How To Introduce A Sugar-Free Diet To Your Children


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Before you begin, you must change the way you look at this situation. To you, it is controlling your child’s diet and keeping them on track for a healthier way of life. To your kid, it is simply the way you live. Children do not know about plans, diets, and changing lifestyles. They know that if they want a snack, they ask mom, and mom decides what snack they can have.

Unless or until you have given your child “permission” to refuse certain foods, or to demand certain foods, they never have these problems. The younger your child is when you introduce a healthy life the better. One other point. If they never have something, they will not ask for it. That is true with sugary foods and healthy foods. If your child never had apples with peanut butter, they will never ask for apples and peanut butter.

Controlling sugar

Sugar is everywhere. Foods that are marketed to children often are heavy with sugar. It is up to you to buy or not to buy these foods. You do not have to explain why you are not buying it. You don’t have to endure a tantrum because you said it had too much sugar and you don’t have to use something else like it is too expensive. No, is a complete sentence.

Setting the rules

While some parents go to the strict, no sugar at any time or any place rule, others take a softer approach. Some parents do not allow sugar in their homes, but they accept that the kid will have candy or cake at a birthday party or at grandma’s house. You have to set rules that you and your children can live with, that fits into a less stressful lifestyle. Here are some ideas:

  • Speak with other parents.

Determine who has the same feelings on the issue that you do. While you would not stop being friends with that family, if you find they are not in the same mindset, you can make better choices regarding the amount of time your child spends in their home. You can suggest the kids play at your house or take them to a park for activities.


  • No sugar in your home

If you do not bring sugar in your house, desires for something sweet will turn to fruits or veggies. If you are in a position where you are hosting a party you may be looking for bulk sugar-free candy wholesale. This solution allows your child feel like it is a special day with some candy bags to hand out. Of course, he does not need to know they are sugar-free candy.

Set an example

Kids do what you do, not what you say to do. If you fuss at grandma about giving the kids a cookie, yet you chow down on cake with your coffee, Your child feels cheated. It is up to you how strict you are with the rules, and if you want to bend them on occasion, that is your business. But be fair and set a good example.


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Do it with love

Remember you are training your child. You are building a foundation that will keep them healthy for their entire lives. Be careful to express love and concern for the child’s happiness when you are enforcing the rules. Do not use food as a punishment. Praise your child when they make the correct choices.

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