Choose The Right HVAC System for Your Home (Infographic)

If you’ve been known to skip your annual doctor’s appointments or drive your car long after you’re due for an oil change, then you’re risking the health of your body and your car. After all, it’s much cheaper to change your oil than to break down on the side of the highway. The same logic can be applied to your new home: just because everything seems to be running correctly doesn’t mean that you’re not experiencing un-noticed damage that could be getting worse.

As a homeowner, you can easily take the right steps to keep your appliances running and prevent any breaks. Regular checks to your HVAC system can lower the risk of a complete breakdown during the summer — which would cost you thousands in hardware and services, while forcing you to endure days of stuffy heat. You can even teach yourself how to check your home for mold, your pipes for leaks, and even your roof for damage. All it takes is a keen eye and regular inspections from room to room.

This infographic was originally published by Davis Air Conditioning and Heating, and discusses the top three costliest home repairs that every homeowner and landlord dreads. A little chipped paint typically isn’t a problem, but a leak signals danger and expenses. Follow this advice on how to identify problems and prevent damage to your home before you face significant repairs. Wouldn’t you rather catch a leaking roof before it caves in during a storm? Armed with this information, you can start reducing the risk of major damage sneaking up when you least expect it.

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