The three P’s of a lunar eclipse

What is it with me and astronomic phenomena? Ever since I can remember, I keep missing these close encounters of the lunar kind.  I didn’t get to catch the lunar eclipse the other night.  Now, I have to be content with viewing other people’s pictures of this magnificent wonder.  Nonetheless, I am still left with my mouth gaping in awe at this beautiful sight.  The next time you are fortunate enough to witness a lunar eclipse, here are some P’s to remember, to get the most enjoyment out of your lunar experience:

Picnic–  Being in the company of friends, family, or your special someone under the stars spells “fun” in anyone’s dictionary.  A lunar eclipse, or meteor shower, as the case may be, would provide the perfect backdrop for a night together with the people dearest to you.  Bring out the picnic blanket, throw in a few munchies and drinks, and you’re all set for a fun night outdoors.

Propose–  What could be more romantic than proposing marriage to the love of your life under a beautiful lunar eclipse?  Both of you are sure to remember this day for the rest of your lives. It makes for a good story to tell your grandchildren too.

Pepper–  No, I’m not talking about a condiment here, nor am I being overly narcissistic, because that’s way out of my league.  Ok, in effect, I am talking about myself here, because I want to stress the need for quiet “me” time.  Whatever you do for a living, whether you slave off for hours in the office, or you are a busy homemaker 24/7, you deserve and badly need time to just be still and relax.  A lunar eclipse is a good opportunity for you to just sit under the blanket of stars, and ponder on the greatness of God.  Even for a few minutes, you can simply sit back, enjoy the view, and clear your mind of all your worries.


What you need to know about Pepper

If I have been blessed with an angelic voice, I would definitely be singing Disney Aladdin’s “A Whole New World” to my heart’s content right now, as I feel that I have been transported to a new world of friendship and sisterhood.  Blogging has opened doors of opportunity for me- doors to not only money-making schemes, but to newfound friendships as well.  One of those friends is Levy who has tagged me, so I am now required to divulge 10 facts about me.

  1. I am never comfortable talking about myself, so what I’m doing right now is making me extremely uneasy (and slightly nauseous!).  That’s why I know I’ll never be a movie star, or a politician, for that matter.
  2. I don’t watch TV…I channel-surf.  Blame that on my short attention span.  Without the remote, I am helpless.
  3. I worry too much.  I tend to overthink things, as if I didn’t have anything else to do.
  4. It’s no rocket science to figure out that I would do anything and everything for my daughter.  She’s all I’ve got.  I would take a bullet for her, no questions asked.
  5. I love to read, but I haven’t immersed myself in a good book in a while.  All I’ve been reading as of late are blogs.  I find them more interesting and worth my time.
  6. My latest addiction is this certain yema from Bicol.  It has pili nuts, and just the right blend of caramel-y creaminess and sweetness.  I can eat 10 in one sitting.
  7. I hate it when I run out of topics to blog about.  This immensely affects my PR (or, lack of it!).
  8. I am missing somebody terribly right now ;).  Enough said.
  9. I love Yang Chow fried rice, tofu, and lasagna.  Not necessarily in that order.
  10. I wish I had the power to stop time.  If I did, I’d freeze every moment spent with the people dearest to me.

Whew! Now that I’m done, it’s your turn to say 10 things about yourself:

May * Stef * Arlene * Air * Karen * Bambie * Ces * Chris * Dez * Olga

Make a post about it, and then tag 10 people to do the same.  That’s how you play this game.  By the way, please don’t forget to leave a comment here with the url of your post, so I could get to know more about you ;)



Tips on Choosing a Good School Bag

With school opening just around the corner, our kids are getting helplessly excited once more. You could feel excitement in the air as they make a roll call of old friends they look forward to seeing again on the first day of school.

As parents, the excitement does inevitable come with a bit of apprehension when it comes to expenses for school supplies. One back-to-school essential is, of course, the school bag. It’s something which we should choose carefully, because we do want something durable, comfortable for our kid to carry, and of course, reasonably-priced. Here are some tips to consider when buying a school bag for our kids:

Backpacks may be a good option, as the bag must always be carried on both shoulders. This helps protect the kid’s neck, back and spine from undue strain.

