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This world can be a difficult place. There are few people who make it without experiencing hardships at some point. You want your kids to have things a bit easier – to benefit from the things you have had to deal with, without having to actually go through them themselves. While that may not be possible, and in many ways, challenges can help them to grow, there are a few things you can do to help your kids have a better balance of activities and help their confidence grow.


Keeping a good appearance does not mean fancy salon haircuts or designer clothing. It does mean that they should practice proper hygiene and grooming. Regular bathing can help keep their changing bodies from sporting the accompanying odors and prevent greasy hair. Proper oral hygiene can prevent bad breath and cavities. If teeth are poorly spaced or out of alignment, help them get braces, if possible. This may not only create a more attractive appearance but can also correct bite or speech problems. You may benefit from calling Lakewood Orthodontics for an exam and recommendations.


Make sure your child is attending a good school, with teachers and staff who care about each student. Be available to help with homework each day and show some interest in the things they are learning. Try to take some of the stress out of homework by having some good conversations with them about what they are learning. Help them approach their work in a creative and positive way so that it is less unpleasant and more exciting. Help them set goals for their education, rather than just settling for whatever class they can get into. Many parents just let school go by, rather than being actively involved, but that can make a real difference.

Outside Interests

If your child can handle being on a soccer team or practicing the piano without feeling overwhelmed, it may be a good outlet and can round out their education. Whether it is ballet or basketball, be sure to be supportive and show up when there is a game, a recital or a performance. Your child will not remember many details as much as they will remember whether you were present. Many of the extracurricular activities that you might enroll your children in can be very time consuming, so make sure they do not feel overwhelmed trying to manage activities along with schoolwork.

With a proper balance, your child can become a more well-rounded person, and be better prepared for their future. Feeling more confident can equip them to better deal with any challenges they face.

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