How to Find a Meaningful Career Path

Finding a meaningful career path doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might imagine. Most career advisers will tell you to ‘follow your passion’ however this is not always the right answer for everyone.

Most young people, and even older people, do not really know what their passion is and as life progresses, passions change. Something that you enjoyed doing as a teenager might not be what you will enjoy when you’re in your thirties or even forties.

Consider What You Can Do to Help

Instead of ‘following your passion’ consider what you could do to help people or what would make a difference in people’s lives. This can encompass so many different career choices and opportunities, especially if you focus on a field that you’re naturally good at.

We all have natural talents or things that we find easy to do. These talents should give you a clue as to what areas of employment you might enjoy.

Let’s say you have a good ear for music and learnt to play an instrument when you were younger. You could consider becoming a music teacher or think about teaching disadvantaged children to sing. You could run a local choir group that regularly entertains elderly residents in local nursing homes. The possibilities are endless if you let your imagination take control.

Maybe you’ve always loved to read but have never entertained the idea of becoming a writer. Instead of thinking about the traditional jobs around being a writer, how about looking for opportunities where you can help individuals or organizations with your writing craft.

There are so many opportunities where a good writer can make an enormous difference to people who need articles or other types of writing done, but who would rather do almost anything other than putting pen to paper. You could write content for websites, a regular newsletter for the local school or fundraising letters for an animal welfare organization.

Consider Furthering Your Education

Now that you have a better idea about what kind of career you might want to pursue you really should consider some further education. A career in finance can be very fulfilling if money and numbers are a passion to you. An MBA is probably one of the most useful degrees you can attain as it can be extremely useful and well regarded in so many different work applications.

MBA students study not only important business practices like accounting, finance, marketing and management, but can also specialize in very diversified fields such as health care, sports management, entertainment or e-commerce.

If you’re currently already working you could easily study for your MBA degree online. To ensure that this study fits into your current lifestyle, check out this page by Pepperdine University for time management tips for college students.

An MBA will definitely be highly regarded when you want to move into a management position such as managing an aged care facility, a childcare center, or even your own business.

A Rewarding Career

So if a fulfilling career is something that you really desire, consider using your skills or talents in employment situations where you can help people. You’ll not only find this extremely rewarding, but enjoyable as well.

After all, you’re probably going to spending around 80,000 hours of your life working, so you might as well enjoy it!

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