based jobs from different outsourcing sites such as upwork, onlinejobsph, freelancer, and golance, keep on increasing in numbers. Now is the perfect time to learn and apply for these kind of jobs.

Once you get to know the ins and outs of this online job thing, you may want to find a business you can work out to put it on the next level. But for now, here’s 10 of the most common home based jobs you can apply for online not just part-time but full time basis as well.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

For small and big business owners, virtual assistants are very helpful. Outsourcing talents from overseas reduces the operational cost and level of stress, and increases rate of productivity.

The main goal of every businesses is profit and therefore virtual assistants are perfect in many business operation. Philippines and India are two of the top countries where businesses outsource their manpower.

If you are organized, has good oral and written communication skills, computer literate, and flexible in work, you can consider virtual assistance as your online job.

2. English Tutor

There’s an increasing demand for English tutor in Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. This is the perfect time to showcase your English skills. If you got a good command of the English language, you can earn around Php 18,000 per month part time and for the full-time tutors, around Php 30,000 every month.

If you really want to become an English tutor, it would be best if you can take courses to get certifications so you can present yourself as a qualified tutor. This way, you can increase your value and professionalize your craft.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are individuals that promotes the business directly to customers or other to business. Most of the time, a digital marketer works with a team consisting of web developer, content writer, copy writer, and social media manager.

Here are some of the things you might want to add to your skillset in order to work as Digital Marketer:

  • Web Design/development
  • Google Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Platforms

4. Data Entry Jobs

This is probably one of the most easiest online jobs you can apply for. You don’t necessarily need an educational background of bachelor’s degree. Even if you’re a high school student and computer literate, you’re in.

Data Entry is commonly offered in many online job sites. If you are proficient in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, have fast typing skills, detail oriented, you can apply for data entry jobs.

This job is typically volume based. Clients will only pay high rate for high volume works for it to become a stable source of income.

5. Web Design

You can start applying for web design jobs on the internet even if you’re still a student. If you’re knowledgeable regarding the latest trend in web designs and you know UI/UX, you can start at $3-6 per hour on

Most of the people now browse through their smartphones so skill in designing mobile ready websites is a must-have and a big plus. So start building your portfolio now and showcase it to your prospect clients to win more jobs.

6. Blogging

Many companies now realized the advantage of having a blog in their websites and so content writers are highly in-demand.

Companies that has blog section on their websites are able to bring more results compared to sites that don’t have blog sections. This is why most companies today hire bloggers to produce regular contents for their websites.

You can start it on a part time basis then you can make it your full time business later on. If you want to work as a blogger or content-writer, you might to learn the following skills:

  • Different writing styles
  • Research skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • SEO

7. Transcription

A transcriber is someone who writes down a recorded audio or video. Basically, you’ll just write down what somebody else is saying. If you want to pursue this kind of work, it is advisable that you go through several training.

In this type of job, you only need to invest in a good computer, foot pedal, quality headset, and reliable internet service provider.

8. Customer Service Representative

Many foreign businesses prefer Filipino Customer Service Representatives over other nationality because of the neutral English accent. If you’ve tried BPO industry before, you might want to bring your job in your home. The typical rate for CSR agents is usually $3-5 per hour.

Your rate may increase over time but for you to become a good customer service representative, you must be well versed in the following areas:

  • English Communication
  • Writing/Composing Emails
  • Chat support
  • Phone handling skills

9. Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is a website where you can earn from doing just about anything you can think of. It’s as simple as talent equals money. The spectrum can go from normal, to weird, up to crazy.

As long as you’re creative enough, you can monetize almost anything you can think of in Fiverr. Everything starting from $5. You can add more options to earn more.

You can gigs related to graphics design. You can video yourself to do something, do a beat box for somebody, do video editing, fix websites, and many more. Your imagination is your limit.

10. Consultancy Service

If you’re into Legal, Medical, Financial, Fitness, or knowledgeable in any field, you can offer consultancy job online. Many people are seeking for guidance and assistance in many different field. You can have a part time income from offering your service.

There’s a lot of businesses today, worldwide, recognize how outsourcing online can help them improve the efficiency of their businesses.

For us typical people, we want to take advantage of this opportunity of being able to work from the comfort of our home and spend more time with our loved ones.

About the author:
Louren is the founder and the publisher of where he writes about freelancing, entrepreneurship, business, blogging, and other topics related. A web developer who turned into full time blogger.


Dog The Bargain Hunter

dog the bargain

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A pretty major responsibility – especially when it comes to parenting – is knowing how to stretch your money further than it has ever been stretched before. Trust us, the better you get at this the less stressful your life will be. But knowing how to find a bargain can be really tricky, and doing the research to get better at understanding the bargain game can be really time consuming, which, as a parent, isn’t something you have much of. But don’t despair. That’s where we come in. So read on and find out how to become a bit more like Dog The Bargain Hunter.  



When you have kids, it isn’t just their birthday’s you need to buy presents for, it is all their friends too, and when they are growing up there seem to be six parties every weekend. It’s a lot to consider and even more to spend money on. As such, it is worth being organised and utilising sales whenever you can. It may be that you’re doing your grocery shop in one of the big supermarkets when you spy a book sale. Don’t think, just buy. The same goes for craft fairs. If there is a tasty deal but you’re think “ah, my kids don’t need any more of that” remember the parties. What you are aiming to do here is build up a treasure chest of unused presents that you can call on whenever an invite falls through your letterbox.



With more and more companies popping up, they are having to fight harder and harder to get there products seen and bought, and a major way they do this is through vouchers and giveaways. So keep an eye for anything that will give you a discount, whether it’s toys or  food or hotels or anything, give it a read. Or be proactive about it and sign up for a few voucher companies that will send you that week’s best offers; companies like This is a really neat trick to utilise.



There was a time where you could have jumped on a plane spontaneously, with nothing but hand luggage, ready to explore the world at a moment’s notice. But not any more. Not least because of the costs. This is where a few tips and tricks can really help. First of all check out apps like Skyscanner. Second of all check what airlines offer great options for families; it may be a standard ticket price for under three’s or free travel for under two’s. Also, don’t travel at peak times, this means avoid weekends Monday’ and Friday’s. Actually, the busiest times (and thus the most expensive given the supply and demand rules) are Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. So if you can move your travel days by even a day, you could find yourself saving a hundreds of bucks per ticket. That’s an incredible saving, and extra cash that could be used on accommodation or a nice activities day, huh. Think about it.