How Do You Help A Loved One Who Gets Seriously Ill?

No family is without its troubles. What makes a great family is the ability to help one another through those troubles. One of the hardest to face is serious illness. If someone becomes chronically ill, their whole life changes. Especially if they are becoming less able than they once were. As a loved one, however, there is a lot you can do to help. It takes a lot of courage to step up, but you’re not alone. Here are some ways you can get help.

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Broaching the topic

Even addressing a chronic illness can be hard for the one suffering from it. They may feel embarrassed, ashamed or angry. That they tell you is a big step. You can then help them broach the topic with others. Make sure that you’re not defying their wishes and discuss who they would like to know. Help them be aware that if members of the family know, they may be able to offer more help.

Fight for their entitlements

The shame some people feel from getting seriously ill can make it hard to see the steps they have to take to look after themselves. But those steps aren’t always easy. For instance, things like social security disability can involve long waiting periods and hard appeals. Help them understand that the process isn’t always going to work in their favor. And how help from people like a social security attorney can be essential.

Adapting their environment

A lot of illnesses can bring with them widespread changes the mobility and physical ability of a person. These changes have to be addressed, especially if your loved one wants to continue living as independently as possible. To that end, changes in the home might have to be made. These changes can be expensive, but it’s worth noting that there exist grants for home modification that your loved one could be eligible for. Otherwise, you may have to consider broaching the topic of having to move home.

Finding them the help they need

Your loved one may have trouble with a lot of day-to-day tasks. Using the bed or the bathroom, cooking, cleaning their home. You and your family should be willing to offer assistance as they may be too embarrassed to ask first. If you are unable to handle all the responsibility yourself, ask if they would like you to help them find a caregiver.

Be there for them

There’s a lot of practical advice you can use to help your loved one. But it’s important to realize they may need help with more than the practical side of things. Chronic illness can be a hard thing to even talk about, but there guides to help you know what to say. Emotional support and listening are vital. Don’t take any steps without talking about them first and don’t push constantly even if you’re trying to help. Being present and willing to help is most important of all.

Being there for your loved one is the most valuable thing you can offer. Ask them what they need and see if any of the advice above can help you fulfill it.


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