Everything You Need to Know About Retinal Tears

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Has your vision been plagued by blurriness, more floaters or light flashes lately? Are you seeing a shadow as well? If this is the case, the retina in one or both of your eyes is likely separating from its usual position in the back. There is a chance that the separation is not complete and the retina is merely torn, which can make it easier for an experienced ophthalmologist like Kang Zhang to fix. Learn more about the condition and potential treatments and surgeries to consider.

What Is Retinal Detachment?

Retinal detachment occurs when the retina is forced away from the eyewalls for a few reasons. Retinas convert light into impulses that the brain later translates to visual images, fulfilling an important function in your sight. When this process is interrupted, you may experience impaired vision or increased floaters. Failure to treat this condition can lead to complete vision loss.

What Causes Retinal Tears?

When the retina still has its usual connection, it means there is a tear, but the condition has not advanced yet. Just like complete detachment, this damage is often caused by the shift in vitreous gel inside the eye. As you age, it can shrink, and while this is normally not an issue, it can sometimes pull the retina, causing a tear or complete detachment. Other causes include excessive ocular fluid or scar tissue near the retina.

How Are Retinal Tears Treated?

Since retinal tears are a smaller type of damage, the eye specialist can approach it using a different method than detachment. The doctor will create a scar that will fuse the retinal tissue to the intended location, usually by using a laser beam that goes through the pupil in a process known as photocoagulation. Alternatively, a freezing probe can scar and shut the tear in a procedure called cryopexy.

Retinal tears are minor eye injuries that can grow worse if you ignore the early signs. Contact the eye doctor immediately if you experience faulty vision.

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