Choosing a Good Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

I guess it’s true what Belinda Carlisle says… Heaven really is a place on earth.  I can attest to that because just recently, I met a real live angel right smack in the heart of the city.  She’s my daughter’s pediatric dentist- whose name escapes my memory right now.   Her voice alone is good enough as anesthesia.  Her demeanor is simply so relaxing, that I myself wouldn’t mind having 5 teeth pulled by her all at the same time.

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Why do we need to put the fate of our kids’ teeth in the hands of a pediatric dentist?  These professionals, unlike a general dentist, have additional years of training which highlight hands-on child psychology, growth and development.  What exactly do you look for in a pediatric dentist?

He or she should of course have a license to practice.  He should be knowledgeable and updated on the latest types of procedures available in treating your child’s condition.

Your pediatric dentist should know how to communicate with your child, especially during the initial visit.  He should know how to alleviate your child’s- and your- fears using the tone of his voice and facial expressions.  Some would show your kid how the dental chair moves up and down before he actually sits on it.  This is what’s called “therapeutic interaction” between the dentist and child.  Pediatric dentists are never forceful.

Location is also an important thing to consider when choosing a pediatric dentist.  You and your kid will have less anxiety if you took him to a dentist whose clinic is right in the neighborhood.  You can even take him on a quick tour prior to the actual visit.  If you live somewhere in Montreal, for instance, you can Google “pediatric dentist montreal” and come up with a list of dentists which you can check out.

Our children’s dental health is something we parents should really put a premium on.  The way we take care of our kids’ teeth now will determine how their smiles look in the future.

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  1. Five teeth at the same time? Wow! She must be good. My four year old still refuses to open his mouth.

  2. Oh dear – I feel totally guilty. My little one has never been to the dentist. It’s on my ‘to do’ list but it keeps slipping to the bottom of the pile. The tooth fairy visited last night again – but if i’m not careful she might not want to make any more visits if the teeth aren’t up to scratch. You’ve motivated me to find a good kids’ dentist and get her there asap before the tooth fairy goes on strike. thank u darling! x

  3. Your Belinda Carlisle reference made me feel young again! Of course the tune is now stuck in my head! I’m so glad that you found a great pediatric dentist! That is priceless!

  4. I too feel that it is important to introduce your child to a dentist from young. I just scheduled a visit to the dentist for our 2 yr old to get her teeth checked.

  5. I think the first time I took my son to the dentist he was three and about to turn four. I did research and actually changed my dentist so I could go there first to check out the atmosphere. It’s a husband and wife practice. The wife is the pediatric dentist. Though I didn’t meet her when I went, I liked the office and staff. He is seven, he’s never cried or had anything other than cleanings but he still doesn’t really care for it. This is good advice. I think no matter what – the sooner the better.

  6. I didn’t know that a pediatric dentist had that additional training. That is very good to know, thank you!

  7. I liked our childhood dentist. She had a lot of toys kasi in her waiting area. Plus she’d use light touches when cleaning out teeth. =)

  8. The little man has no fear of dentists or the dentist chair. I bring him along whenever I go for my monthly dental check-up, and he has gotten used to it. :)

  9. What you said is all true. I regret now not having to go to the dentist all the time when something is up. :(

  10. We parents have to take good care of our children’s teeth and it is easier with the help of a pediatric dentist trusted by our own children.

  11. I must agree that our kids should see a pediatric clinic so as not to develop fear of visiting dentist in the future. My daughter sees general dentist and she’s only 12, I’m just lucky to find a dentist who knows how to handle such.

  12. good thing my sister’s a dentist. My daughter is not afraid of her and is used to her cleaning and treating her teeth.

  13. we need to find a dentist since peachy’s teeth is already aching.

  14. Yes, a pediatric dentist is more appropriate for children because: first, that’s their specialty and; second, kids are hard to convince to go to the dentist or cooperate with them.

  15. i am also currently searching for a pediatric dentist locally so i can have my little one’s chompers checked. the one recommended by my pedia requires me to travel all the way to the city + i do not think it is convenient on our part. but if all else fail, i do not have a choice but to opt for it!

    it is true that we ought to put stock on our children’s teeth now, even with milk teeth, as it will clearly define our children’s smile, not to mention over-all dental health, in the future!

  16. A few years ago, I found a dentist that my son really likes; that’s the reason why he’s the only one who has touched my son’s teeth since the day we found him. It’s unfortunate, however, that he had to take a leave of absence to attend to some family needs. I hope he comes back soon.

  17. sigrid @ lovinglymama says

    I am very concerned about this, too. We first brought Dindin to the clinic of my husband’s cousin and at that time, she was not ready even to just sit on the chair.

    But hopefully, in a couple of weeks, we will go to another dentist and get her to even sit and just have the doctor shine the flashlight in her mouth hehe

  18. Hi
    I’m totally express with this article, dentist for child. Actually so many cases have been seen that many small child go to pediatric. My sister baby had teeth problem & he always used to go pediatric clinic. I must suggest to care for child…

  19. Ahh, I remember a friend of mine who is really afraid of going to dentist… I must recommend him this kind of dentist though. it might help I guess. :)

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