Fly Now, Pay Later

The great Milli Vanilli once said (or rather, lip-synched), “You got to blame it on something…”  Since it wasn’t raining this morning, I couldn’t blame my somewhat somber mood on the rain.  I will just make my apparent lack of sleep accountable for the feelings of nostalgia which overcame me as I got up at the crack of dawn.

I had a flashback of my childhood.  I was specifically taken back to the time when my dad and I would sit together on the living room couch as he flipped through his album of places he’d like to visit.  Yes, he made a scrapbook of places overseas which he dreamed of going to.  We were strapped for cash back then, so his dreams of overseas travel had to take a backseat.  When he wasn’t looking, I used to go through his album of dreams, making a vow to myself to take him to at least one of those places when I grew up.

I believe that now is the time to make his dreams come true.  I sought help from an uncle who works at a travel agency, and he suggested that I should get cash advances to pay for our trip expenses.  By getting a cash advance, we can go on our trip and pay for it later on.  It seemed like a really good idea to me, so I wasted no time in getting that loan.

Next month, my daughter, dad and I will be taking our first trip out of the country.  I know it’s going to be a memorable one, and I’m pretty sure we’ll all have a great time.  My dad is obviously excited, as he just got a brand new Canon DSLR to use during our trip.

This trip is going to be awesome: I’ll get my much needed respite from work, and I’ll be fulfilling an old man’s dreams…

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  1. I love to travel, and it really is such a special thing to do. I’m so happy for you to take a trip! Looking forward to the posts and photos!

  2. Safe travels! Where are you going?

  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  4. You will have so much fun I am sure! This is so sweet doing this for your father to be able to go to a place he has always wanted to go. I wish the 3 of you a wonderful, fun and safe trip :)

  5. I feel excited for your trip, too! I’m the one who loves to travel and I like your dad’s idea of a scrapbook. :) Anyway, I can relate with your story because I also want to give something for my dad – a car! :)

  6. I also had a scrap book of places I would like to travel and visit :) This year I hope to slowly start working on that.

    So glad you and your dad will take a trip this year. Safe travels!

  7. I wish u all the best for your wonderful trip…

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