Five Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Five Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Cash is easier than ever to send, even to friends and family who live in a different country. Whether you want to mail an insured package or you decide you want to use a money transfer service, there’s no reason not to acknowledge important birthdays, anniversaries, and events.

It’s true that money is always an appreciated gift, but that doesn’t mean it’s very memorable or meaningful. That’s definitely true if you just slip a $20 bill in an envelope, but with these ideas, the gift of money can be just as meaningful as an expensive present you picked out all by yourself.

Hide Some Cash in an Umbrella for a Rainy Day

This is the perfect gag-turned-real-gift idea for anyone who wants to give money as a gift. Hang bills of any denomination on individual strings inside the umbrella so it hangs down like rain when it’s opened.

When it’s closed, it looks just like a regular umbrella. The recipient will think you gave them the most unthoughtful gift ever, until you tell them to open it!

Fold Money Using Origami Techniques

Origami has been around for hundreds of years, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of techniques for folding money. A few designs include:

  • Hearts
  • Fortune cookies
  • Clothing, like dresses, shirts, and pants
  • Animals, like an elephant
  • And more

Disguise It as Something Else

Money is an appreciated gift, but the recipient isn’t likely to spend a lot of time looking at it. Disguise it as something else and you can make sure they spend plenty of time on your gift.

One example is to modify a tissue box by removing the tissues and taping cash together so it can be pulled from the box. You can hide money inside a Pez dispenser, inside a chocolate box, or even inside a pizza box!

Hide Cash in Party Balloons

Balloons are a must at any celebration, so why not make them do double duty by hiding cash inside them!

You can turn it into a fun game where guests who pop the balloons get to keep the cash inside, or you can simply bring over a handful of floating balloons and ask the recipient to pop them at some point during the get together.

Mini Rolled up Money Diplomas Are Perfect for Graduates

Graduation is the perfect time to hand out a little cash. It usually gets stuffed into greeting cards, but why not roll up bills as mini diplomas instead!

Roll up multiple bills of different sizes and place them in a jar. For an even more creative gift, top the jar with a graduation cap.

Giving money doesn’t have to be boring, and it definitely doesn’t have to be less meaningful than other gifts at the party. Not when you give one of these fun ideas a try! Not only will the recipient get the money they want, they’ll remember your gift because you presented it in such a unique way.








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