Diamonds Are Everyone’s Best Friend

You probably already know that famous Marilyn song from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes that states diamonds are girl’s best friend. But in fact, they are the perfect gift for everyone in your life male, female, young, old traditional or trendy. Read on to find out more, and to get some insight into what sort of diamonds to pick for that special person you are buying for.


Good for women




Of course, women love to receive a diamond as a gift, but why is that? Well, first of all, they are rare and beautiful. So they a are a good way of demonstrating how much you value having them in your life.

They can also be cut in a variety of different styles from a square cushion cut, to a princess cut, and even novelty shapes like hearts. This means that you can usually find a shape that will suit the lady that you are buying for down to the ground. Which is important when you are buying such an expensive gift.

Then there are so many uses for diamonds in jewelry too. They aren’t just the most popular stone in engagement rings, but they also look dazzling in drop earrings, perfect for someone that attends a lot of formal parties.

Or what about a diamond set brooch for an older female relative, to commemorate a birthday? You can even get them in different animal forms which are spot on if Aunt Mabel is really into cats and the like.

Or if you are planning on going the whole hog what about a diamond set necklace? I’m not talking a single solitaire on a chain here. Although these can look both lovely and stylish. But large stones set in such a way to show off their flawless brilliance.

Pieces like this aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination! But they are gorgeous and can be treated as a considerable investment for the future as well as just an item of jewelry.




The there is the classic diamond tennis bracelet. Although I not sure how many folks actually wear these for knocking a few balls over the net? What I do know is that they make a stunning gift that will be truly appreciated by any lady lucky enough to receive them.

Of course, diamonds are expensive, but you will be pleased to know that they not only come in different shapes but also in different sizes, measured in karats. Which means that not only can you usually find one that will make a stunning gift for the special lady in your life, but is also well suited to your price range.

Good for men


Diamond jewelry is also an excellent gift for the man in your life. Don’t be fooled, diamonds are beautiful, but they are not always delicate and feminine. In fact, small stones mounted in chunky rings like the ones for sale at are very masculine and can make the perfect gift for the man’s man that like to dress well.

Of course, rings aren’t the only type of diamond jewelry that is suitable for that special guy in your life. So if they aren’t a big ring wearer, why not get them a watch with diamonds installed in the face or even a tie pin for wearing with their best suit?


For the young and trendy


Diamonds have been around for ages as fashionable stones, so that means that there is a whole industry set up around them, with its own traditions and styles. But not all diamond jewelry follows tradition.

In fact, there are some very avant-garde pieces, made in angular designs, and even including unpolished diamonds that make a fantastic statement. Which may well be a spot-on a gift for the younger or trendier person in your life.


Good as a keepsake gift


Something else that diamonds are particularly valued for is their ability to endure. They are, in fact, one of the hardest substances on earth.


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Their enduring quality is much more that a practical benefit, though. It is also symbolic of enduring love and care. Which means a diamond a great keepsake gift for a child’s birthday, a wedding anniversary, or a marriage proposal.


Can get vintage for retro people


Another reason to consider a diamond as a gift option is that there is now a roaring trade is secondhand or vintage jewelry.


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You can buy vintage items either on the internet or in a brick and mortar shop, and they make the best presents for folks that have a more vintage or retro style like the girls rocking it over at the


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