6 Essential Tips for Caring for a New Dog

Welcoming a dog into your family is one of the best decisions you can make, as the whole clan can enjoy years of wonderful memories with a pet.

On top of showering your canine with love and attention, you will want to ensure you provide the best level of care. Read our six essential tips for caring for a new dog.

Train Your Pet Pooch

The training process should begin from the moment you welcome a dog into the home. Create a vocabulary list for the whole family to use when giving directions. Using the same wording for commands will prevent confusion, so he or she will learn at a quicker rate.

Create a Schedule

It’s not only a dog training plan you need to carefully consider. Introduce a feeding, toileting and exercise schedule from day one. It’s also easy to give into a pet when he or she whines when left alone, but don’t. Only give a pet attention for good behaviour to aid the training process. For instance, you can shower a pet with love for resting silently, urinating outside the home or chewing on a chew toy.

Talk to a Vet

Research the best vet for your pet to ensure your dog lives a long and happy life. Discuss any vaccines your pet may need with a vet, and you could also ask for advice on feeding and training. A vet will have all the answers to any questions about any problems or concerns relating to your dog.

A Flea Treatment

All dogs are prone to fleas, which is why you must look for an effective flea treatment for dogs. The pesky little bugs can cause your pet to itch and scratch, so say goodbye to fleas once and for all with a preventative or treatment product.

Be Patient

It’s not uncommon for a dog to feel a little strange in a new environment, so you may not see his or her personality for a few weeks after an adoption. Don’t be surprised if your new canine companion is a little uneasy with you or other members of the family at first.

Show your dog patience and understanding, while maintaining the same walking and feeding schedule. A schedule will show a pet what is expected of him or her, which will help to develop a routine, while showing a dog what they can expect from you.

Nutritional Food

Adopting a pet can sometimes be expensive, so you may be tempted to opt for cheap dog food. However, the cheapest option may not always be the healthiest option for your pet. It’s important to discuss their nutritional needs with a vet and find a brand to match.

Also, try not to give any scraps when a dog begs for food, as they can often be harmful to their body. Only provide them with food you know is good for them and give he or she an appropriate portion size.

Top 5 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In The World

For most alcoholic lovers around the world, the drinks stated below would sure give them a heart attack with the price tag. Nevertheless, these are some of the best in quality drinks that money can buy.

The most expensive drinks are:


  1. Dalmore 62


Dalmore 62 priced at £ 166,000, only 12 bottles of Dalmore were ever made. The scarcity of availability of this drink surges the price even more. The recent purchase of this bottle happened in Singapore, a place where one can find all luxury items together. It is rumored to be one of the finest whiskey ever made.


  1. The Macallan 64-year-old in Lalique Cire Perdue


Priced at £ 355,000 for 1.5 liters of whiskey, it was specially created to mark the 150th anniversary of Renea Teague, one of the founders of world’s foremost crystal artisan. They combined the creativity and craftsmanship of Macallan and Lalique using the lost wax procedure, truly one of a kind masterpiece deserves such a high price tag.


  1. Diva Vodka


Priced at £ 772,000, this expensive vodka is first ice filtered then goes through Nordic birch charcoal for purification, which is then filtered through sand that contains precious and semi-precious gems. This bottle comes along with 48 brilliant cut gems running down the core as garnishment and decoration that can be customized to your choice along with the color of gems, which makes each bottle a unique masterpiece.


  1. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne


Priced at £ 1,543,000, is basically the most expensive Cognac in existence. This bottle is covered in 24 karats yellow gold, sterling platinum, and 6,500 brilliant cut diamonds. It is also dubbed as DNA of cognacs, is produced since 1776 is aged in barrels for more than a decade and has an alcoholic content of 41% which tastes like heaven.


5.Tequila Ley .925


Priced at £ 2,700,000, this liquor is made from the pure sap of Blue Agave plant, that has aged, fermented and distilled for six years. Only 33 bottles were ever produced which make it the most expensive tequila out there. Th tequila in the bottle is a perfect blend of 5 years old and 10-year-old Tequila, whose recipe and the process is kept a secret in a secret location in Mexico.

