How to Brighten Up a Dark Home

Sunshine is always associated with positive vibes.  Where there is light, there is life.  But what do you do if your apartment or home doesn’t have big enough windows to let a lot of sunlight in?  You may be tempted to call Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and beg them to remodel your home, but that would be a little too… extreme.    Here’s what you can do to brighten up a dark house:

Start with color.  It shouldn’t be that difficult to paint your walls over.  Your best bet would be to paint your walls in white or beige.  The neutral color helps to bounce light around the room, giving off a feeling of brightness.  You can likewise make your floors white by putting a white rug over it, or by staining wooden floors with a white or light-colored stain.

Seek to reflect.  In order to create reflections, hang mirrors on a wall across the window to reflect natural light.  You can also install one of those large chandeliers with bits of crystal to help magnify light.

Use area lighting to shed some light in dark corners of the room.  Pendant light fixtures, for instance, will look particularly good in the dining room or in a reading nook.

Try the above tips if you want to make your home bright and cheery, and soon you’ll see things in a new light!

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  1. Those are great tips. For some reason we always happen to move into places that DON’T get a lot of natural light. I’ve been tossing the idea to add a hanging lamp in the middle of the room and I think you’ve help me decide to take the plunge and just do it :)

  2. thank you for these tips!! I love as much light in our house as we can get and I did not know that about a crystal chandelier…thank you!!

  3. I agree with the white or beige walls (and ceilings too). Made a big difference in our case.

  4. Great tips–thanks for sharing them!

  5. Thanks for sharing, this are the type of info i love finding..Wishing you a great week and thanks for stopping by..

  6. Chandeliers is a perfect addition to a large living area. It will keep the room sufficiently lighted and its flashy look will make the living room elegant!

  7. I love light, and every house I’ve had since moving here to Florida has almost none! They build this was to keep energy costs down, but I can’t stand it; in the house I’m in now there are NO windows on the east side. Yuck!

  8. I also like to use mirrors. We have a dark shelf above our coat closet that I’m trying to figure out how to get some light to…not sure how to do it.

  9. I love to have a lot of light in a room. It makes it so much happier.

  10. These are great tips! My current home has a lot of windows, so finding light isn’t much of a problem, But before moving here, I lived in apartments that lacked natural light. I couldn’t/didn’t want to paint, so I relied a lot on buying great lamps. It worked!

  11. Nice tips, my home is rather dark so I may paint a few of the darker rooms white or beige like you said.

  12. I think chandeliers are pretty expensive. I would rather choose a ceiling fan with added ornaments and place it in the living area. Dual purpose :)

  13. We had two tiny bedrooms with dark blue walls – repainted to an antique white, and it made all the difference!

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    Thanx for sharing. Light is everything in our life.

  15. Samantha Lee says

    I love color! Chandeliers are quite expensive but it never seize to amaze me especially those with intricate designs!

    Thanks for the tips!

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    The chandelier is beautiful, lighting is an important factor in the home. With careful selection of wall paint, wall paper and light it can make a massive difference to you bedroom and living room areas.

  17. Totally agree with light flooring. When I moved into my new house it had a rust coloured carpet and we installed some light oak flooring and it has totally transformed it.

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