Create Your Own Rules of Party Dressing and Socializing

Forget how everyone tells you how a party should be. Why not revamp your own look and party organizing skills and shine this season? Instead of feeling uncomfortable in a really tight party dress and feeling out of place at a party that you don’t enjoy going to, come up with a new plan. It’s about time you take matters into your own hands and plan a fun get together, show up in an outfit you love, and socialize with company you look forward to being around.

By creating your own rules at the party, everything should come together nicely. Plus, why not check out these free shipping New York and Company codes and buy yourself a dress that you’ll feel comfortable in? The evening will be a lot more enjoyable if you put your own party into effect!

Update Your Makeup – Now that you have a brand new dress that’s both comfy and chic, why don’t you update your makeup? A shimmery shadow will add the right amount of glamour and a matching bold shade of lipstick will look ravishing paired with your dress. Plus – who can forget about this season’s smokey eye?! It’s a great night time look that’s bold, daring and elegant. You’ll definitely shine at the party and have fun simultaneously since you’ll be with company you like to be around.

Ditch the Pumps and Go for Flats – If you’re a mom on-the-go you probably don’t wear pumps that often or maybe you don’t wear pumps at all because they’re uncomfortable! Whatever the case may be, don’t feel awkward in pumps that make your feet hurt on what’s supposed to be a fun evening. Instead opt for fun and funky flats with a jewel on the end of them or come in a flashy color like silver or a royal purple. They’ll keep you comfortable and will look beautiful too.

Don’t be Afraid of Sparkles and Glitter – It’s just a rumor that glitter and sparkles are just for your kids because believe it or not glitter is hip and hot for mothers too! If you don’t want glitter all over your face that’s understandable, but there are subtle ways to glow and be the star of the show. Apply sparkles and glitter on your nails for a glam look and use makeup products like bareMinerals that will add the perfect amount of sparkle and glow to a dazzling appearance.

The holiday party will be one that you won’t forget because you created your own party rules!


Sierra is a freelance writer who loves to dress up and go to a holiday party but on her own terms.


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  1. You know me and my high heels…always! Then, I’ll put them with some jeans, a glitter tank top and blazer…perfect:) I like that polish.

  2. Thank you for sharing. This really comes handy for party holiday invitations are pouring in!! Stressful but oh it’s the perfect time to play dress up.

  3. Great post! I second you here. Who cares about what people say. Fashion really, is more of an attitude and confidence in carrying yourself than otherwise. :)

  4. Our God is a powerful God who can bring joy and blessing even out of our si

  5. glitters and sequins are my ultimate party outfit :D haahha but the sad part is i cannot ditch the heels and i cannot imagine partying in flats. i will feel naked :P
    The Bargain Doll

  6. I can never wear that color … I wish I could but I definitely can’t.

  7. as said, “just be yourself.” it can be your greatest dress that you could ever wear. and with that glittery makeups, i see nothing wrong as it is blended well with colors that suit your age. CHeers!

  8. I love this post! The photo is sparkling! It even looks like the yosi samra ballet flats that I recently bought hahaha


  9. Partying was never my thing, but I love those posh glittery nails on that photo!

  10. high heeled shoes can hurt our feet and prevent us to enjoy dancing, im comfortable to wear flat while partying

  11. I agree with the flats, if you are the party host you should be able to run around the house to entertain guests. Most flats now is really stylish.

    Of course, do not forget the glitters! :)

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