With such price tags, these drinks are sure to burn a huge hole in anyone’s pocket. However, you can start saving for a lifetime just to buy one such bottle or can go on to gamevillage.com where we can win big and can make use of the best bingo offers available online



Add Fun to Your Life By Brewing Your Own Beer

Making your own fresh beer is a great hobby and a rewarding experience. There is nothing like pulling out your own crafted beer for company and having them marvel over the complexity of the brew you created. It is not an expensive hobby to get into and most new brewers can get away with just purchasing a homebrew starter kit. After that successful first batch, a serious hobbyist starts experimenting with different ingredients and kinds of beer. For the hatdcore brewers, having designer labels and a bottle labeler to showcase their own private microbrews becomes the next evolution of this hobby.

Tips for New Beginners

Making your own beer can be as simple as making a cup of tea, but there are ways to insure a truly amazing homebrew every time. The key is to make sure all your ingredients are fresh. Having a quality malt extract relies on using yeasts and hops that haven’t been sitting around on dusty shelves. When cooling down the wort, the best practice is to use an ice bath because this will reduce oxidation which can really affect the overall taste of the beer.

After the first brew, many hobbyist tend to try to create their own recipes. There is nothing wrong with experimenting but it is best for the first few batches to stick to tried and true recipes and focus on mastering the brew processes before switching things up.

Steps for Making a Good Beer

Brew day is here, so what do you first? The best thing to do is slow down and get everything ready. Read through the instructions in the starter kit entirely and gather up all the necessary ingredients. Watch a few videos on YouTube and see how others have handled extract brewing. Many of these people will give great advice and let you know of potential problems that arise during brewing. Clean all equipment before beginning and stick to proper measurements. Winging it and rushing the process will result in failure and a awful tasting brew.

Make sure that the water is the proper temperature by using a thermometer. Store and monitor the fermentation in the proper environment. Sanitize all equipment before filtering the beer and store bottles for about two weeks before drinking. The key to homebrews is fun and enjoyment and great tasting beer. With a little effort, a good batch of beer can be waiting just a few weeks away.

Creating a Candy Buffet That Perfectly Matches Your Event

Many of us have dreamed about the day that we can create a beautiful, exciting, and fun loving candy buffet. Like many of the other new things that we have tried, we’re afraid that we’ll somehow make a mistake.



For many people, the biggest mistake they make when coordinating and designing a candy buffet is they choose the wrong color scheme. A second mistake that people tend to make is they choose the wrong types of candy for their event.


Are you ready to finally create a candy buffet that perfectly matches your event decor? Are you finally excited to take this challenge?


Don’t worry because we’re here to help. We’ll share our favorite tips and wisdom about successfully coordinating and planning a sweet candy buffet perfectly in alignment with your candy decor.


What Type of Event Are You Hosting?


At times it’s going to be easier to coordinate and design a candy buffet than at other times.


The first tip we can give you is to use a bulk candy supplier with which you will still be able to save up on the money. One of them is Sweet Services.


As an example, creating a candy buffet for a children’s event will be one of the easiest things you’ve ever attempted to accomplish. Kids love candy of all kinds. You can get them hard candy, soft candy, chocolates, and any other type of sweets that you could think of. They will absolutely devour everything you put in front of their cute little faces because they love candy and they can’t wait to eat as much as their little bellies can carry.


Kids’ parties are a breeze as far as candy buffets are concerned. It’s the adult parties that you have to pay special attention to.


Designing the Best Candy Buffet for an Adult Themed Party


As far as the adults are concerned, you’re much better off avoiding the sugary hard candies and sticking to the tried and true and thoroughly tested chocolates! It’s rare to meet an adult who doesn’t absolutely love chocolate candy. And to be quite honest with you, the adult that doesn’t love chocolate candy doesn’t love candy at all. They will typically avoid a candy buffet because they just don’t really like sweets.


So, creating an adult candy buffet is going to be easier than you think. Pick chocolate candies that everybody loves. The following are great examples to include in your adult candy buffet:


  •        chocolate covered cherries
  •        chocolate rum candy
  •        dark chocolate covered cherries
  •        milk chocolate dried strawberries
  •        dark chocolate pretzel twists
  •        milk chocolate covered walnuts
  •        milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts
  •        milk chocolate covered pecans
  •        milk chocolate covered peanuts
  •        milk chocolate covered almonds


Clearly, adults are going to fall head over heels in love with this candy buffet. It will look and taste great and they’ll be happy that you created it.


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Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with Outreachmama.com and Toweringseo.com who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.


