Home Lighting Tips for Your Living Room

Home is where the heart is, they say.  And where your heart resides, there should be light.  Since the living room is where a lot of activity takes place- from reading, entertaining guests, and watching TV to cross-stitching and playing scrabble- various types of contemporary lighting do the job of not only prettifying the place, but also complementing the different things you do there.   A flexible lighting scheme makes it seem as if there are different spaces for different activities, all right smack in one room.

  • Chandelier lighting always works in the living room.  It makes for a good conversation piece with guests, and helps give off an elegant yet homey feel.
  • Use some accent lighting to highlight collections of books, plants or pictures.
  • Put a freestanding uplighter or a good old lamp behind the sofa.
  • Table lamps may be dotted on shelves and tables around the outside edges of the room.  This helps shine light inwards, giving the illusion of space with a cozy feel.

If you want to renovate your house but are strapped for cash, you can always spice things up with proper lighting.  Now, I hope I was able to shed some light on the topic… pun, oh so intended!


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  1. I desperately need lighting in my den. I am thinking about a regular lamp, but I want cuter accents. I so need help in the area of home decor.

  2. I would love lighting advice on a small studio room.

  3. Instead of a chandelier, you can also use pot lights or track lights if your living room theme is a modern one. I personally love the traditional look so I don’t mind sacrificing a little bit to get that chandelier.

  4. Great roundup Pepper! I’ve always dreamed of making our living room elegant and stylish. I think your ideas will help me achieve it.

  5. Any home will look more lavishing with proper lighting. And since the living room is the area that welcomes everyone who enters, I also recommend to follow Pepper’s ideas. Thanks :)

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