Ways to Prevent Infidelity

In modern marriages, studies have shown that it’s actually quite common for both husbands and wives to cheat. While everyone’s relationship is unique, there are some common issues many couples face in their relationships that aid in the difficulties they experience. When things like stress, miscommunication, resentment and lack of empathy become patterns, the temptation to stray can increase. The following tips may help you to prevent infidelity in your marriage.

Talk About the Hard Stuff

One of the biggest contributors to the breakdown of a marriage is lack of communication, especially about difficult topics like insecurities, hurt feelings and worries. However, by not sharing information regarding these important aspects with a spouse, miscommunication happens. Often, these kinds of misunderstanding could have been avoided by simply talking about them.

Compromise to Meet Each Other’s Needs

Once you’ve discussed your frustrations or hurt feelings with your partner, it’s then time to make sure they are aware of your needs on the subject. You can never assume your spouse should know what you want from them. In addition, more than likely, you’ll need to make compromises to ensure that each partner’s needs are met. When this happens, spouses feel more satisfied and secure. Don’t be afraid to get creative or step out of societal norms when it comes to compromise. Sometimes you need to do things a little different than is traditionally expected. Coming to unique compromise that is right for your individual marriage is more important than what others think.

Put Yourself in Your Partner’s Shoes

Frequently, partners will share their frustrations with each other, but then fail to take action to make changes. Without change, unhealthy patterns will persist. One way to make change happen is to really listen to your partner and try to empathize with their feelings. While you may not fully understand the reason for such feelings, taking time to acknowledge them and validate your partner is experiencing pain has such a positive impact.

Don’t Attribute Intent Where There Is None

Those who do not take the time to empathize with their spouse and try to understand their feelings run the risk of concocting incorrect scenarios in their head. For example, if your spouse gives you the silent treatment, you may assume she is angry. In reality, she may not have intended to seem angry. Instead, her silence may have been her way of signaling her hurt feelings.

Hopefully, these tips can help you to work toward resolving your marital issues. However, sometimes divorce cannot be avoided. In these instances, it’s important to seek the advice of experts like Cordell & Cordell in order to navigate the process more smoothly.

Why You Should Consider Online Dating


Most single men and women think that an online dating website is for those looking for a one-night stand, casual dating, or who are desperate or just plain weird. It’s those people who unwillingly sign up, only to find out that they are completely wrong about dating sites and their members.

Online dating sites are not just for those looking to find a one-night stand or affair. They are also populated by people with serious intentions, and who are simply looking to build long-term relationships with other consenting adults. The ability to list what an individual is looking for (just fun or serious commitment, etc.) can ensure that everyone understands the other person’s intentions and doesn’t get any false pretences about what he or she is looking for.

In addition to this, Internet dating sites are not for the desperate or the weird. They are actually for people who couldn’t find what they’re looking for in their daily lives. Many people don’t want to waste their spare time on countless dates with people who they are not really attracted to, and others may find that they are simply too busy to go on a date with people due to their work schedule. Anyway, there are people from all ages, all walks of life and all cultures on online dating sites, making it an exciting, fun and diverse place to meet new single men and women!

            Free vs. Paid Dating Sites

Once you’ve decided to take the first step in finding your true love or genuine friendship with a person of the opposite sex, you need to determine what dating website(s) to use. There are a great variety of free and paid dating sites available for use in the UK; however, you need to check out the features of each and consider their pluses and minuses.

One thing you have to know is that most of the paid online dating websites offer an “advanced” matching algorithm. While this may sound worth the extra money, you need to remember that neither complex formulae nor computer programs can predict whom your perfect match will be. Moreover, many people find that they are not nearly as successful with their selected matches on dating sites as they are when they browse through a list of singles personally!

            Free dating sites in your area

Free dating websites are the best option for those individuals who are just starting out in the world of online dating, and for those who have been looking for love for a quite while. Online dating sites like BeNaughty.com feature the options most paid dating sites offer at absolutely no cost. Simply log on to BeNaughty or one of the other free dating sites and begin looking at the attractive single men and women near you!