The school bag should be positioned with its bottom just at hip level and the top of the bag should be a little above the shoulders.

Weight distribution of the contents of the bag should also be considered. Heavy items should be positioned closest to the back and secured with the elastic straps.

One last note, parents should take note of the maximum load of their children’s school bags. It’s recommended that the weight of the full school bag should not be more than 15% of the child’s body weight.

Just Beautiful: Funny Faces

I am pretty sure you’ll agree with me when I say that seeing kids goofing around, making funny faces in front of the camera is just beautiful :).
This is my daughter with the daughter of my long-time friend from way back in high school (and I do mean waaaay back!). They were just toweling off after an afternoon dip in the pool.

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Jared’s Little Corner Giveaway

Nothing makes me happier than giveaways, so here I am joining the first ever blog giveaway of Jared’s Little Corner. It’s Jared’s way of celebrating his 20th month birthday, and thanking everyone who has been part of his online journey.

His mommy Vix of Mumwrites is giving away two prizes: a P500 gc from Musikgarten for a lucky Metro Manila contestant, and an inflatable pool for a contestant outside Metro Manila. Personally, I’d love to win the GC ;).

You might want to join too. For more detailed contest mechanics, please drop by Jared’s Little Corner

Purple Passion

Since my daughter’s favorite color is purple, it comes as no surprise that today, she happens to be wearing none other than a purple shirt. It’s just ironic that the shirt says “I love my Daddy”, when it’s Mother’s Day today :). Apparently, my ex-husband wants to make a statement… hehe

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Life and then Som

5 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block

photo by Google Images

At some point, I’m sure you have fallen victim to writer’s, or blogger’s block. It’s when you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to think of anything to write about. If you feel it’s not yet time to go so low as to blog about your next-door neighbor’s tighty whities hanging on the clothesline, then consider these pretty helpful ways to ease writer’s block

Read. No, not other people’s mail. Just read about what people are talking about. The net is replete with hot topics related to whatever your sphere of interest may be. Sign up for Google Alerts, and receive email updates on hot topics on any subject you desire.

Tweet away. If you find immeasurable ecstasy when you go on twitter, then this would be a good venue for you to find out hot topics worth writing about. People tweet about almost anything nowadays.

Look inside. Delve deep within your reachable levels of consciousness to dig up something worth divulging to the world. Be wary, as any information you give out on the internet can and may be used against you. You could pick up on any recent incident in your life, and work around that.

Have a say. Give your opinion on latest topics or world issues. Who knows, your two cents might come back to you a hundredfold.

Join memes. In the blogging world, memes are given themes or topics which you write about. This is likewise an excellent way to gain traffic for your blog, as other bloggers who joined a certain meme are obliged to visit your site to view your post for that particular meme.

If all else fails, just take consolation in the fact that writer’s block does happen to everyone, and it is not a permanent disease. You can always draw inspiration from the things you see and hear around you…yes, even if it’s your neighbor’s constant bickering.

Why I am bragging that I am the best mom in the world

brought to you by RJ’s Mama

In my heart, and in my soul, I firmly believe that I am the best mother in the world because I take after my mom’s personal parenting style. She seems to have passed on to me her knack for selflessly taking care of her kids. As mothers, I also think we all have earned bragging rights, so now, I am claiming mine.

Circle of Moms Top 25 Blogs on Single Parenting: I’m nominated!

I can’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling at this very moment. I’m elated, ecstatic, speechless, excited, nervous all in the same breath. Somewhere in the middle of all this blogging, I must be doing something good, as (drumroll, please!) this blog has been nominated to the Circle of Moms Top 25 Blogs on Single Parenting .

I need your help. Please vote by clicking on the above link. You’ll find The Pepperrific Life on the list, and please click on the “thumbs up” icon below “Votes”.

Thanks very much :)

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan 11

Altruism is probably foremost on the mind of Mommy Rubz, the brains behind the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. She came up with this weekly meme as an avenue for bloggers to help other bloggers in terms of gaining followers to their blogs. This has proven to be really helpful for newbies such as myself, when it comes to increasing blog traffic to my site.

This week, we have to follow other blogs via Google Friend Connect.
So, come on and join the caravan.