How to Get Your Child to Take Vitamins

It can be difficult for parents to know if their babies and toddlers are getting enough of the right nutrients to help them grow big and healthy. Seeking for vitamins to supplement their meals reveals that there are a lot of choices. How can parents be certain that their children are getting enough of the right kinds of vitamins?

A good place to begin the search is at Nature’s Plus Animal Parade children’s vitamins. Nature’s Plus offers a variety of vitamins for parents to choose from for their children. From liquid drops for the youngest kids to chewable vitamins in animal shapes and fruit flavors, they will be a hit with the children as well as parents.

Some of the products are available in more than one form. There will be no more fussing about taking their vitamins with this assortment of options! Whole food supplements ensure that your child has balance in her diet. They come in both chewable vitamins and liquids. Enriched by super foods and extracts, you can feel confident in giving them to your children. Included are naturally occurring minerals, amino acids and more.

For those children who simply will not eat their vegetables, check the nutritional shake formulated for children. While they are drinking their delicious milkshake, they are also ingesting five servings of fruit and vegetables. The liquid drops for babies comes sugar free. That is important during this time when they are developing their permanent teeth.

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  1. My son is a pro when it comes to taking medicines. He can even down those icky yucky antibiotics without complaining. Haha!

  2. sigrid @ lovinglymama says

    Thankfully, that is not a problem of mine with Dindin. As long as I have a dropper, she will drink anything (except antibiotic suspensions that have some textured particles). She also chews on chewable vitamins :D

  3. I had no problems before in giving vitamins to my daughter not until she learned the different taste haha! But she takes it nonetheless.

  4. Christina says

    There is no greater joy than a good night sleep. Mood & metabolism will benefit from following good sleep hygiene practices. Thanks for great post.

  5. My problem is making the Little One take her medicines, not vitamins (she loves that kasi it’s sweet. Hehehe!) A good trick I learned here is to use a clean syringe (no needles, of course). Just get the amount you need, then squirt it in baby’s mouth. I still use that trick til now. =)

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