What to Do Before Asking for a Divorce

Whether or not we grown-ups admit it, we are just as enamored and hooked on the movie Frozen as our kids are. But more than the catchy melodies and spanking animation, what endears us to it is the promise of a happy ever after. For some of us though, when things turn sour in our respective marriages, that happy ever after turns into a happy never ever.

It’s not the end of the world when that happens. You can always start anew by asking for a divorce. But before you head in that direction, here are some important things you should do:

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Image credit: GowerandBluck.com

Everyone deserves a second chance.  It’s never too late to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life.  A whole new world will open up to you once you learn to “let it go”.

Of Life and Lemons

In these trying times, we could all use a little sprinkle of inspiration and positivity.  I myself haven’t exactly been frolicking in the snow or making out with a handsome hunk as of late, so when I came across this article by Sandy Balazic, a soon-to-be graduate from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I felt it resonate with me.

The article entitled When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Back to School is about a single mom raising 4 children.  In her quest for finding her purpose in life after her divorce, she goes to back to school- with one of her daughters as her classmate.

You can imagine how challenging things get.  Balazic tries to balance being a mom with dealing with math problems.  She explains what it’s like to be the oldest in class and have your daughter as your peer at school.  As she and her daughter learn classroom lessons together, they end up being closer.

Stories like this really get to me.  They help nudge me in the right direction.  Balazic let nothing stand in the way of her dreams.  She is somehow able to invest in herself and raise a family at the same time.

Balazic and her daughter are both graduating from college this spring.  They will then face life feeling fulfilled, accomplished, and more headstrong.

I want to be able to do likewise.  I want to look after my daughter and improve myself while I’m at it.  It’s time I start doing something with these lemons.



Getting Over Being Dumped

In relationships, things could happen in the blink of an eye, either in a good or a bad way. So one moment you are still all lovey-dovey, and the next day you might already be waking up to the terrible fact that you’ve been dumped. You’re going to be a complete mess for the next few days, weeks, or even months. You’re sad, shocked, anguished and hateful. You may feel like it’s the end of the world, and you can never love again. Is there a way out from all this? How to get over it?


Don’t think that you can’t find love again

Many people who are dumped often believe that no one else except their exes could fill the void in their hearts. It’s totally normal to think this way, but don’t let this thought consume you. Try to find a hobby you can indulge in, do anything you want, or simply do nothing at all, and hopefully this can help you take your mind off the ex. More importantly, believe in yourself, your fate, or whatever, that there must be someone else waiting for you among the 7 billion people in the world.


Accept it

This is not rubbing salt on your wounds, but you’ve got to accept that the relationship is over. Your ex was an important part of your life, but not anymore. All those days that you spent together would only remain as memories. It’s painful but you need to learn to accept it. Cry if you must – it’ll make you feel better.


Find someone to talk to

Don’t fight the battle alone; you don’t have to. Find a person you can trust and tell everything in your story, the good times, the bad times, the regrets, everything. Just talk until there’s nothing left in your mind. By then, you should feel slightly better. Don’t resort to drugs or alcohol; all you need is a pair of kind ears, and perhaps a shoulder to cry on if you need it. After all, just having someone listening to you is already a big load off the chest. However, if you still find yourself hanging in a state of extreme depression, it’s better to seek for professional help.


This too shall pass

It takes time for you to get over your ex. Be patient, as the saying goes, “give the time, some time.” All those heart wrenching feelings of grief, despair and loneliness will eventually recede. Soon enough you’ll be back on your feet, and if you’re lucky enough to meet your new love, take it. You don’t have to follow the obscure 3-month or 6-month rules, as long as you’re not using the new partner as a substitute or a scapegoat. Even if you want to try something more unconventional, such as chatroulette or online dating, go for it – just make sure that this time, you know how to protect your heart.


Do you have any other tips for coping with breakups? Please share them, as I might as well learn a thing or two.




Written by: Sybil Serin

Author Bio: A twenty-something girl who’s “been there”. Bouncing back from adversities, she now works hard to improve herself as a better and stronger soul.

Your Kids Don’t Come First

Change is good.  It always is.  And I have to say that I just recently had an epiphany of sorts, and it has altered the way I think and feel in ways I could only previously imagine.

