Coffee Mugs Make Nice Gifts

Customized coffee mugs are appreciated by their recipients, especially when they are personalized with the person’s name or monogram. Most people are coffee drinkers, and having a special mug will bring you, the gift giver, to mind with every indulgent and relaxing sip and make a lasting impression on those you care for. A personalized gift indicates thoughtfulness and shows that you took time for planning. It stands out from the crowd and is unique.

Ceramic coffee mugs come in a range of colors, styles, and ounces and can be used for anything from a “spot of tea” or a single espresso shot up to a double latte or a giant drip coffee. The handle provides an easy way to support and lift the mug and protects your hand from burning on the sides of a mug due to the hot liquid.

These mugs and other gift items aren’t just for Christmas. They are fun for birthdays, graduations, as a “thank you” to a person or a special customer, congratulations for something like a promotion, get well wishes, or any type of occasion.

Some examples of the mug designs are a fashion car, a woman sitting on top of a set of luggage, many with decorative and colorful high heel shoes, different destination fashion cities including tropical ones, fancy hats, clothing, beautiful evening gowns, purses, cowgirl boots and hat, sports, and more.

Christmas ones feature a snow scene, several with different snowmen, a sleigh, several with reindeer, Christmas stockings, Santas, ornaments, gingerbread man, wreath, and many others with very distinctive designs.

Hoalt Design boasts of being from deep in the heart of Texas but with a desire to serve customers throughout the United States. Although they specialize in a large variety of Christmas items, their new blog will publish regular posts that will give you year-round ideas and helpful information for all your gift giving to family, friends, customers, and co-workers with an easy and convenient, easy “click.”

Their selection of outstanding and trendy one-of-a-kind items that add a custom touch include latte and other mugs, custom pillow covers from flowers to ones for kids and other categories, fashion art notes, Texas Christmas cards, notepads, thank you notes, cell phone cases, and more. Future plans will feature t-shirts and wall art. Contact them with any questions or for more details.

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