High-Kicking Kids: The Benefits of Martial Arts

Here in my neck of the woods, it’s that time of year again when all you could possibly crave for is a tall glass of icy lemonade and a dip in the pool.  Yes, it’s summertime… when all little kids can be naughty again (I’m quoting from Looney Tunes, as you may have noticed).

To keep restless kids from being naughty during the summer, it’s always helpful to get them involved in a summer activity.  Signing them up for summer sports clinics, for example, keeps them busy, and at the same time gives them a sound mind and body.  One of those worthwhile sports for kids to do is martial arts.

Some moms may shun the idea of their kids in full body contact with other kids, but martial arts are not about teaching them violence.  Karate and taekwondo, for instance, aren’t all about body slamming, and getting into fights a la Bruce Lee or Ralph Macchio (don’t even get me started on how he looks today… he’s OLD, that much I can say!).  Martial arts teach the following skills to kids:

Self-discipline and respect.  A class which normally lasts for an hour begins and ends with the students bowing to the teacher or master.  This, along with standing still and waiting for the next command helps to develop in them the important skill of knowing how to control their bodies and to keep still when needed.  This is especially beneficial to kids with ADHD, as self-discipline is one skill they must learn.

Concentration.  After doing warm up exercises, the kids then practice the various forms, kicks, punches and blocks which are distinct to his martial art of choice.  This requires much concentration and careful attention.  These skills carry over into school, helping kids improve on their behavior and even grades.

Setting and achieving goals.  As one progresses over the course of a martial art, he is promoted to the next higher level, marked by a different-colored belt.  So, as your kid moves from a white belt to a black belt, he learns to set goals for himself and feels a sense of accomplishment when he works hard to achieve them.

So, as my daughter kicks some serious ass in taekwondo class, I’m just going to keep myself busy, thinking of forecast lighting options for the house.  I’m now going to return to my summer task of ordering fixtures from Golden Lighting as my daughter rejoices at the fact that there are “no more classes, no more books, and teachers’ dirty looks…”  I sure hope she gets a kick out of martial arts.


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  1. i can relate to that quote from Looney Tunes.

    id like to also enroll my son to a summer art or sports when we have the budget :)

    Our family

  2. I think you are right on with this post…and hopefully they will apply these lessons to the rest of their lives!

  3. I do agree with you on this. Hubby has been telling me ever since that he’d love to enroll our little one to certain karate lessons when the time comes AND if she would love to :)

    Spanish Pinay

  4. i’m thinking about signing little man up when he’s a little older. right now he has so many activities it’s crazy!

  5. I’m back bearing good news :)
    There’s an award waiting for you in my blog… come visit whenever you can!

    Spanish Pinay

  6. Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms says

    Love this. Just asked the kiddo if he wants to take karate this summer and he agreed. But I’d probably enroll him in taekwando instead.

  7. it’s always a good idea to get them involve in any activities…:)

  8. Martial arts is a good way to introduce kids to self-discipline. You are right, it’s not about bashing someone else as most people think this is synonymous to self-defense techniques. In a way, yes, but that’s not the true nature and concept of any martial arts. I’d say it is more of conquering one’s self…learned that in Tai ji class :-)

  9. I love this post, thank you! I studied Tae Kwon Do in my youth for about six years or so and every single lesson (twice a week) we recited a mantra that included the words “self respect”. It was a big self-esteem booster for me, especially during those middle-school years.

  10. My son took taekwondo classes for about three years but I had to make him stop when he asked me to because according to him ” he didn’t want to hurt people”. The only reason we enrolled in such class was because he was a usual target of bullies due to his quiet demeanor. Although I explained that we just wanted to make sure that he can defend himself, he said he will be ok and so I just asked him to choose another activity that he’d rather do.

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