How to make your love last

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If you tossed out all your “breakup songs” CDs or sold them on ebay, then you’re on the right track. You’ve finally decided that you’re going to make your current relationship last. Love is a concept which is written and talked about so much, but it’s often the most misunderstood. No other emotion can make us laugh and cry all in one breath. Well, if you want the laughing part of love to last, here’s how:

• Invest your time- if you want anything to grow, you have to put time into it. If you want you and your partner’s love for each other flourish, you have to make time to enjoy doing something together. Even if you just sit on the couch next to each other and channel-surf all day, it will work wonders.

• Trust- Don’t worry, your man won’t dump you for that long-legged girl at the drop of a hat. Just because he didn’t reply to your text within 5 minutes of receiving it, doesn’t mean he ran off with someone new. Trust that your man loves you no matter what.

• Submit- I know, we women these days are more opinionated than our Victorian counterparts, but sometimes, it’s best to just let go when in an argument with our partner. If the issue is trivial, just let your man have the last say. We don’t have to be like Oprah all the time.

• Be selfless- at the risk of being tagged a martyr, it does help to put your partner’s needs before yours. Give him the chance to have some fun without you. If he has earned your trust, he deserves it then. Anyway, if you truly love someone, seeing him happy should make you happy too, right?

• Accept- learn to accept your man, flaws and all. We are all flawed, anyway. The reason most relationships fail, is not because of our imperfections, but because we choose to give up on those imperfections.

Making your love last may seem difficult, but it is doable. With enough effort, your love will see you through receding hairlines and bulging tummies.

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  1. Yep well said…

  2. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh WHat more can I say? you laid it all here mommy Pepper. I think I should write more often about these things rather than just writing for the sake of paid posting. ehehe

  3. lovely post…i could certainly use some of the tips here! lol…am just so hard-headed sometimes.

    thanks for the visit and the follow; following you back :)

  4. i cannot say more, well said sis :)

    thanks for visit :) don’t be shy to drop by again, lol

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    i’m still working on my links though! :)

    thanks again :)

  6. But I love my sad-brooding-breakup CDs! lol…

    Well said, though as we all know by now, not always easy to let the man have the last word ;). Slainte!

  7. Yes, very well-said and it takes some maturity to honestly do that. :D

  8. I agree Mommy Pepper! 101%

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  11. Bambie ♥ says

    Thanks for sharing my dear :) I think i did the right thing :)

  12. It goes both ways, Pepper. Guys have to follow the same tips you have just listed. All of us are not perfect. Nobody is…. If both parties have trust and selflessness in the relationship, we would see a lot more flourishing marriages and relationships. That is why it is called a “partnership.”

    In addition, women shouldn’t always submit to their man. If the guy has a brain, he knows that he isn’t always right anyway. The bigger person will always put his/her pride on the side for the sake of the relationship.

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