Fool-Proof Plan to Throwing the Perfect Engagement

Becoming engaged is tremendously exciting. It’s a time for two families to come together, and most importantly, for you and your loved one to celebrate and plan your future with one another. Yet, before you can plan the wedding, you must plan a faultless engagement. This means determining, when, where, how and with what ring. Something that seems so simple, can somehow become stressful. Here’s a fool-proof plan to throwing the perfect engagement.

The Proposal

There is no right or wrong way to proposing, and it depends entirely on what your other half prefers. If they prefer something quiet and low-key where it’s just the two of you, then avoid proposing in public. Alternatively, if they enjoy big events, you could propose in front of friends and family. You know them best, so make sure you decide how to propose.

You’ll want to present them with the most flawless ring, but deciding the cut, style, color and size can be daunting. The months leading up to your engagement, take note of what they say – do they stop at the window of a jewelers and point out emerald cut more than anything else? Do they focus on gold banded rings more so than silver? Are they more likely to enjoy captivating champagne diamonds more than usual diamonds? If you want to be subtle, but are adamant to find out their ring size, you can either look at other jewelry that fits on the same finger and take it to a jeweler, or enlist the help of friends.

The Engagement Party

Typically, the engagement party should fall within the first few months of the proposal. It’s a happy medium, caught between carefree ‘we’re engaged,’ and the start of serious (and stressful) wedding planning. Arranging a time where everyone is free to celebrate your engagement can be difficult, so it’s best to send out your engagement invites soon after the proposal, for a couple of months in advance. You may want to contact friends and family before sending out formal invitations, so you can determine the best date for everyone.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the engagement party, with the groom’s parents hosting a separate party if they wished. However, nowadays both sets of parents either come together, or the couple themselves throw the party. Etiquette also stated that you were to only invite people who were invited to the wedding. This has changed over the recent years, and now, people are inviting new friends and co-workers to their engagement parties. If you’re worried about people assuming they’re invited to the wedding, you can either stick to traditions, specify, or make sure to invite them to the after-wedding party.

You do not have to plan a sit down, five-course meal for your engagement party. Usually, there’s a mixture of friends, and so having people up on their feet, talking, drinking and eating canapes can be great for socializing. You can still serve gourmet food, and your guests will be able to mingle.

Your engagement party can be whatever theme you please. It can be completely different to how you envision the actual wedding, and as lowkey or fancy as you please. Simple but tasty food, small bouquets of flowers, quirky details and alcohol can easily set the scene of your engagement party. Make sure it doesn’t upstage the wedding, though!

You’ll want to wear something that makes you stand out, but not too obviously. If it’s in the summer, the bride-to-be can wear a simple, white summer dress with beautiful jewelry and hair accessories, while the groom can wear a casual suit. If you have a dress code, make sure to include it in the invitations. Make sure it coincides with your overall theme – if it’s simple, ask for simple attire; if it’s a formal occasion, ask for suits, ties and ballgowns.

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