How To Get That Dream Job (Without Any Previous Experience)

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‘Experience needed’ is a phrase jobseekers worldwide despise. If you’ve got your eyes set on a certain career but are having trouble getting your foot in the door because employers keep asking for experience, don’t despair – you may simply have to reassess your route in. You can start getting what you want today.  Plenty of people have managed to land their dream career without the experience necessary. Here’s how…


Get educated


If you haven’t got experience, the next best thing is education. Whilst a degree can be a requirement for many higher level jobs, there are other alternative education routes such as short courses, online courses and workshops which could be more focused (for example, you may not have a Marketing degree to get into a marketing job, but if you’ve taken an short SEO course and attended a Social Media Marketing workshop this could prove just as advantageous). Or, if you have plans of taking the road less traveled and becoming a social worker, there’s an online bsw course which you can take to lead you towards your goal.

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It may sound clichéd, but it’s very much true – get friends in high enough places and you’ll increase your chances of getting your foot in the door. Attend networking events within your trade. If you want to become a photographer, go to photography conventions, attend photography workshops and join photography clubs. Make sure you’re networking online too. Build up connections on Linked In, join Facebook community groups, follow and reply to leading industry experts on Twitter and join online forums within your trade.


Start a blog


A blog is a great way of showing off your know-how, building up a reputation within your field and networking with others. You can start a blog on anything you like. If you want to get into music promotion, start a music blog. If you want to get into finance, create a finance advice blog. You can start a blog using platforms such as Blogger and WordPress, whilst sites such as Blogging.com can give you advice on how to write a successful blog. Create regular content, interact with your readers and support other bloggers – you may attract the attention of a potential employer. Alternatively, use your blog as evidence of your passion when applying to a job.


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Nobody wants to work for free, but sometimes it can be the perfect way to get that experience that employers are so eager for. Sites such as Do-it.org have listings of all kinds of voluntary positions in all possible trades. In some cases, an employer may be so impressed by your work that they take you on full time. Even if they don’t make the offer, it doesn’t hurt to ask whether they could offer paid work having proven your worth through the voluntary work you’ve done.


Emphasise soft skills


Sometimes the experience is there – you just may not have realised it. A completely different previous job may have contained some roles which are transferrable. These could be soft skills such as being able to work in a team, handling money or talking to clients on the phone. You may even be able to use sports achievements and personal challenges to show evidence of skills such as commitment, teamwork and problem-solving. Just make sure you’re not throwing out random adjectives like ‘hardworking’ and ‘reliable’ – give proof of your claims so that employers believe in you.


How to Get the Best Deal Possible on an Engagement Ring

Not everybody has the means to spend a ton of money on an engagement ring. With all the expenses that come with a wedding, saving on an engagement ring is essential if you don’t want to break the bank. Fortunately, there are many ways you can save on engagement rings if you know how to go about it. Here are a few tips on how to get the best deal possible on an engagement ring – none of them involving checking out potential scammers on Craigslist.

Understand Expectations

Diamond sellers created the myth that you have to give someone a ring worth three months of your salary. The engagement ring was originally used to signal that the woman was promised to be married to someone and act as a type of dower. However, the cost of the average ring and similar gifts were closer to one month’s income by the man, more to demonstrate his ability to provide for her than a down payment on the woman herself.

Understand your partner’s expectations before you buy the engagement ring. If your partner would be offended if you spent less than three months of pay, you may want to save up longer for the ring, or you need to have a serious discussion with your partner about your financial situation. You may need to negotiate the cost of the ring against the cost of the wedding itself or the money you’ll have leftover for setting up a household. If your partner would be happy simply to receive a more affordable wedding ring, your next consideration is the size, style and type that your partner would like that still fits your budget. However, you should not set your jewelry budget based on the expectations of future in-laws or cultural norms set by companies that want you to spend as much as possible.

Buy the Right Size

Carat weight and diamond size are critical thresholds when determining the price of the ring. So, buy the diamond that is just under a full carat to save money while having a gem large enough to be appreciated by all. A 1.95 carat diamond is much cheaper than the 2 carat diamond, but only the experts in the jewelry shop will know the difference.

Buying non-traditional shapes will also save you money. Jewelers charge more for perfectly round diamonds and square diamonds, whereas ovals and other shapes cost less. So, you could save quite a bit of money if you buy an oval or rectangular gem.

