First Day Jitters: How to Cope

This is one party I’m not enjoying at all. For several days now, butterflies have been fluttering about and partying like mad inside my stomach. Needless to say, this has caused me gastric discomfort at so many levels. Why am I nervous as hell? Well, aside from attributing it to the fact that I’m a natural worrywart, it’s because the first day of school is just a week away. No, I’m not the one going back to school…it’s my daughter. I’m feeling a hodgepodge of emotions ranging from excitement, to anxiety. My daughter is naturally excited, but luckily, not as jittery as I am.

If your kid is going to school for the first time, or is going to a different school this year, he or she may have the first day jitters as well. How do we, as parents, help them cope with this?

Talking to them is a big help, of course. Condition them as to what going back to school will be like. Since most of them will be reunited with old friends, remind them of that, so they’ll have something to look forward to.

Role-playing might help. Pretend that your child is about to board the school bus, etc. Play the part of her teacher, and enact a classroom scene where each child introduces herself to the class. This would definitely help if she’s the shy type.

If she’s going to a new school, a few days or weeks before, you could take her there, just to get a feel of the environment, sans the mob of students. Show her where her classroom will be, where the playground is, etc. It will help her relax a bit, when school finally opens.

Make sure your kid has everything she needs, and that everything is in good condition. Her school supplies need not be new, but they shouldn’t be too shabby that she’ll end up covering her face out of sheer embarrassment.

Fear of the unknown is a fear shared by most people, young and old. The key to handling this is mental and physical preparedness. Of course, nobody knows what the future holds, but if we do whatever is in our power to anticipate the possible things that could happen, this helps to quell our fears, even just a tad bit.

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  1. how exciting! first day of school for your little one. :) don’t worry I’m sure everything will be okay. :)
    thanks for the visit :)

  2. hehe…i guess this is a case of history repeating itself…that’s exactly how i felt when you were a little girl&there was no choice but for you to ride the school bus…instead of me driving you to&from your school everyday…i know exactly the feeling…the fear of the unknown is what’s making you nervouse&jittery…relax…take a deep breath…have faith in the Almighty God that lexie will be ok&alright…in her trips to&from her school :)

  3. i felt those too when my son went to school for the first time last year. now, i am both anxious and worried because he’s only 4.5 and he’s in Kinder 1 already. im afraid he might have a hard time adjusting to the lessons and all. i just hope that he’ll be able to cope up with the changes in their classroom routines. thanks for the visit mommy pepper! have a nice day!

  4. That is exciting! And I understand how you, as a mom, would feel all “jittery” about it. Siyempre, we all want our kids’ first day of school experience to be memorable and joyful. Haaayy…at least I won’t have to deal with this for at least 1 more year! :D

  5. I think most of the time mommies are more excited and jittery than the students themselves. When my little kid started school, I couldn’t wait for her to come home to tell me what happened and if she enjoyed her classes.

    Goodluck to your little one! I’m sure she’ll enjoy school :)

  6. my son (3.10yrs old) will go to school for the first time this June too, and I am also worried. I hope he can adopt to his classmates and teachers lesson too.

    BTW, I want to know you more that’s why I

  7. Heya pepper! Thanks for dropping by @ Pinkville and leaving a comment about my tattoo. :) Yea, the pain is tolerable. On body parts such as upper back, it’s almost painless. :)

    P.S. Even adults have first day jitters, too. :)

  8. don’t worry, adjustment period lang sya for two weeks then after that, she will enjoy it na :)

    i feel the same way when my kids started schooling, nakabantay ako sa hallway, umiiyak ang bunso ko because he is not yet familiar with the place, but after two weeks, pinaalis na ako pagkahatid ko sa kanya ahaha

  9. Douglas Scott says

    One of my little ones is close to starting her first day of school and as a dad, I’m so nervous!! Five years ago I couldn’t even imagine reliving school jitters through my kids but its so true. Since I work for a school supplies company I can be sure that she at least has the coolest and prettiest school supplies :)

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