How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During School Break

When it comes time for your children’s school vacations it can seem like they want to do little more than sit on the couch all day and play video games and watch movies. And while it’s important for them to take advantage of some well deserved rest and downtime, it’s equally important to keep their brains active.


Below are some great ideas to keep your youngster entertained while also keeping their brain active.


Beach Reading

Just because you know the beach for swimming and sunbathing doesn’t mean that you are limited to these activities. Pack a picnic basket full of delicious lunch items, snacks, and drinks, and make your way to the beach for a day full of swimming and reading!


While it may not seem like they will enjoy it, once your children become tired from all the swimming and running around they will be ready for some sit-down entertainment. If possible, read aloud to them or even better, buy a copy of the same book they are reading and read along with them, chapter-for-chapter. As you progress, make small best on what you think will happen by the end of the next chapter and then the book, with the loser having to do the dishes that night.


Arts and Crafts Day

If you have never had a day when you did nothing but splash paint all over a canvas and perhaps each other or drawing the outdoors on large sheets of butcher’s paper with markers then this is the tip for you!


Grab a range of art supplies from your local craft store, a proflowers coupon from Groupon Coupons to order some fresh flowers, a scrapbook, and let your kids run wild! Encourage them to dry out the flowers or press them in the pages of their scrapbooks and use them as the centerpieces for their artwork. Once they are finished, have them research the type of flower they used and write a short piece on the back of the paper about the flower and where it is from. This will help to improve their language and sentence structure skills while enjoying art.


Visit a Museum

Is your memory of visiting a museum a large, dark, and dusty space with nothing of real interest to see? If it is then it is time for you to visit a museum. Not content to allow the internet to take all of their patrons, museums embraced technology and now offer a range of interactive installations which children can use to learn about science and history.


If you aren’t sure which museums would be best your children, speak with your local tourist bureau to get their advice. Often times they will also be able to put you in touch with discount tickets to help save you money on family entertainment budget!


When it comes to keeping your kids entertained while also learning, it can often be quite a challenge. However, the above three ideas are great ways for you to do just that!

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