You also want to make sure you buy the right size of engagement ring, since you may have to pay for the ring to be resized if it isn’t the right size for your intended.

As far as the size of the stone goes, you’d be better off going for a smaller stone with a higher quality cut than a bigger stone with a poor cut. As a matter of fact, a smaller diamond with a better cut will actually appear bigger than a poorly cut bigger diamond. The cut of the diamond is what gives it much of its shine, so out of the four c’s (cut, clarity, color and carat) cut is the one factor you should never skimp on.

Shop for the Ring at the Right Place

We’re not going to recommend that you go shopping for an engagement ring at a pawn shop unless you have a good friend who is also a jeweler. Instead, shop at off brand jewelers. For example, Costco offers good quality jewelry for a fraction of the price you’d pay at Tiffany Company or Jared’s Jewelers. Likewise, avoid name-brand jewelry. You’ll pay hundreds to thousands of dollars more for a jewelry brand that plays enough commercials to have brand recognition, and frankly, most people seeing the ring will be more impressed by the appearance of the ring or the fact she finally received one than the maker of it.

You should also consider online retailers when buying an engagement ring. While many people may be wary of online retailers, most have very safe payment options and their reputation is easily verifiable. Also, while a big brand diamond retailer might buy a piece for $1000 and resell it for double the price, an online retailer may sell the same piece for $1300.

However, if you’re willing to buy a pre-owned piece of jewelry like a ring sold to the jeweler by someone going through a divorce, you’ll save a significant amount of money on the ring. There are websites that promise to link willing buyers with eager sellers, but this requires more than a little research on your part before you try to order an engagement ring online.

Buy at the Right Time

You’ll pay more for engagement and wedding rings if you are buying them in the spring. June through August is wedding season, but engagement rings cost more between January and March because so many people propose around Valentine’s Day or as a run-up to the June wedding rush. Summer is actually a good time to buy an engagement ring since it is slow for jewelers. Conversely, buying a ring at the end of December lets you save even more money because jewelers want to reduce their taxable inventory and make quota before the end of the year.

Buy in Bulk

In the case of engagement rings, bulk means buying your wedding rings at the same time as the engagement ring. You can save a lot of money on diamond eternity rings if you buy matching rings for him and her, where she’ll add a gold ring on her wedding day and he’ll wear the matching diamond band. Or you could buy a set of interlocking engagement-wedding rings for her so that she can wear the engagement ring now, while the wedding ring will be added to it on her wedding day.

Buy a Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

One way to save on the cost of your engagement ring is to buy a lab-created diamond. These gems have excellent quality and a lower cost than natural diamonds, and no one but a professional with the right equipment can tell the difference. Or you can consider gems other than diamonds for use in the engagement ring. If you’re a traditionalist on a budget, buy an engagement ring with a centrally placed diamond surrounded by complimentary, lower cost stones. For example, an Asian couple could buy an engagement ring featuring both diamond and jade.

If you are on a tight budget, stones similar to diamonds, but not actually diamonds are an option; jewelers call these “diamond-esque”. If you are afraid of being criticized for not giving her real diamonds on her engagement ring, select a ring with an array of very small stones set in a beautiful pattern.

Some people will be satisfied with the gesture, especially if they know you’re on a small budget. You could also buy a diamond equivalent piece for the engagement ring and go for a real or synthetic diamond for the wedding ring. There are many options on the market that offer the same level of brilliance as real diamonds, but are cheap. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that these options aren’t always as durable as real diamonds and it’s really easy to get scammed, so tread lightly.

Accepting gems with lower color and clarity will help you save money on the engagement ring. You can mitigate this issue by choosing a ring with a stunning clear white diamond surrounded by more affordable gems. Or you could decide to go for other gemstones such as white sapphire, for instance.

Pick the Right Metal

Don’t go with the modern trend to give someone an engagement ring made of trendy (and costly) platinum. And skip the white gold rings that may not retain their value. Instead, give a traditional gold ring. Yellow gold has a long track record of retained value, and it will still be appreciated by your great-grandchildren. If cost is a major consideration, ask about diamond eternity rings made from 14K gold instead of 18K gold.

Another option to look into is rose gold. Rose gold is rising in popularity at the moment because of its high durability and lower price compared to traditional gold. Rose gold rings are also much more distinctive and will give you a wider range of gem arrangements to choose from.


