Hell Hath No Fury Like That Of A Child Scorned

My 5-year old daughter has just recently learned a new skill, but it’s something I’m not at all proud of.  She has mastered the art of pushing my buttons.  On more than one occasion, I find myself wanting to scream my head off and shave my head out of sheer frustration and exhaustion from having to deal with my daughter’s temper.

I have to admit, I couldn’t quite figure out why she gets angry at little things.  She blows her top when she couldn’t get her clay figures to stand.  She boils over when I forget where I put her funky, Barbie-inspired sunglasses.  She throws a fit when I have a thousand and one reasons not to get her that way expensive toy.

Oh yes, I keep forgetting…she’s just a kid.  Some part of a kid’s brain is still under construction, some of the circuitry is still underdeveloped.  They don’t have a faint idea of ego boundaries.  They believe the world still revolves around them.  So it’s almost always their way or the highway.

Hard as we try to level with them and explain the situation, they just don’t seem to have the ability to understand what’s happening, at least not yet.  All they know is they want to get angry and channel all that wrath towards that broken toy.  Sometimes, they get physical and manage to give you a right uppercut.

I don’t have the answers to life’s mysteries, nor do I have a magic potion to wash all my problems away.  What I do have is the capacity to love and understand my most precious daughter.  In spite of my imperfections, I strive to raise her the best way I can, even as she punches me hard in the stomach.


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I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. I feel for you. I have a 6 year old. They learn to push the right buttons no? Sigh.

  2. hi pepper. i hear you!!! my four year old boy sometimes gets in my nerve too! like the other day, he broke the thermometer which scared the wits out of me!!! anyways, kids are like that, wanting to be independent. oh, before i forget, my boy doesn’t throw tantrums when he wants a toy, i just tell him i don’t have money to buy that and then he just stops asking and would say, you go back to work in the computer mommy so that you can buy me the toy… Hahahahha! kids, they melt our hearts despite their moods!

    • Uh on, not the thermometer! Your son is funny, he knows how to win you back :). Might be a heartbreaker someday!

  3. same here sis..ako naman with my two kids..my 3yr.old usually plays with his toys and get’s lazy fixing it..I also get tired of household chores so at least man lang sana fixing his toys would be a big thing for me..so there are times I also go pooff bla bla..and he would go we na nanay we na nanay..which means sorry na nanay the he goes beautiful eyes..hay so I teach him to help me na lang..your right sis lalo na for us single moms we really need to have patience..and we need it as moms :) nyt sis :)

  4. And they get so darn sassy too! Something clicks at five, and yes, it removes their finger from their nose and puts it on my “are you serious right now?” button.

    It is hard to not treat kids like adults, or expect them to behave like adults, because they are not.

    Great post. And the only thing you can do, loving her, is the best thing:)

  5. Tell me about it! Specially when you have 3 kids. Three times the fun weeeeeeeeeeeeee(only its also) three times the head ache haha. Oh well, I’ve been there and had done that. So kids will be kids!

  6. Oh my! At 5? Sis, just be firm when you say ‘no.’ Sometimes, especially when they are solo kid, we tend to be overbearing not knowing that even if we mean well, we just give them more reason to become someone we don’t want them to be. I say, nip it in the bud while you still can. She may still be 5 but you can explain things to her in a way a young kid can understand.
    Remember my post about a hard-headed teener? That’s a heads-up of what to come in the future ;)

    Continue to be the loving mom that you are but also give her constant reminders. Believe me, some of them will actually sink in even at her young age. (Been there, done that :) )

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