Choosing Kid-Friendly Carpets

This week I have made a vow to myself.  I promised dear old pepperrific me that I’m going to start doing this new workout to help keep me fit and energetic.    This type of workout entails a lot of jumping, though, so I’m a bit worried about how my downstairs neighbor might react to this.  That’s why I’m considering getting a carpet for my living room, to somewhat help cushion the blow.  But since I have a daughter, I must Get More Info Here and also look for a carpet which will complement her overall health and needs at home.

When searching around for kid-friendly carpets, you must think about allergies.  Kids are most prone to this, so choose carpets with a natural fiber- like wool.  These are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial at the same time.

The carpet should be soft and comfortable for kids to roll around in.  If they bump their heads on the carpet, concussions will be the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

Think about aesthetics as well.  If you plan to put the carpet in your toddler’s nursery, it would be nice if the color or design matched that of the walls.

Proper maintenance will of course be in order here.  Quickly clean up spills before they set in.  Make it a habit to vacuum up dirt and debris so they don’t get pushed deeper into the carpet.


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  1. Excellent Post. We are really spoilt for choice when it comes to carpets, and selecting the right carpet for your family home is a purchase that should be made carefully.

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  3. I wonder if there’s a healthy stain guard. Carpets seem to fare better with one, but I’ve never thought of health implications one might face as a result of getting it done (until now). Worth looking into. I’d like to take our carpets out and have hard floors, but hubby likes the carpet in the winter. ;)

  4. I get rid with my carpet sis, my eldest daughter is asthmatic. Though there are carpets that have anti-allergy I still stick to our doctor’s advice… NO MORE CARPETS in the house.

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