If you follow the tips in this article, you should be able to cut the price you’ll pay for your engagement ring significantly. Select more affordable diamonds to save on the cost of the ring, whether smaller, less clear or less desirable cuts. If you are going to buy other rings, buy them at the same time as the engagement ring. Buy the engagement ring in the summer or winter, not the spring. Lab made diamonds or gems other than diamonds are a less expensive option. Select the right type of metal. Skip the name brand rings, and find gems right below the threshold for the next price bracket to save the most money.

Tea For Two! Holding A Perfect Tea Party At Home

If you want to celebrate, or even just hang out with your friends and loved ones, there’s nothing better than a tea party. Not only can people bring their kids so they don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter, but tea parties are nostalgic, attractive, vintage-themed and an opportunity to incorporate a lot of fun. Here are some tips on how to throw the perfect tea party at your house…


Consider Your Occasion


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First of all, there’s usually a reason that you’re throwing a party, so it’s important to make sure that you focus on that. A tea party is perfect for any sort of shower, particularly a baby shower, when the expectant mother definitely wouldn’t want to be going out to celebrate in any bars or staying out too late into the night. They’re also perfect for bridal showers – as you know, the real decadence before a wedding usually waits until the bachelorette weekend, so a tea party is a perfectly elegant contrast to the wild night that’s still to come. A tea party can also make for a great birthday party – if you want to celebrate your birthday or a friend’s birthday, but you want to create an occasion that people can bring their families to, there’s nothing better than a tea party.


Consider Your Guests


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If you’re throwing a party for someone else, it’s absolutely vital that you invite the people that they want you to invite, so make sure that they give you a list beforehand. Depending on how formal the tea party is, you could print up invitations or simply send around a group email, requesting that they RSVP to let you know whether or not they’re coming. If the guests don’t know each other particularly well then why not lay out place cards so that people don’t clump together in their friendship groups? You could also play a game when everyone arrives to break the ice, like twenty questions.


Consider Your Decor


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Depending on the occasion of your tea party, the details of your decor may change. If it’s a baby shower for a friend who’s expecting a baby boy then you might go for pale blue banners and for elephant motifs; if it’s a family birthday tea for your teenage daughter then you could go for bright jewel tones to make it an occasion to be remembered forever. But underneath those big details there are always a few things that you could keep constant. First of all, keep an eye out online on sites like eBay and at thrift stores for any pretty plates and cups that you could buy – there’s nothing as cute as mismatched china with different prints on it to add a quirky touch to any tea party. Finally, go for a real cloth tablecloth in a delicate floral pattern, along with banners and streamers. If the weather’s nice enough to hold your tea party outside, incorporate nature into your decor by picking wildflowers to hold in jam jars as table centrepieces.


Consider Your Refreshments


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Let’s face it: the absolute best thing about a tea party is the refreshments. There’s nothing that feels quite as refined as sipping from a bone china tea cup with a scone waiting to be nibbled on beside you. Provid a couple of different types of tea – there’s English breakfast for anyone who isn’t willing to go very far out of their comfort zone, fragrant Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong, or even refreshing organic matcha tea for anyone who wants to be more experimental. At tea parties, delicate finger sandwiches are always a good call – buy fresh fluffy bread and cut the crusts off smoked salmon, cucumber and egg mayonnaise sandwiches, adding garnishes at the sides. Buy a selection of attractive cakes and pastries, like gateau slices, pastel coloured macaroons and delicate small chocolate eclairs.


Consider Your Conversations


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Finally, it’s time to make sure that everyone gets talking and that they all get along. If it’s a kids’ party or if a lot of your friends have brought their children, then why not hire a magician to keep them occupied? There’s absolutely nothing like balloon animals to fill children with absolute joy and to keep them happy while you and your friends talk to each other. If your party is themed, go for party games that go alongside the them – if it’s a princess tea party for your small daughter then why not buy cheap white t-shirts and have her and her friends draw pictures of what they’d like their princess costumes to look like on them? You could also get them to colour in superhero capes and butterfly wings.

How can you avoid Las Vegas Resort Fees?

