D.I.Y. Stationery from Your Home Printer

With the proliferation of Pinterest pages and Etsy shops, consumers are leaning more and more into the do-it-yourself realm for all things creative. From custom-inking stamps to personalized stationary and invitations, the mailed letter is coming back with a bang.
Do-it-yourself stationary can be an economical and cost-effective way to send updates to friends and family, create invitations for parties and gatherings, and even just design your own marketing materials if you are a small or home-based business. Ordering supplies online from a vendor or bringing designs to a print shop can cost more money in the long-run with gas, mileage, and marked-up rates. By investing in your own equipment at home such as purchasing a high-end printer from Dell, complete with a full supply of Dell ink cartridges, you’ll find that you’re getting more for your money’s worth than driving around town or paying for shipping from an online retailer.

The reason do-it-yourself stationary is becoming increasingly popular is because it allows individuals to save money on an industry that can be incredibly marked-up, but it also presents that personalized, considerate feel to those on the receiving end of the letter. More and more, people are reaching for ways to communicate value and to stand out in a crowd, and personalized stationary allows that to happen. Some people use a computer program to create their own designs and then print it out with inexpensive Dell ink cartridges, while others create designs by hand and then scan them to make a printed copy. Online blogs and forums provide an endless supply of ideas for creative stationary, and more and more individuals are skipping the pre-packaged card aisle at the local superstore in favor of creating their own stationary by hand.

Having a reliable printer and inexpensive ink such as Dell ink cartridges will allow a balance between cost-effective materials and personalized designs. Printers can last a very long time which is a worthwhile investment when creating letters and mailed items by hand. Think of all the money one can save with printing all invitations, newsletters, holiday cards, birthday cards, etc., from a home printer? The savings along on not having to go to the store or pay for shipping from an online retailer are incentive enough to start down the do-it-yourself route. Plus, it allows for a personalized touch because it is a representation of who the sender is and what things are important to them.

Arm yourself with stock paper that you like, create a design that reflects who you are, and invest in printing equipment such as a laser jet printer and some affordable Dell ink cartridges, and you will be on your way to creating fun, personal and cost-effective stationary for the years to come.

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  1. To be honest I don’t have printer at home and that is my next plan to buy one and my next savings will be for printer.

  2. When I was still in my high school year, I love doing DIY items for myself, from t-shirt to accessories. Now that I have two children, I am the one doing their DIY, well apart from that I am teaching them at the same time. In speaking of printing, I am making my eldest daughter DIY Mini-Yearbook for their classroom.

  3. I think with so many design apps available, a personalized stationary would be more cost-effective and also more appreciated by the recipient.

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