How a 5-year Old Influences a Thirty-something

Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size, but a preschooler can manage to influence her parents in so many ways. In my case, my pint-sized five-year old always does Jedi mind tricks on me. So well in fact, that she would make Darth Vader proud. I’m not one to complain, though, as these have had a positive effect on me thus far. If anything, I have developed my sense of rhythm and deep appreciation for the arts. Here is a brief rundown of her major influences on me:

Katy Perry. Every little girl I know is obsessed with her. Thanks to my daughter, I often find myself humming Firework or California Gurl on my way to work- and while I work (with shoulder moves to match). It’s true that it helps to whistle while you work, as I now view my boss in a better light.

The Sound of Music. Julie Andrews may be a far cry from Katy Perry, but I love her just the same. A week doesn’t go by without my daughter prodding me to watch The Sound of Music with her. Watching this movie never fails to uplift my spirits and make me “Climb Every Mountain” after a weary workday. I have to admit, though, I still haven’t hit that high “Do” in Do Re Mi. My “Do” sounds more like a bad impression of Homer Simpson.

Barbie– the quintessential doll of our lifetime. My daughter has rekindled in me my love for Barbie (and Ken too, of course!). This is the doll I grew up with. My daughter has an entire sorority of Barbie dolls. When Mattel finally comes out with Single Mom Barbie, I’ll be arm-wrestling other moms just to be first in line to get that.

It’s amazing how our kids influence us, inasmuch as we influence them too, I guess.   I am appreciative of the way her ways have rubbed off on me because they have given me a fresher outlook on life in general.  When I’m so depressed that I just wish the earth would crack open and eat me whole, my daughter reminds me to “simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feeeeel soooo  baaaddd!”

About Pepper

I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. hahahahaha ako din, fighting with dindin for barbie.

  2. funny and true! Especially on songs. I’ve never known a number of children’s songs when I was young as much as now! And they get stuck in my head like a leech to a human leg! Plus with life’s lesson that each of these children songs teach, it makes me feel a better person :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    It often happens to me sis…I am always influence by the music and taste of my eldest 17 yrs old dalaga…and now fashion stylist ko na din sya…she will tell me outright kung under dress me or baduy hahahhaha

  4. What a cool post. I had never thought about the mutual influence that goes on between mother and child.

  5. hahaha..*hands up*..I totally agree..I have two kids..a cute sweet boy (3) and an intelligent girl (6)..both of my kids have really influenced me a little boy knows when I am sad and he would always hug me so tight and wiggles..and he wouldn’t stop until I laugh..he has influenced me to look at my life at a brighter side even when I have days where I am so tired or pretty girl..she influenced me to be excellent in all things..looking at her do her assignments and study on her own initiative is an achievement for me as well..

    but the best part is my kids have influenced me to have a happier side of my life..they both love to dance and hahaha..I dance with them too..imagine the three of us dancing nobody nobody like you hahaha..looking at my kids smiling and happier now makes me proud to be a mom and I feel so blessed when I see them have a big smile specially my little boy when he talks with “quiet angel” over the phone..they can feel his love sis talaga and I am more than happy :)

    passing by sis *hugs* and kiss me sa baby girl mo ha and give her a bear hug tight from me..our kids are always a blessing..and we are blessed to be mothers :)

    • How sweet, quiet angel gets to talk to your kids :). I see your relationship blossoming everyday, Sie :) Stay happy

  6. this one’s nice Pepper. in my case, i have influenced my little boy to sing. i guess he got that from me… i sing to him all the time when he was still a baby… till now! no barbies here in the house…i’m surrounded by boys, and boxes and books and a whole lot of them! LOL! thanks for dropping by my post. i really appreciate your encouragement.

  7. How cute are you? I can’t sing either, but it certainly does not stop me from trying. I thank Jesus everyday that I had a girl, if I had to go on in a world where I never got to play Barbies again, I’d be heartbroken.

    Kids do teach us so much. I think always a reminder of how much fun life really is; that’s easy to forget when you “grow up”.

    Nice post!

    • Yup… kids keep the Peter Pan in us alive, don’t they? oooohhh, images of Peter Pan in spandex flashing before me once more…

  8. hello! thumbs up! kids nowadays not only influences us in some ways but they also outsmart us at times ahaha.

    how i wished i had a daughter :)

  9. hahhahah…so cute! I totally 5 year old daughter does the same thing.

    thanks for hopping by!

  10. HI pepper, gosh so sorry for the late, late visit … so true… I knew this what’s his name.. bruno mars via my son.. waaahhh….

    it’s actually same logic a lot of ad companies are banking unto… as kids really influence mom to buy for them … hahaha.. thanks for the drop.

  11. Devendra Patki says

    I’ve experienced a great influence of my daughter, she loves to watch Doraemon and few of the things she likes also influences me a great deal…

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