Have you ever paid the dreadful resort fees in Las Vegas? Probably yes, if you have traveled before and stayed on the Las Vegas strip. The concept of resort fees in Las is not new. Most of the nettlesome resort fees are collected by the high-end hotels for use of certain amenities which are ought to be free. These resort fees add up to the profit of the hotels and are collected on nightly basis offering facilities for 1 or 2 persons only, irrespective of the occupancy of the room.

Typically you would not find much difference in the hotels which do not charge resort fees as these hotels also offer almost the same facilities excluding one or two which are also very less significant. Except for the strip, there is no shortage of hotels without resort fees in Las Vegas.

Who charges Resort Fees?

Most of the Las Vegas strip hotels do collect resort fees for basic facilities like internet/Wi-Fi, newspaper, drinking water, pool and spa access, etc. The high-end hotels and big hotel chains mostly charge a resort fee which can be commonly seen in the strip hotels. There are also a few hotels in other areas like Offstrip, Downtown and Henderson which do collect the resort fees. A comprehensive list of all the hotels charging resort fees in Las Vegas is put up at Not Just Deals. The list also includes the hotels which do not charge resort fees and offer the same facilities for free or a minimal charge on using a particular facility.

The hotels charge the resort fees at the time of check-in to the hotel which add up to the hotel profits. Collecting resort fees separately from the room rates may be a possible tactic of the hotels to give less pain to the guests. The resort fees are also changed frequently by the hotel authorities.

How can Resort Fee be more than your room rate?

Yes, you have heard correctly. Resort fees can sometimes be more than your room rate. When you get lured by the amazingly low room rates being displayed by the hotels, always keep the dreadful resort fees in mind. The room rates are displayed without the taxes and resort fees. As a result, you might actually end up paying more than double the room rate after making the reservation. The image below is a example of the resort fees being higher than the room rates.

The room rates at Circus Circus hotel at Las Vegas strip is offering room rates from $22 as a part of a 5-day sale. However, the resort fee at Circus Circus is $23.52 which is higher than the room rate being displayed.


Tracking and avoiding Resort Fees

Resort fees can be tracked only when you arrive at the booking page after selecting the room. So it can be considered a sort of hidden fees. Tracking resort fees can be complicated as these are kept hidden from the advertised rates. And the amenities included in the resort fees are also not mentioned clearly. So for a list of all the resort fees and facilities included you can visit the Not Just Deals resort fee page mentioned above.

The best way to avoid the resort fees is to opt for a hotel in other areas excluding the Las Vegas strip. Many Offstrip hotels are close to the strip which does not charge resort fees and give the same facilities for free. Choosing these hotels can be a good bargain as you do not have to pay the additional fees and also stay close to the strip for all the fun and activities. For example, Alexis Park All Suite Resort at East Harmon Avenue does not have resort fees and gives complimentary airport/hotel shuttle service, free internet Wi-Fi and free admission to the Health and Fitness Center.


The image below gives the final price of booking the room, which comes out to be $48.16 including the resort fees and the taxes. So you end up paying $48.16 for $22 room.


Tracking and avoiding Resort Fees

Resort fees can be tracked only when you arrive at the booking page after selecting the room. So it can be considered a sort of hidden fees. Tracking resort fees can be complicated as these are kept hidden from the advertised rates. And the amenities included in the resort fees are also not mentioned clearly. So for a list of all the resort fees and facilities included you can visit the Not Just Deals resort fee page mentioned above.

The best way to avoid the resort fees is to opt for a hotel in other areas excluding the Las Vegas strip. Many Offstrip hotels are close to the strip which does not charge resort fees and give the same facilities for free. Choosing these hotels can be a good bargain as you do not have to pay the additional fees and also stay close to the strip for all the fun and activities. For example, Alexis Park All Suite Resort at East Harmon Avenue does not have resort fees and gives complimentary airport/hotel shuttle service, free internet Wi-Fi and free admission to the Health and Fitness Center.

Can you earn loyalty points on Resort fees?

The answer to this question is big. You do not get reward points or loyalty credits for paying the resort fees. Except for the resort fees all other expenses can earn you the loyalty points. So considering the big picture, resort fee is a way of charging more from the guests for the facilities which are supposed to be offered for free.

Great Reasons to Escape the City and Move to the Countryside

Picking a location to live with your family is an important and difficult decision to make. Not only do you have to worry about your own well-being, but you also need to worry about your children and their future. However, if you plan to have a child in the future and build a family together with your partner, then it’s a good idea to consider your options now if you want to move later on.


