Do You Have an Artistic or Logical Child?

One of the many things a parent would like to know about their child is their aptitude for the arts or logic. Knowing this important fact can help a parent rear and guide their children as they grow into responsible adults in the future. A great place to find your children’s place in the educational spectrum is in school, where they are taught arithmetic and the sciences. Finding the right institution of learning for your child, however, is a difficult task. You might be worried of the price of an International School in Manila’s tuition fee. That is a fair and acceptable thought.

Going back an earlier point, it is definitely important as a parent to understand what your child excels at, whether it is with the performing arts or enjoying groundbreaking discoveries in science or math, nurturing your child’s potential is definitely recommended. Studies show that children are more likely to appreciate positive reinforcement and criticism as long as it is done because of something that they love, in this case, it could either be something artistic or logical.


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Artistic children are those that enjoy the performing arts, literature, artistry and music. These children are more likely to grow up as charismatic artists and doers. Artistic children are affirmative, active, charismatic and passionate. They are the type of people to do what they want precisely because they know what they want to do. Rearing artistic children is an enjoyable task for parents because artistic children are more likely to involve their parents in their activities as compared to more logical children. Some examples of a future career path for artistic children are as follows:

  1. Acting – Artistic children are very expressive and one of the best ways for them to express themselves is through acting. Many actors found their calling when they were younger and this led them to practice and hone their craft to perfection, from performing in plays to appearing in commercials as child actors.
  2. Musician – Like acting, music is a great way for people to express their inner voice either through music or lyrics. Many musicians write with their feelings instead of their mind. Musically inclined children are the type to enjoy musicals and plays.
  3. Artists – Drawing is a great passion for some artistic children. There are a myriad of ways for them to express themselves, from traditional art to the abstract.


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Logical children on the other hand are the type to enjoy the sciences and arithmetic. These children are more likely to grow up as decisive, calculating and rational instead of emotional. Logical children are more likely to take time in perfecting their craft as the sciences are ever growing and ever changing. These children enjoy reading and research. Some future careers for logical children are as follows:

  1. Lawyer – Logical children are the type to use their minds for argumentative reasoning. These types are the best fit to become lawyers in the future.
  2. Scientist – Precisely because logical children enjoy research, becoming a scientist is something that they will definitely enjoy as a career path.
  3. Teacher – Logical children have been found to be the best types of teacher. They are patient and are natural academes so becoming a teacher is a definitely a good fit.

Whatever type of learner your child is, it is important to remember that they should be whoever they want. After all, it is in your child’s best interest to find who they are in what they love.

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