How to Get Your Kids Interested in Studying

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You know how certain songs grow on you?  I hate to admit it, but Cali Swag District’s hip hop ditty, “Teach Me How to Dougie” has become somewhat of a household anthem.  I put my measly musical skills to use, played with the lyrics a bit and called it, “Teach me how to study…”  Whenever I want to get my daughter into study mode, I start singing and dancing to that song, and she quickly picks up on it.

We parents know how important it is for our kids to study at home and do their homework.  But more often than not, they have little or no interest in it.  The lure of playing outside or giving in to the “click here” message on their computer is simply too strong to resist.  So, what can we do to get them in the habit of studying?

Use the sound of music.  Never underestimate the power of music.  Use songs to signal the start of study sessions (see my example in the first paragraph).  That’ll be your kid’s cue to drop whatever it is he’s doing and start hitting the books.  It’ll soon be ingrained in his subconscious that whenever he hears that particular song, study time begins.

Play games.  You can use flash cards, and have your kid take one step forward moving towards you when he gets the correct answer.  Have a scavenger hunt.  Scatter lesson-related clues and answers all around the house.

Rewrite those notes.  Have your kid rewrite his notes in his own words.  Then you’ll be able to gauge how well he’s understood his lessons.  Have him use fancy pens to keep him interested.

Take it in chunks.  Study for no more than one hour at a time.  Kids get burned out too, of course.  While taking a break, fix him his favorite sandwich, for instance.

It’s all about teaching our kids to study better, not harder.  With a little creativity and imagination, your kids will soon see the fun in study time.  Now, let me “teach you how to study… teach you, teach you how to study…”

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  1. Thank you for sharing your tips! Music is a great tool to keep our child interested!

  2. Music and play do wonders in this area, and they are great tricks to apply. They work for my kiddo and it helps lessen the load of his need for more prodding than most other kids. I have to employ professional help on the side, but I’ve seen how the integration of play motivates him a step forward. I’m so with you on ‘study better, not harder.’

  3. I also use games in teaching my pupils and this is indeed effective for kids.

  4. Nice one pepper. I have to drag poppet to do her homework. If I sit with her and show incredible enthusiasm it sometimes works … But I’m not that enthusiastic about homework either when I’ve had a big work day. These ideas r cool. I worked for a homework website believe it or not, it’s very good It also has some great tips xx

    • Oh, thanks for sharing that website. I’m going to check that out. Maybe I should try that too: showing enthusiasm… I’m not a good actress, though.

  5. Rewriting their notes actually help them grasp key concept. I also use this as a study tool when I was a student. Of course, music and games will also interest kids in studying.

  6. these are really helpful tips – especially that it is exam week for most! I always enjoy visiting your blog as I learn a lot. keep it coming!

  7. Your tips are just in time. Thanks for sharing. :) My daughter is doing good in school. However, she is not in the study mode most of the time and she seldom reads her notes.

  8. Haha! I just had to sing along with that last line! Nice one, Pepper! :)

  9. the use of flash cards did wonders with my kids when they were still in pre-school. i also bought a beautiful and comfortable study table and put it in a corner where there is less distraction :)

  10. Love the scavenger hunt idea, will do this some time. Plus you just gave me the perfect LSS, hihi “teach me how to study, teach me, teach me how to study” ;-)

  11. Wonderful techniques, I have used the music and work one! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I like these tips.
    The one O use with my kids that worked worded on me was rewriting. It somehow commits to memory from writing it so much. I’ve since taught my daughter and now she gets 100 on her tests.

  13. great ideas!

  14. Teaching has to be always creative so as the effect or the lessons that need to be learned will be indelible and useful in the future.

  15. This is the perennial question yet to be answered…Why aren’t they like us who study alone with very little help? :/ I am really baffled as I grew up independent when it comes to studying. Today, my son has the Schularbeit in German and I’m a bit worried about how he’d fare…haayyss—

  16. Carla Barilá Karam says

    Pepper… I could have sworn I had commented on this article already… hmm… well… You continue to offer us all these wonderful tips! I love them all.. keep up with the great info!! Grace, peace and blessings! Carla

  17. I love the idea of using flash cards and having them work their way toward you! I think one hour is still too long for a young child, though. My son would be maxed out at twenty minutes!

  18. The mommy talks says

    Good ideas! It can be quite a challenge to get our kids interested in studying, and spicing things up is certainly a great way to do that!

  19. I remember my cousin usually incorporate a little play while studying with her child. Its good because the child enjoys studying.

  20. Great tips you got here. My son is just starting in school. Although he doesn’t have yet lessons to study I think this will be of big help for me to instill good study habits for him.

  21. Hehehe! You’re silly. But I think all moms should be. I know I need to be just to get my Little One to do the things I want her to do. =D

  22. thank you for the tips. sometimes I become so hard to my children when it comes to studying. Sigh

  23. musing of a working mom says

    studying should also be fun for little kids. this are indeed nice tips.

  24. My son still likes to play, but he knows that we have to spend at least an hour every day to study his lessons and review for his quizzes and long tests. It’s a routine that he’s already gotten used to by now.

  25. I agree with this. Teaching them in unique and fun way helps them love to study. Just like teaching them how to count 1-10 or the ABCs, it is perfect if this comes in form of music video. My friend does it to her kids.

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