Cleaning Areas of Heavy Traffic on Your Carpet

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In certain areas of your home or office, your carpet may have no choice but to endure an onslaught of stains and grime. This may be unavoidable. However, you can control how you deal with dirt and stains in between regular carpet cleaning—even in the heavily trafficked areas of your home.

Vacuum and Prep the Carpet

In between professional appointments with a Calgary cleaning service, your high-traffic areas probably still accumulate a lot of dirt. Vacuuming can get rid of the small bits of residue that could be spread around the carpet later. These particles could also get ground into the carpet’s fibers, so it’s usually best to get them out of the way early. To vacuum thoroughly, try going from left to right and then up and down. If the dirt still refuses to budge, give it another pass, but use a diagonal motion.

After vacuuming, it’s helpful to get the carpet ready for cleaning using carpet prep spray. Work it in so it penetrates between the fibers. The purpose of prep spray is to make stains easier to remove. Stains are bonded to the fibers of the carpet, and prep spray helps loosen the bonds. After around five to 10 minutes of letting the spray do its thing, you’re ready to apply some carpet cleaner.

Apply Carpet Cleaner

Treat soiled areas with carpet cleaner. Because some spots may need more treatment than others, it’s okay to use a little more carpet cleaner in these areas. Carefully follow the instructions. Remember each carpet cleaning solution is different, so the instructions may vary from one to the next. Your cleaning service may have products you can use for treatments of stains or high traffic areas between full-service cleanings.

Vacuum Up the Carpet Cleaner

Run the vacuum over the carpet to suck everything up. After vacuuming, inspect the carpet for leftover stains. If some stubborn stains remain, apply the carpet spray again, and repeat the process. Be aware that you can end up with areas that are cleaner than others when using spot cleaner, so if in doubt, just schedule your cleaning service to handle things.

You have a better chance of beating determined dirt in high-traffic areas of your home if you use these steps. Doing this between professional cleanings can help keep these areas clean and fresh.

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