But have you ever considered a move to the country? It’s something more and more parents are doing due to the amazing benefits that it offers. So to give you a little idea of what it’s like to live in the countryside, here are a few tips that may just convince you.


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Tighter Community

If you live in a city, then it’s not unusual to pass by someone and not wave at them or say hello. After all, you’ll probably never see them again and they’re just a passing face like the hundreds of others that you see in a day. If that’s the case, then why would you even bother creating a sense of community with your neighbours or store owners? City life is busy and no one has time to converse outside of their workplace or at home, so why bother?

The countryside is nothing like that. When you move to a rural area, there are fewer people and you’ll see the same faces over and over again, making it easy for you to form friendships with the locals. This is a huge advantage because it’s easier to build trust in your neighbours, meaning you’ll have an easy time asking them to look after your children and your children will also have an easier time making friends.

Plenty of Choices

Cities are cramped and, as a result, houses are expensive, small and feel like they’ve been cut and pasted because they look almost identical. Unlike city homes, country homes are much larger, more personalised and look fantastic. They usually all come with huge gardens or plots of land, there is plenty of space for all of your belongings and hobbies, and your children will have a lot of space to play.

This makes it incredibly easy for your home removalist to pick up your belongings, drive over to your new location and help you set up all of your furniture. With large open doors, houses instead of apartments and plenty of storage space, it’s easy to get settled into your new home.

The Healthy Choice

It should come as no surprise to you that living in the countryside is far healthier than living in a cramped smog-filled city. The air is clean and fresh, there are more places to explore and exercise, and there is almost no noise pollution to give you a headache. Due to the reduced amount of dust and pollution, your children are also less likely to develop allergies while they are growing up.

If you care about your own health as well as your children, then moving to the countryside is the only healthy choice that you should consider.

Learning To Be Lucky




Luck is an abstract concept. Some dismiss it as nonsense, citing statistics that show luck is absolutely irrelevant. Others insist there are things they can do to improve their lucky. Some even claim to be inherently lucky people.

Here’s the thing, though – no matter what your thoughts on luck existing as an actual, fundamental force… luck does matter. The people who think that they’re lucky have one major thing in common: they tend to have more luck. Or, it appears to be luck from the outsider perspective.

People who consider themselves lucky are, in fact, shorting themselves. What they actually possess is a special desire to make the best of things, to open themselves up to opportunity, to experience things they’re not sure if they will like. If you keep yourself cloistered away, never trying anything new for fear of failure, then you’re less likely to succeed. Thus, you will think of yourself as unlucky – or at the very least, you won’t think of yourself as lucky.

So is luck a real thing? Perhaps – but perhaps the most telling aspect of the concept is the phrase: “you make your own luck”. You really do; it’s all in the mind. If you fancy turning your life into an endless sea of four-leaf clovers and upturned horseshoes, then you don’t need to start wishing and hoping – you just need to change your attitude.




Try, Try and Keep On Trying


If something doesn’t work out, many of us have a dismissive attitude. We dismiss the idea of competitions, the lottery, sweepstakes. We have facts and figures to back us up; we know it’s unlikely we won’t win.

You know what makes it certain that you won’t win? Not entering them. Most of the aforementioned things take a few seconds, a couple of clicks – something you can do without much thought at all. But the benefits and potential for prizes is huge.

So enter a competition you see on a blog. Make a note to enter new sweepstakes here to win the kind of things you’d usually not be able to afford. Go for that Twitter-based giveaway that you’d usually ignore even if you covet the prize. As long as it’s not actively harmful and stays frugal – what have you got to lose?


Be Open To Possibilities




Touched on above, being open is an absolute necessity for increasing your feelings and chances of being lucky.

It’s things like going to a party you otherwise would have avoiding or taking that evening class you have always been intrigued by. You never know what might happen. It sounds ridiculous as an idea, but it’s utterly feasible that the following scenario could play out:

You go to the evening class. There you meet a woman who works in your industry and you become friends, bonding over the common goal. You maintain that friendship, which is great in and of itself. But then, your new friend hears of a job opportunity at her company that would be a massive promotion for you. You go for it, and you get it.

Some might say that’s lucky: “wow, you just happened to meet someone who helped you get a great job!”. But it’s not luck; it’s from the basis of being willing to try something new.