I feel that I have always been overly dependent on my daughter.   I almost feel sorry for putting her in a position where she was my wellspring of happiness and self-worth.  I knew that on a subconscious level, the reason “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” from Frozen keeps playing inside my head is that I have associated it with my daughter.  Whatever she likes, I like too.  It’s as if I’ve lost my identity and wrapped myself emotionally and mentally around her.  That’s just totally unhealthy.

She was my number one.  Everything else took a step back.  But when I started reading the Wealthy Single Mommy blog, I learned how important it is that we don’t put our kids first.

Now before you feed me to the lions, hear me out.

Yes, I love my daughter.  I love her to the moon and back.  But that doesn’t mean that I live for her.  That she’s the reason for my existence.  Eventually, she’ll grow up and have a life of her own.

My job now is to be an example to her, to show her what it’s like to live a full and rich life.  I have to show her that it’s not her obligation to make me happy, that I can do that by myself.

I realize how my old mindset has carried over to my just-recently-ended romantic relationship.  Probably one of the reasons it didn’t work out, was because my then boyfriend saw how much of a doting mother I was to my daughter.  He felt out of place.  He felt less than important.  If I knew then what I know now, it would have made a whole world of difference.

My daughter is staying at her Dad’s for two weeks.  I’m at the halfway mark, and I’m proud to say that I no longer achingly pine away for her.  The gassy anxiety spells I used to have are now a thing of the past.  I enjoy my time alone, like a normal and healthy adult should.

If and when love comes knocking on my door again, I’ll know better to give him the attention he needs and deserves.  If he asks me out to a Gin Blossoms concert even on a weeknight, I’ll go.

Happy parents make happier kids.  If you know how to take care of yourself, then you’ll be better and more effective at taking care of your children.  That’s how it all adds up in the parenting equation.

Throw your Fears to the Fire!

Today, I’m sharing with you the story of Heather, a strong mom who beat the odds and faced her fears. She is such an inspiring woman, that all my worries and anxieties now seem so trivial. If she can do it, so can you and I. Here’s her story:

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I’ve been blessed with a great sense of humor, and that sense of humor is one of the things that helped my husband and me through one of the most trying times of our lives. I was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma in November 2005. To save my life, surgeons performed an extrapleural pneumonectomy, which included the removal of my left lung, half of my diaphragm, as well as the lining of my heart.

In addition to undergoing this risky surgery, the situation was complicated by the fact that I was a new mom. Fortunately, I was able to pick out things to laugh about. When I learned that my surgery would take place on February 2, I nicknamed my tumor Punxsatawney Phil after the famous groundhog. This immediately took the seriousness out of the situation to help make it not as scary. My sister and I began to laugh about the tumor running in fear when it saw its shadow. Soon, we began to call February 2 LungLeavin’ Day, which is the day I lost my lung.

My husband and sister began discussing how best to celebrate such a day. My sister, being familiar with fire walking, came up with the idea of writing fears on an object to be destroyed in a fire. Naturally, we weren’t all going to walk on a burning plank. Instead, my husband came up with the idea of writing our fears on plates that could be smashed and thrown into the fire.

One year after my surgery, Cameron and I bought two plates and a sharpie and wrote our fears on these plates. Then, Cameron started a fire in our fire pit. Bundled up against the seasonal cold, we went out together and smashed our fears into that fire. It felt so good that we knew we needed to extend this special event to include family members and friends.

Over the years, our celebration has grown as we invited friends and family to join us. Now, we observe the shattering of fears on LungLeavin’ Day as a fundraiser for fighting mesothelioma. The celebration isn’t just for cancer survivors and warriors. Everyone has fears to overcome. On this day, we even get the kids involved, letting them write their fears on paper plates that can be thrown into the fire.

This year, we hope to include even more people in our celebration. We plan to stream the event live on my Facebook page, and we’ve also launched an interactive webpage for the virtual smashing of fears. We hope you’ll join us this year!

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Children’s Book Campaign Reunites Son with Father after Seven Years

Here’s a heartwarming story to bring out the holiday spirit in us all:

StarBoy is a children’s book, written and illustrated by Ventura-based community storyteller Noah Crowe, about growing up missing his father, rites of passage, and belonging.

