Cherishing Every Moment Spent Together: 4 Ways to Show Your Grandparents How Much They Mean to You

Your grandparents are, in many ways, the backbone of your family. Without them, your parents would not exist, and you would not exist. They’ve watched your parents grow and are now watching you grow. Over their many years, they’ve learned valuable things and have lots of knowledge to share with you. Your relationship with your grandparents is something you will cherish for many years, long after they’ve gone. It’s important to show your grandparents that you care and to involve them in your life. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that they won’t always be there to help you advice or whip up a delicious Sunday lunch.

To show your grandparents they mean the world to you, here are four ways you can show them you care:

1. Be polite

This rule should apply to every member of your family: be polite. Your grandparents may come from a different time, but this is not why you should be respectful and courteous to them. Being polite to your grandparents shows them that you care about hurting their feelings and respect their opinions. Remember to say ‘thank you’ to your grandparents when they welcome you into their home or take time to listen to worries in your life, and never forget to remind them that you love them.

2. Spend quality time with them

Take time out of your schedule to spend quality time with your grandparents–no cell phone and no TV. Chat with them about what’s happening in their lives and about their health, and involve them in your own life. Ask for their opinion on things happening in your life or at work and listen to their responses. Having your grandparents in your life is a blessing that won’t always be there, so remember to spend real time with them learning about their experiences.

3. Give them meaningful gifts

Buying sentimental gifts for grandparents can be tricky. Many of the gifts we may find interesting or useful, such as technological gadgets, may seem alien to them, or just unnecessary. Instead, learn about your grandparents past, their hobbies, or things they enjoy and incorporate that into a gift. Help them digitize their photo collection for safekeeping and chat about all the people and places in the photos. Have a family photo taken with them and not just for them, or have a customized calendar made that features different pictures of the grandkids, the family, or of places they’ve lived and loved in the past.

4. Spend holidays with them

As families grow, grandparents can be forgotten during the holidays. As their children age and get their own families, and then their grand kids grow up and get families, sometimes we forget that our grandparents still want to be involved and don’t necessarily have many people to spend the holidays with. Make a point to either go to your grandparents’ house over the holidays or bring them into your home (if they would like that) so that they can spend quality time with their families and get to spend the holidays with friends and family.

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