Free Web ProxyWell on Wednesday, December 4th, Noah’s kickstarter campaign to publish his book yielded an unexpected result:

His father called.

After seven years without any contact, the news of Noah’s book, StarBoy: The Boy Who Traded Clothes with the Stars, reached his father’s ears. When he learned about the book’s subject, his father reached out with a simple and heartwarming request. He wanted to read it.

“It jolted me in a way I wasn’t expecting,” Noah said. “I didn’t expect that the energy in the story about embodying the love of the father inside, would become about reconnecting with my father personally, nor did I know it was even possible.”

Recently, Noah reached out to me and my blog to see if I could share his campaign with anyone that might be interested in helping him out.

The StarBoy campaign ends in 19 days and still needs to raise 84% of its funding for the book to be published. Any donation is greatly appreciated, even just $1 to raise the number of backers and bring the campaign to a wider audience.

The book is to be printed on recycled or even tree-free paper, and for every book sold a tree will be planted, to set a new environmentally conscious standard for children’s media, and stress the importance of how we share our stories.

To make a donation, check out the StarBoy book, or offer Noah any helpful tips, just go to:



The Magic of Magic Words: Teaching Kids- and Grown Ups- To Say “Please” and “Thank You”

In my line of work, I have to deal with children every single day.  What I do is not for the faint of heart, that I can say with certainty.  In the middle of all the shushes and tests of patience, I always remind them to use the magic words “Please” and “Thank You”.

These words are called magic words for a reason.  They bring a smile to even the most downtrodden employee.  If somebody politely asks you to help her look for a book on elephants, you’d feel compelled to willingly help her despite the fact that you’ve been buried under tons of work for the past hour.  And when you hear a Thank You after you’ve helped her, that’s simply music to your ears.

Magic words are polite ways to show somebody that you appreciate whatever it is he or she has done for you.  We are all wrapped up in our own preoccupations, so it really does take a lot for one to go the extra mile to lend you a hand.  The least he or she deserves is a Thank You.

As parents, teaching our kids the habit of saying please and thank you is similar to passing on the torch of good values to them.  It signifies our love for them, our intent to mold them into respectful individuals.  This habit instills in our kids the value of gratitude.  They learn to appreciate what other people do for them.

Even as grown ups, we should always remember to say these magic words.  It says a lot about how well-mannered we are.  No matter how hunky you are, if you don’t know how to say Thank You, that is a MAJOR turnoff!

It doesn’t take much to say Please or Thank You.  Remember to use these magic words, and you’re sure to brighten someone’s day.







The Real Slim Shady: Signs of Emotional Cheating

It’s not all too uncommon for a woman to find lipstick marks on her husband’s collar or the faint stench of a woman’s perfume on his neck.  These are probably the classic signs of cheating which have gone down in history and have been played up in many a soap opera episode.  It’s the type of hedonistic cheating associated with the physical.

Apart from that though, there is what’s called emotional cheating.  It’s when you develop deep emotional connections with someone who isn’t your partner.  Although it doesn’t constitute hooking up or sneakily getting jiggy behind some dark alley, it’s just as harmful to any relationship as the type of cheating we have all been used to.

What are the signs that your platonic friendship with your opposite-sex friend is turning into something which raises a red flag in your romantic relationship?

Tiny special things.  If you find yourself leaving him notes on his desk, or sending him a photo collage of the two of you on your last trip together, that may signal something.  Giving him mementos or objects showing that you care may mean that you want him to keep thinking about you.  This is also a subconscious invitation for him to return the favor.

Clandestine communication.  Whenever you hear the message alert on your cellphone go off, you feel your heart skip a beat, secretly hoping it was your “friend” who texted you.  Normally, you should be communicating more with your partner than with anybody else.

Spending more time with your “friend”.  Those office lunches are beginning to stretch from one-hour breaks to an hour and a half, and you find yourself extremely looking forward to the 12noon mark every single workday.

Sneaky behavior.  Hiding things from your significant other is a clear indicator of emotional cheating.    If there are certain things going on between you and your “friend” which you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your partner, then you are teetering on the edge of emotional infidelity.

Basically, if you do or feel anything for another person which you would- or rather, should- normally do or feel for your partner, that’s a sign that relationship repairs have to be done.